How Women Fall in Love: Settling Down With the Lady of Your Dreams

How Women Fall in Love: Settling Down With the Lady of Your DreamsYou’re single and at the prime of your life. Some people even say you’re quite good looking. You’ve got the career and a stud reputation. For some reason though, you’re having problems with getting your dream woman. When it comes to getting her to pay attention to you, it helps to understand how women fall in love. The way a woman approaches romance is much different from how men fall in love. This is because they also respond to attraction differently. Understanding this is key to finding out just how women fall in love for their dream men.

Understanding How Romance Works for Her: The Stages of How Women Fall in Love

Ultimately, your success in being able to get your dream woman to fall in love with you depends on how well you understand how women fall in love in stages. Just like men, it takes time for a woman to go from attraction to love. Here is how it happens:

Stage 1: Attraction

AttractionThis stage is perhaps the most familiar to you. You walk into a bar to have some drinks after work. You notice her in the corner of the room. Her eyes meet with yours for the first time. She takes notice of you. You might even see her trying to catch a glimpse of you discreetly later that night. If you do, this is a good sign. It means you’re both interested with each other.

Step 2:  Thinking About You

That glimpse of you from last night is enough to make her think about you some more. She’s intrigued. She wants to know more about you. Before this, she may have been content with being a single and successful career woman. After seeing you, though, she is now having second thoughts. Aware that she finds herself thinking about you all of a sudden, she asks herself if she really finds you attractive. She also wonders if she will see you again, while secretly hoping that she would.

Stage 3: Trying to Find Out More About You

Women can be quite resourceful, especially when it comes to a man they’ve got their eyes on. There’s a good chance that she will go back to the bar she first spotted you in, and ask the bartended or the waitress if they know you. After she gets your name and whatever other details she’s told, she will look you up. She will go through all of social media to get every little information about you. Perhaps, she wants to know where did you go to college and most importantly, if you have a girlfriend.  enjoy spending timeThis is one way a woman figures out if she and a guys she had just spotted are compatible. This way, she gets answers to some of her most pressing questions even before she agrees to meet you. She tries to determine if you like to do the same things so that she knows you are someone she will enjoy spending time with. If during her search, she uncovers some red flags about you, there is a good chance she will drop her interest in you. Common examples of these so-called red flags include having an existing girlfriend or wife and having a criminal record.

Stage 4: She Becomes Self-Conscious

You have not met yet, but she is already feeling more self-aware of herself when she is around you. It has even gotten to a point where she dresses herself up extra nice if she thinks she will be seeing you. 

Stage 5: The Somewhat Unbearable Wait

At this point, she has determined that the two of you may be together. She’s willing you to give things a try with you. That is, soon as you make a move. If you want her, you have got to ask her out. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Somehow, this is part of the how women fall in love psychology. Women typically like to be the ones to ask guys out. They feel like it’s more something that a man should do, especially if wants any chance in being in a relationship with the woman. It’s all about waiting on her end now. Just take note, however, that she does not plan on waiting for you to make a move forever. She will probably give you a week or two. After that, she’s going for the next guy. There’s also a chance she’ll just decide to be single for a while again. Make your move quickly before she slips away.

Stage 6: Getting to Know You in Person

 first dateYou finally found the courage to ask her out and now, you two are going on your first date. This is the moment when almost sorts of fact-checks you. She has done some research in the past, and now she wants to find out if the facts add up. She will casually ask you questions. She won’t fire them all at you at once since she is not conducting a formal interview. Instead, she will do it between sips of wine and bites of food. While on this date, she may also try to casually try to brush her fingers along your arm. She might also smile at you while playfully biting her lower lip. This is all part of how she wants to keep you interested in her during your date. This also happens to be how women flirt. The key is subtlety. She won’t give you anything too much, too fast.

Stage 7: She Stays Quiet When It Comes to You

It’s almost as if you’re her dirty little secret. You have been seeing each other a few times now over drinks and food. You even meet up for coffee sometimes when you can both step out of the office for a few minutes. You clearly enjoy each other’s company and you look forward to being able to see each other again. For a woman, however, it’s just not the best time yet to introduce you to her inner circle. She doesn’t want anyone else in her life to know about you yet. She doesn’t want to deal with any questions or teasing. She just wants to see if your relationship will blossom further first. That doesn’t mean, however, that her friends are not starting to notice some sudden changes in her. The woman you are casually seeing is still making it a point to go out with her friends. After all, it is important to keep appearances. drinkWhen she is around them though, she may be a little more subdued. She has stopped stepping into the dance floor and dancing with just anybody. She is also no longer accepting drinks bought by men she doesn’t know. Instead, she orders her usual drink, and nurses it through the night, not even entertaining the prospect of ordering a second round. While this is happening, her friends may also find her checking her phone a little more frequently than normal. It’s like she’s there, but she is not completely present. They don’t resent her for it, but they now have an inkling that there is something going on with her that she is not telling them, not yet.

Stage 8: The Weekend Getaway

So far, she likes the way your relationship is going. She enjoys being around you. She especially enjoys doing a number of activities with you. That’s why when you suggested that the two of you should to a weekend trip together, she excitedly said yes. It’s an exciting time in your relationship for her. At the same time, being able to spend a weekend getaway with you will let her know more about you and how you deal with certain circumstances. In a way, this is part of how women test men that they are much interested in pursuing a relationship with. Going on a trip together with just the two of you allows her to get to know you intimately before she even decides on taking your relationship further. She wants to see how you deal with several things throughout those days. She also wants to know what kind of guy you are when it comes to vacations. Are you the type who enjoys luxury accommodations that come with a private butler? Are you the kind of man who enjoys the great rugged outdoors in a rented lake house where you make your own meals and enjoy them while looking at a spectacular view? Do you prefer to rough it in a tent with nothing but a backpack? Nexus PheromoneYou may not know it, but the answer to these questions offers a better perspective into your character. She knows this and she looks forward to finding the answer out for herself. If you want to make an even better impression on her during your trip, you might want to consider spritzing on a bit Nexus Pheromones. It’s a natural pheromone concentrate in a bottle that is guaranteed to make her more attracted to you than she has ever been.

Stage 9: Getting to Know Her Friends

The weekend trip goes well. You would go as far as to say everything was perfect. She has had such a great time with you that the two of you still end up spending a lot of time together after your intimate weekend. You both step out of the office to meet for a quick bite. You make plans to do things together after work. Soon, she asks you if you can join her and her friends for dinner. You have to realize that this is quite a big step for her. She trusts her friends opinions more than anything else and what they think of you matters to her a great deal. Before you meet with her pals, she may have already given them a few details about you. These may include what you do for a living, where you work and what you typically like to do. She may also have told them about your intimate weekend trips together and how you are in bed. Don’t be surprised if they are giggling and sharing secret looks when you finally join their company. Don’t worry, these are all good signs. It means you gaining their approval so far. When you’re with her friends, the trick to impressing them is to take the time to engage with all of them. Don’t just pay attention to her. She wanted you there so that her friends can get to know you so let them. Have fun with them. This way, she will also be even more impressed with you. You may also want to know that her friends will also be happy to answer some questions you might have about her. Go ahead and ask. This way, they will know that you are as seriously interested with their friend as she is with you.

Stage 10: Meeting the Family

intimate momentsAfter taking trips together and sharing several intimate moments, she will soon ask you to come over to meet her family. This is an –important step for her. At this point, she feels like she has known enough about you to realize that you are someone her family can get to know. She may not give them all the details about you, including exactly how the two of you met. What she will do while you are having lunch or dinner with her family is give them bits and pieces about you, particularly those tidbits that she feels would impress her parents. During this stage, she is feeling quite optimistic with where your relationship is heading. She does not know yet exactly what will happen next, but she feels that the two of you have got something serious enough that it’s time for the rest of her family to know that she is seeing someone exclusively. She is not sure if she loves you at this point in time, but she knows that she’s falling for you and it feels great.

Stage 11: She Chooses to Stay at Your Place

At this stage, you have both grown comfortable with each other’s presence. You know each other’s bedroom manners well since you have taken all those weekend trips together. Nothing makes her happier than being around you, so much so that it’s almost like she’s moved in with you. She now has some of her stuff in your place. These include clothes, toiletries and some of her perfume. If needed, she can stay at your place for an entire week without having to go back to her place to get or wash stuff. She feels very at home with you and you have gotten used to having her around, so much so that you hate when she has to return home. There is a sense of domestic bliss going on between the two of you at this stage. Waking up together and getting ready for work in the same bedroom feels great. At this point, she almost ready to say that she loves you, but not just yet.

Stage 12: You Become Her Headline

discussion with a co-worker in the officeIt doesn’t matter if she is having a discussion with a co-worker in the office or catching up with an old friend. One way or another, she’ll bring you up. Depending on what they had been talking about in the first place, she might mention something that you like to do or something that you had done recently that she found to be quite amusing. At this stage, it is becoming clear to just about anyone she knows that she is smitten. Clearly, she is falling for you but she refuses to accept this yet. Perhaps, she thinks you two have a good thing going on right now and there’s nothing wrong with staying exactly this way for a while. No bold moves for the two of you just yet, she is just contented in continuing what you have together. This is how she feels even if everyone can tell she is already developing some serious feelings when it comes to you. Should friends point this out to her, she may just brush it off, for the moment.

Stage 13: You Become Her Dilemma

At this point, she is no longer thinking about how to get you. You already have something wonderful going on, but she is starting to realize that her feelings for you are growing stronger. You will realize this because suddenly, she is giving you longer looks and brighter smiles. She even tries to look at you when she thinks you can’t see it. There is also a sudden sense of slight nervousness around her. It’s like she’s got something on her mind, but she is unwilling to blurt it out. You may not know it, but she is now struggling with her thoughts. When she’s watching you while you are asleep, she’s thinking about what a great guy you are and realizing how much she has fallen for you. She is almost ready to admit that she is falling in love with you.

Stage 14: The Confession

she feels the need to let you knowA woman doesn’t just go on meeting men thinking she would fall in love. With you, however, she did and now she feels the need to let you know. She has been giving the subject some serious thought for some time now. Now, she’s done waiting. She needs to know if you feel the same way too. Over dinner or while you’re watching a movie in the couch, you will hear her just blurt out that she loves you. She may say it without warning, but she will definitely be watching out for your reaction. At this point, she does not have any expectations when it comes to your relationship. She just wants to let you know that she has fallen in love with you. She wants to make it clear to you that your relationship is anything but casual. She wants you to know that she cares about you and how you feel deeply. If you feel the same way, you have to let her know at this time.

Stage 15: The Future

Once she has told you how she feels about you and your relationship, she will start to determine if there is a future for the two of you together. Her optimism for your future together is usually dependent to how you reacted when she told you that she loves you. If you have always envisioned a future with her, now is the time to give her hints about it. For instance, tell her if you see yourself getting married and settling down in the future. Give her a picture of how you see yourself with your future family. Do you want to have kids? How many? Where do you think you can raise them together? During this stage, she has already realized that she wants to stay with you. Perhaps, she can also see herself having a family with you someday. Be open about it. Make plans for your future together. Coming up with plans for the long term doesn’t mean the two of you are rushing to get married. It just lets both of you know that you are both fully committed to each other. This means that your relationship has become serious and that you are willing to stick it out with each other through good times and bad. fallen in love with herIf you have always envisioned settling down with your dream woman, now is the time to assure her that you are also thinking about the future and that she is in it. Let her know you have fallen in love with her just as much as she has with you. How women fall in love should not remain a mystery with you. Understanding this key to getting your dream woman to noticing with you and hopefully, go out with you. When you are able to understand how a woman falls in love with a man well, you will be able to figure out what you need to do to romance her and explore a future together.

Relationship Advice for Men – Find Out What Works on Women

Relationship Advice for Men - Find Out What Works on WomenIf you are facing a tough time making a woman fall in love with you, you can use these latest pieces of relationship advice for men. These tips may help you learn how to convey your feelings and make her irresistible to you. As you reach the end of the article, don’t forget to go through a special tip to understand your woman better. Once you understand her on a deeper level, who knows how far your relationship will go?

1. The Attitude of Men Towards a Grown-up Relationship

comfortable with her partnerThere might be a few exceptions, but the majority of men get detached once they find the relationship is stable, and they have found the girl of their choice. In the beginning of the relationship, a guy is extremely inclined towards his lady love and goes to every length to impress her with his gestures and love. As the relationship grows old and a woman becomes comfortable with her partner, some men begin to lack interest in the relationship. If you want your woman to think of you as a wonderful person or the envy of the rest of the beautiful ladies, you need to make slight changes to your behavior. Impressing your woman and making her happy is not as difficult as you actually think. As you go through this article, you will discover simple ways to keep your woman yours forever.

2. Relationship Advice For Men: Take Out Time To Communicate With Your Lady

One of the best relationship tips for men is to communicate with their partner. It is unusual for men to sit down occasionally with their woman and talk seriously about their feelings and other issues. In the beginning of the relationship, they find time to communicate with her in order to impress her. But, as time passes they take their woman for granted. You may find it fake or difficult, but do spare some moments to spend with your lady love and convey your problems and feelings to her or simply have casual  conversations with her. Also, if you are not happy with any aspect of your relationship, you should communicate with her to avoid confusion and make things better for both of you. A relationship full of misunderstandings, fakeness and hidden grudges will fall apart quickly.

3. Take Your Woman Seriously: She is a Woman With Her Own Set of Opinions

Sit with her oftenDon’t take your woman for granted, especially if she is a homemaker. Some men still think of women as an object of love with no opinions, advice and suggestions.  Sit with her often and ask for the answers you are looking for. You might get surprised with her opinion. Besides, when you will make her a part of your everyday life, she will feel secure and happy. Give her the importance she deserves and see the magic unfold. She will be all yours for the rest of her life.

4. Appreciate Her Often: Just Don’t Feel, Say It Aloud

We know you love your lady. She is an integral part of your life who manages your mess and keeps you happy, but it usually happens that, after a couple of years in your relationship, you let your love remain in your chest. Why you feel it difficult to reveal your feelings to her every now and then. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]One tested and tried relationship advice for guys is learning the art of appreciating their woman. Let her know how beautiful she is to you and how you much love her. The growing blush on her face will surely make her day and keep her going far off with you in your relationship. Here are a few lovely compliments that will make her fonder of you and make you her Mr. Right:
  • You’re just gorgeous.
  • Nobody made me happier than you.
  • Come on, stop being so sweet.
  • How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?
  • You drive me crazy, honey.
  • You make me feel like a man.
You can shower your woman with compliments every now and then to let her know how special she is to you. One thing must be clear, don’t be overgenerous with your compliments. Besides, remember to compliment her at the right time. As much as you want your woman to feel loved, don’t overdo it. If she gets the hint that you are going overboard, she will enjoy it less.

5. Sweep Your Woman Off Her Feet: Keep Her Guessing

candle lit dinner dateYou must have done multiple things to surprise your woman when you are courting her. But, why don’t you give her surprises to your darling anymore? Maybe because you think she is already with you and you don’t need to impress her anymore. Here are a few ideas to surprise your woman:
  • If you don’t believe in big gestures, you can always surprise her with some beautiful jewelry. Can’t afford it? Just a single rose would suffice.
  • Plan an impromptu candle lit dinner date, complete with glasses of champagne, chocolates and her favorite flowers. Make the effort to dress up for once.
  • Book a holiday where she is bound to enjoy herself.
These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. You can surprise your beloved with other equally mind-blowing ideas too. Just don’t restrict yourself and let your heart guide you in planning the entire thing.

6. Let’s Not Beat Around the Bush: Making Your Lady Feel Secure

We admit that girls can be a little bit paranoid at times, but it is because you give them enough opportunities to suspect what you are doing behind their back. Rather than finding your girlfriend insecure because of her attempts to know where you have been, you should try to see it as an active interest to know what is going on in your life. Follow the relationship help for men right now and make attempts to provide your lady love with a sense of stability in your relationship through some of these methods:
  • Always let her know what your plans are for a particular day, and where you intend on going, so that she doesn’t keep messaging you to know your whereabouts throughout the day.
  • It is okay to have female friends as long as you make sure you maintain some boundaries in your friendship with them. Why not introduce your girlfriend to your pals? They might even become best friends themselves.
  • Refrain from keeping your mobile access password protected.
  • Do you feel jealous of her ex-boyfriend with whom she is still on friendly terms? Instead of avoiding the issue, communicate your emotional upheaval to her.

7. Don’t Hold Back on the Public Display of Affection

Public Display of AffectionWomen and men have drastically different opinions on how affection in relationships should be put across their respective partners. While a girl might not even think twice before giving her mana peck on the cheek but a man would feel so shy in social situations that he would not even hold her hand while in a gathering. However, they don’t realize that girls love it when their partners express their love in a social set up where all her near and dear ones are present. After all, what can be better than a public proclamation of love? Are you a man who suffers from the same dilemma of how to treat your girl in a social gathering?  Read these tips we have come up to aid you get out of this tricky situation.
  • Open the door for her and pull the chairs for her to sit whenever she feels tired or gets ready to eat.
  • Hold her hand and reassure her of your presence, especially if it is a work related gathering where she knows no one.
  • Introduce her to each of your acquaintances. Don’t lie about the nature of your relationship.
  • Don’t leave her alone for a long duration of time.
  • Take her to the dance floor and lose yourself in her eyes.

8. It’s Time to Stop Being a Momma’s Boy

Don’t get us wrong now. There is nothing sweeter than a man who is dedicated to his mother. Girls, most of them, anyway feel that a man who loves and respects his mother would surely treat them the same way. But men hardly realize this, and often cross the line when it comes to showing devotion to their mothers, which in turn gives rise to a host of relationship problems in their lives. Keep reading to know how you can love your mother without letting it offend your lady love:
  • Do you have a new job? Do you want to rant about how your obnoxious colleagues keep on getting on your nerves? Why not share your successes and frustrations with your girlfriend?
  • Don’t ask your mother’s opinion on everything in your life. You aren’t a kid anymore.
  • Don’t give her reasons to blame you for being in the shadow of your mother. No woman would like a child in guise of a man to be her lover.

9. Boring Alert: Don’t Let Go of The Young Man You Once Were

You feel boredIt is inevitable that, one day or another, you will wake up only to realize that through all the years of settling down, having kids, changing diapers and sending them off to school, some of the intensity of love between you and your wife might have faded away. You feel bored of your relationship and find yourself desperately looking help from a relationship advice forum. Let us be the first to tell you that you are completely wasting your time which can rather be utilized in building your relationship from the ground up, once again. The best relationship advice for men is: set aside a time in the week where both of you can spend time with each other without the incessant disturbance caused by mobile phones, without the demands of your family and your work life. Most importantly, don’t treat this time as a mandatory thing you have been pushed into but a way of reconnecting with your lost love. Show your willingness to accept any constructive feedback and work on your flaws until you are able to correct them. Don’t be afraid to be a bit silly, even if you are too old for courting your wife. Watch how she reciprocates your feelings and you might be surprised.

10. Take Risks From the First Day

Do you know your soul mate is waiting out there for you to call her while you are seeking solutions to relationship problems for men? Here’s some real dating advice for men: More than anything, girls love passion. If you call her just after you get home from the date, she will feel like you genuinely care about her and you just couldn’t resist wanting to know about her feelings. Who decided you had to wait two days anyways? Looking for tips on what to say to a girl to let her know you are serious when you are just starting out? Here are some starters:Take Risks From the First Day
  • “Let’s hang out” translates to having a one-night stand in a girl’s mind. Use the phrase “Let’s go and eat” instead.
  • “Would you like to go on a date with me?”
  • “Can I have your number?”
  • “Can I be your boyfriend?”
All you have to do is take the time to express where you want your relationship to be headed without giving some ambiguous signals and see how your love life becomes the most stable thing in your life, which always fills you with happiness.

11. You Are Deserving of Love: Work on Yourself First

You might have heard the saying, “Clothes make the man.” Girls are attracted to men who know how to dress and carry themselves, not the boys who would rather wear tattered t-shirts and ragged jeans and call it a day. Here are some of the pointers you should keep in mind if you want to impress and keep your girl.
  • Groom yourself. Do you wonder how you would have reacted if your girl hadn’t waxed her legs in a year. Do your partner a favor. Bathe, cut your hair and nails once in a while and shave. Wear well fitted tailored garments not just something you randomly picked out at the thrift store.
  • Use a mouth freshener without fail. Nothing turns a girl off more than bad breath.
  • Smell great. Nexus Pheromones gives you access to perfumes, which would act on your girlfriend’s subconscious and make her attracted to you even at your worst. The sheer number of women fighting amongst themselves just to flirt and exchange numbers with you would amaze you.

12. Relationship Advice for Men on Forums: Why Focus on the Negative?

long term relationshipAny man who has been in a long term relationship knows that after a certain point of time, it is quite easy to just give up. You start by focusing on the negative aspects of your relationship, the qualities your partner lacks and begin by falling for women who exhibit those same qualities. It’s just a downward spiral from then onwards. The relationship advice on forums always focus on how men are more prone to critique their girlfriends and cheat on them even though what they shared once was nothing short of true love. So how can you get out of that all too familiar rut? Keep the following things in mind, always:
  • Don’t over analyze what she said or did and how your partner behaved or didn’t.
  • Give her the benefit of doubt. If something is bothering you about your relationship which you want to correct, confront her about it.
  • If you are in a long distance relationship and it’s not possible to communicate with your girlfriend all the time, don’t just assume the worst. Keep yourself in her position and try to understand the motives behind her actions.

13. Set Common Goals and Accomplish Them

The patriarchal society has become notorious for thinking that it is the man’s ambitions and desires which should take the front seat while the woman cowers under the power of her father, her brother and lastly, her husband. It is your job to bring your lady love out of her downtrodden position in the society and give her goals a place of equal importance beside your own. Studies have shown that relationships that include the male and the female partners working on their individual goals together and supporting each other throughout were far more successful than those in which their individual philosophies were poles apart. Here’s how to keep your connection close:
  • getting a dogTalk to your partner about what your goals are on the personal and professional front in the next five years.
  • Set a relationship goal and a deadline within which to accomplish it. The goals can be anything minor like moving in together or even something major like deciding to buy a house or getting a dog.
  • Do you share any common interests with your partner? Focus on that and create small goals revolving around both of your interests. If you love books, think of building a library together. If you like travelling, book a European tour during the holiday season.

14. Don’t Back Down: Get Past Your Breakup

People tend to give up on their partners when they realize that they have broken up, but that is the time you have to work the hardest to get back the love of your life. Psychologists have emphasized time and again that the last conversation between two lovers before a break up might be sorrowful or even be filled with angry remonstrations, but it holds certain clues as to what was the problem in your relationship. So get ready to listen to some relationship advice for men who have suffered breakups. If your girlfriend said that the reason why your relationship couldn’t work out was because you focus too much on your work, what she was really meaning to say was that she wished you could spend more time with her. Similarly, try to find the real reasons behind why you broke up and then you can try to win her back by working on those issues. If you feel you are not quite qualified to analyzing what went wrong, don’t hesitate while availing couple’s therapy for you and your partner.

15. Keep Your Finances Under Control

save some moneyRomance novels and those chick flicks your girlfriend makes you watch on your date nights might have taught you that money isn’t a concern when it comes to love, but reality often begs to differ. Each person has a different perception of how the finances should be managed in the household, which inevitably leads to some pretty serious conflicts. To keep such problems at bay, try to keep a record of all your expenses and encourage your partner to do so too. Make sure to save some money in case both of you wish to buy something together. We promise this will lead to a much harmonious and fulfilling relationship.                                                                                         The paradox in giving relationship advice for men is that more often than not they know what they are doing wrong and just need someone to point it out to them. Hopefully in this article we were able to do just that. Don’t slack off now that you are armed with all this precious knowledge. Relationships are not rocket science, after all.

A Guide to the Sexual Perfume That Works Best for You

A Guide to the Sexual Perfume That Works Best for Youa compatible partnerThere is no such thing as “normal” and “unusual” when it comes to sexual attraction. Perhaps, one of the most controversial issues in the science of attraction is the ability of both men and women to detect a compatible partner using the sense of smell. It turns out that every person comes with a unique smell print, which can make or break attraction. Consequently, you may not notice it, but your favorite cologne is acting as a sexual perfume that gets women hooked. What are these fragrances that could excite women sexually? Read on to find out the best sexual fragrances, plus get to know pheromones a little bit better.

1. The Nose Knows: Getting Up Close and Personal with Pheromones

Before you say hello to the best sexual cologne available in the market, it is best to understand what pheromones are and how they work. mothsPheromones were first discovered in 1953, which were secreted by female moths to attract males. It turns out animals secrete a particular scent to do the following things:
  • Act as an alarm
  • Demand respect for a territory
  • To follow a food trail
  • For sexual arousal
  • As a bond between a mother and baby
  • To signal another animal or a human to back off
Since then, there has been an ongoing debate as to whether humans have pheromones, too. Some biologists and other experts believe humans don’t, although there are many who think that humans are also capable of secreting a particular scent that could trigger sexual arousal and could lead to sex; hence the birth of sexual perfumes. What’s the big deal on pheromones and humans? Find out in the next section.

2. Sexual Perfumes: What They Can and Can’t Do for You

cologneThere are several products in the market that promise to boost your sex appeal and make you more attractive to women. They go by various names like sexual fragrances, pheromone colognes, and even sexual colognes, among many others. Whatever name they go by, the purpose of this product is to boost your attractiveness by giving out a certain kind of smell that could turn on a woman’s senses. What exactly is a sexual perfume for men? From the name itself, sexual perfume is a scented product that helps elicit a sexual response from the opposite sex. It gives you an edge on social situations and makes you more attractive in the eyes of women. Don’t be fooled by sexual perfume ads that claim it can make you stronger, manlier, or better looking. This type of product may not do those things for you, but it could surely help in making you look more friendly and approachable. Speaking of sexual parfum, check out the next section to find out the essential ingredients this product must have.

3. Essential Pheromone Ingredients You’ll Find in Just About Every Sexual Cologne

several sexual perfumesYou know that there are several sexual perfumes sold in the market that promise to make you irresistible on women. The next question is this: what type of pheromones should be included in the formula to make it more effective? These are:
  • Androstadienone – This type of pheromone increases your attractiveness meter on women.
  • Androstenol – Formerly called Osmone 1, this pheromone provides a relaxing effect on women, especially on their hypothalamus.
  • Androstenone – This is also known as alpha-male pheromone. There are mixed reactions on this type of scent, although women who are ovulating recorded a positive response.
  • Copulins – These are found in vaginal secretions that could temporarily increase your testosterone levels.
Does having these three essential pheromone ingredients in your sexual perfume lead to better results? Not necessarily. Check out the next pointer to make sure your sexual cologne will yield positive results.

4. Guidelines and Safety Procedures to Follow when Using Sexual Perfume for Men

It could be the product or the brand itself. Your choice of sexual cologne will help you deliver the results you wanted. Here’s the catch: there is a possibility that despite the effectiveness of a particular brand, the results may not be what you expected. Check out the tips on proper use of sexual perfume:
  • read and follow the instructionsMake sure to read and follow the instructions provided in the label.
  • Use the correct pheromones to achieve the desired effect.
  • Wear products that will put emphasis not only in your masculinity but also your approachability and friendliness level.
  • Apply the perfume on your clothing and not on your skin.
  • Wash application points in your body to avoid pheromone buildup.
Now that you know the most important tips and guidelines in proper use of sexual perfumes, it’s time to meet those who belong on the list. Say hello to the scents that allows you to draw positive reactions from the opposite sex and who knows, it might lead to something better in the next section.

5. Human Androstenone Pheromone: A Sexual Perfume Worth Trying

could help attract womenIf you are looking for a sexual cologne but don’t know where to start, then Human Adrostenone Pheromone is a product worth trying. It contains the highest concentration of pure human pheromones that could help attract women, especially even when you sweat. Some say that pheromones have no exact scent. Some are able to smell it instantly while there are others who cannot smell certain types of pheromone scents. To make sure that it will work on women, the makers of Human Androstenone Pheromone added essential oils to produce a scent that could get a woman’s attention. Go ahead and try it. The regular size currently costs $29.95 per bottle while the king size, which is good for 50 to 80 applications, is pegged at $49.95. If you get two king size bottles, you get a free bottle for $99.95.

6. Sexual Perfume by Michel Germain: Another Sexual Cologne You Should Add to Your List

When you type “sexual perfume” in the search bar, it will automatically yield “Michel Germain” in the first page. This is because the brand has the most extensive lineup of sexual perfumes guaranteed to awaken the senses of every person who will take a whiff. It also received the Lifetime Achievement Award, which shows that you are in good hands when you decide to try this product. The Sexual collection is something worth trying. This includes:
  • masculinitySexual Paris – This boosts your masculinity while maintaining sophistication, romance, and love.
  • Very Sexual – This collection offers seductive, inviting, and irresistible effect towards the opposite sex.
  • Sexual Secret – It comes with a blend of aphrodisiacs and comes with an enticing scent for an ultra-flirtatious effect.
  • Sexual Noir –This scent focuses on your masculine charisma while keeping you intriguing and sophisticated.
  • Sexual Sugar – Tempting, delicious, and addictive – these are the three words that best describe this collection.
  • Sexual Fresh – If you want to keep it youthful, then this collection is your best choice.
  • Sexual Steel – Virile, intense, and charismatic – this perfume will turn you into a masterpiece.
  • Sexual Nights – From the name itself, you know what you are getting yourself into. This aphrodisiac infused will surely bring out your seductive and inescapable charm.
Keep in mind that the success of sexual fragrances highly depends on the product you used, which is appropriate for the given occasion. Make sure you chose the right one and the possibilities are endless. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Here comes the good part: if you want to give your girl a sexual perfume for her, then Michel Germain got it covered. You can try Michel Germain Sexual Noir or the Very Sexual Eau de Parfum Spray. Sometimes, you don’t need pheromone scents to boost your chances with women. The next sections will tell you the most seductive scents sold on the market today.

7. Let Your Scent Linger with Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein

Do you want a scent that lasts for a considerable amount of time? Then add Calvin Klein’s Eternity Aqua in your list of must-have perfumes. Eternity Aqua offers a sexy and subtle fresh scent that is neither overpowering nor intrusive. It also provides a classy scent and with a hint of “erotic.” What sets Eternity Aqua apart from other scents sold in the market is its staying power. Unlike fragrances that loses their scent after a few hours, Calvin Klein’s Eternity Aqua stays around for a longer period of time, which is not bad in case you forget your change of clothes or if you want something that will last until the following day. Let’s say you tried this scent, but it didn’t work well for you. That’s okay. Check out the next sections for your other options.

8. Bvlgari Aqua: One of the Most Sought After Perfumes in the Worldwide Market

They say good things come with a price. That’s true. Oftentimes, the most expensive products deliver the best results, although this may not hold true all the time. Nonetheless, one of the products that promises to deliver results in Bvlgari Aqua. Despite the price, this scent gives out a strong husky but cool, ocean-like refreshing scent, which is why it deserves a spot in the list of the best sexual perfume for him. Aside from this, it is also long-lasting and blends naturally with your body scent. What makes this perfume extra special on women? Unlike most perfumes, Bvlgari Aqua doesn’t give strong pungent scent that is irritating in the nostrils. In case you want to boost your chances, you can apply Nexus Pheromones first on key areas such as neck, wrist, chest, and behind your ears. Aside from the husky scent from Bvlgari Aqua, Nexus Pheromones could boost your chances in making yourself more attractive in the eyes of women.

9. A Twist of Citrus: Wear Terre D’Hermes and Get Compliments

Most men who opted for this scent will say this: you are guaranteed to get compliments when you wear this perfume. An award-winning scent, Terre D’Hermes by Hermes boasts a strong citrus aroma and a sexy woody fragrance that blends well on your skin. You will also be reminded of peeling lemons or oranges in front a bonfire, which is surprisingly a good thing. It also has a pleasant earthy aroma that will surely give you compliments after because of its deep and sexy nature. If you want someone to tell you that you smell good, then this perfume is worth trying.

10. For the Surfer Guy: Ralph Lauren Polo Blue to Bring Out the Best in You

Are you the outdoor type of guy? Do you enjoy the water and waves as a form of recreation? Then this perfume is for you. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue is the ultimate perfume for the surfer guys out there. It is designed as an outdoor perfume while providing a fresh crisp scent. At the same time,           this sexual perfume gives off the scent of fresh air, which you usually get when surrounded by the sea. Before you say no, keep in mind that the ladies love it when guys sweat and smell like outdoors. Here comes the best part: Ralph Lauren Polo Blue is among the most affordable perfumes in the market.

11. Ralph Lauren Polo Red: Bringing Out the Gentlemen in You

If you are not an outdoor-surfing type of guy, that’s fine. There is still a scent you can try that will make you look daring and bold but still a gentleman. Say hello to Ralph Lauren Polo Red. Compared to the Blue variant, this sexual fragrance product is a blend created from citrus, red saffron, red grapefruit fragrances, and redwood. As a result, it gives out an impression that you are a daring guy. If you want to up your seduction game, then this one will surely top the list. Go ahead, give it a try, and see for yourself.

12. It is Hard to Go Wrong with Davidoff Cool Water

Admit it. You got this perfume back in the day, and used to spray it on yourself before going to school. After all, the scent is one of a kind and can never be replicated. This is the reason why Davidoff Cool Water deserves a spot in the list of the best sexual perfumes that might work for you. What’s with this perfume? Cool Water is among the strongest smelling fragrances for men that give out a fresh blast of marine air. True to its bottle, Davidoff Cool Water’s scent is a representative of aqua or water. Do you want to know why it is called “Cool Water?” It is because it gives the feel and scent of an icy cool ocean, which is definitely an instant girl magnet. Admit it. You like a woman who wears Cool Water too. There are more scents in store for you below so make sure you’ll read until the end, plus tips in choosing the right sexual perfume for you.

13. Exude a Warm Summer Fragrance with Lacoste Noir

There are many scents available that promise to deliver results and make you more irresistible on women. Apparently, only few products work and will deliver results that you deserve. One of these scents is Lacoste Noir. The perfect fragrance for outdoor, sporty, and athletic guy, Lacoste Noir offers a warm summer fragrance that keeps women relaxed and in the mood. It is refreshing too, which is a good thing when making a good impression. This also gives you an alternative scent in case you are not a big fan of Ralph Lauren Polo Blue.

14. Keeping It Classy and Sophisticated with Hugo Boss Number 6

The truth is choosing for the best sexual perfume is not only challenging, but also time-consuming and not budget-friendly. Despite positive reviews about a particular brand, there is still a chance that it may not work for you. In that case, try this perfume: Hugo Boss Number 6. One of the best perfumes sold in the market, Hugo Boss Number 6 is a kind of perfume that makes you look sophisticated and classy. At the same time, this perfume gives a powerful and executive smell, which makes you look successful in the eyes of women. Here comes the best part: Hugo Boss Number 6 can go from day to night while keeping you smelling sexy all throughout the day. This is definitely a perfect all-rounder.

16. Don’t be Fooled by Its Name, Le Male Terrible is in the Game

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male Terrible may be confusing. From its name, you might think that this is a product you should be wary of because of the possible negative effects. On the other hand, users swear by this product and said nothing but the best. What’s the real score with Le Male Terrible? This male scent comes with a bittersweet grapefruit aroma with a touch of pink pepper, warm vanilla, and amber musk to bring out the bad boy in you. It is also designed for the sexy alpha male who knows what he wants. If you fit in the characteristics, then go ahead and give this scent a try. Otherwise, you can try this next scent and who knows, it might work for you.

17. Emit a Classy, Manly Scent with Colonia by Acqua Di Parma

You might be skeptic when you see the following ingredients on the label:
  • LavenderLemon
  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Oak moss
  • Bergamot
  • Sandalwood
  • Verbena
  • Patchouli
These ingredients are commonly associated with female scents, but believe it or not, these could work for you as well. In fact, Colonia by Acqua Di Parma is among the sexiest fragrances for men because of these ingredients. At the same time, it emits a classy manly scent, which reminds you of citrus groves of the Italian Mediterranean coast. That’s not all. Colonia by Acqua di Parma offers a scent that exudes class, personality, and elegance. Think Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling in a tuxedo and you will get the picture. That is how women will perceive you when you wear this scent.

Tips for Buying the Right Sexual Perfume for You

TipsThe products mentioned above will surely help you boost your attractiveness meter and increase your chances in women. Still, this doesn’t mean you should close your doors to other products not mentioned here. There is still a possibility that what works for others might not work for you, which is why you should continue with your hunting process until you find the right one. Below are the tips when buying sexual cologne that will work best for you:
  • Try free samples or sexual perfumes in small bottles, especially if you are trying the product for the first time.
  • Go for products with money back guarantee to make sure you can get your money back in case a particular product didn’t work for you.
  • Make it a point to read the label to know the contents or ingredients of a product you are eyeing for.
  • Choose a sexual fragrance according to your desired effects.
  • Take time to read sexual perfume review sites or threads before buying.
  • Ask recommendations from friends on what type of product they are using.
  • Test the product. If it didn’t work out for the first two weeks, then move on to the next one.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask someone to test the effects of your chosen sexual fragrance.
More importantly, choose a sexual perfume that gives you value for your money. You want a product that works and will work for you to make sure you stand out when the ladies are around. Make sure you go for the right one.  

How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed and Be Her Best Lover Ever

How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed and Be Her Best Lover EverEven in the 21st century, things about female sex and orgasm are a big mystery. Men often feel clueless about sex and orgasms and how to impress women in bedroom. But the truth is that you do not have to be a genius to be a sex god. For that matter, you do not have to be good-looking or well-endowed either. Some men are average when it comes to looks, yet they are well versed in the tricks on how to satisfy women in bed. They seem to enjoy popularity with ladies in bed. Satisfying a woman sexually is an art, and all you have to do is understand and master it. This article will take you through instructions on how to satisfy a woman in bed, how to please women in bed and help you understand sex from a woman’s perspective. Your woman is probably not getting what she desires from you in bed. With the tips and information in this article, you will not only be able to win her but also be her best lover ever.

1. Understanding Female Orgasm: The Key on How to Please a Woman in Bed

make sex more enjoyableFor women, there are more than one ways of achieving orgasm. Therefore, the more paths you travel,the more exciting will sex become. According to a study published recently in the Journal NeuroQuantology, there are four prominent types of female orgasm:
  • Clitoral
  • Vaginal
  • Blended
  • Multiple
A woman enjoys all of these orgasms equally. A smart man will understand female sexuality, as well as each of these to make sex more enjoyable for his woman. Here is what each of these orgasm types mean and how to help a woman achieve them:
  • Clitoral Orgasm:The clitoris is a small sensitive bump at the anterior end of the vulva and bears thousands of nerve endings. This is why women enjoy the stimulation of this external sweet spot. But heading straight for the clitoris will not do unless you caress and massage the other parts of the genitals first. Sex for women is a blend of both physical and sensual feelings. They get aroused slowly and stay aroused for a long time.
While stimulating her clitoris, you must remember that some women think that clitoral orgasm is immature, but this is not true. A clitoral orgasm is just as much pleasurable as vaginal orgasm and is in no way an immature way of having an orgasm. It is pleasing to any lady sexually.
  • Vaginal Orgasm:Scientists have argued over the existence of a G-spot in women. Women, however, have been reported to have said that they have on many occasions received an orgasm by penetration alone. Satisfying women in bed means understanding that vaginal orgasm is a symphony of pleasures. It is a whole body sensation that a woman feels while having sex.
But women do not always achieve a vaginal orgasm. Also, there are times they have it after a lot of stimulation. This is why; many think that vaginal stimulation is a myth. woman in bedInside the vagina, on the side of the tummy, there is a soft wall which is full of nerve endings. This area of the vagina is called the G-spot. When this wall receives pressure, it stimulates the internal clitoris and the urethra. It is clear that vaginal orgasm is possible and it is not a mere myth. You can try different sex positions to discover ways you can reach the G-spot and therefore satisfying a woman in bed. Vaginal orgasm takes focus and patience. You must attempt it only when you have time to relax and have sex without any interruptions.
  • Blended Orgasm:Blended orgasm is the combination of both clitoral as well as vaginal orgasms. It is said that blended orgasm is twice as strong as either of the two orgasms. This is why the girl on top is a popular sex position. It enables the woman to have both vaginal as well as clitoral orgasms together.
It is easier for a woman to achieve a blended orgasm if she is already aroused before the actual intercourse takes place. A good amount of foreplay is quite helpful in this regard. You can also try different variations of the missionary position too to help your woman get a blended orgasm.
  • Multiple Orgasms:Unlike men, women can have one orgasm after another. This is called multiple orgasms. If a woman enjoys continuous stimulation, she can achieve multiple orgasms. Men who know how to satisfy women know that to help a woman to achieve multiple orgasms, one must stimulate her clitoris first using hands or mouth.
Have the intercourse as soon as she achieves clitoral orgasm, but remember to give her erogenous area some rest as it is capable of getting extremely sensitive from over stimulation. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Playing with your partner’s level of arousal can also help her have multiple orgasms. Sometimes reaching the climax can have women push towards another orgasm. Some women can get an orgasm when their nipples are stimulated. Orgasm is something that everyone wants to achieve while having sex. Orgasms make sex enjoyable as well as satisfying. Once you understand female orgasms, you will be able to understand sex from a woman’s perspective better and thereby perform better in bed.

2. Master Foreplay if You Want to Master How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed

ForeplayThe sexual response cycle begins with foreplay. Foreplay, on the other hand, can have a range of different forms. Foreplay is essential as it promotes the desire for sex. Here are forms of foreplay that you can choose from:
  • Undressing Her: Undressing is a brilliant and often under-estimated act of foreplay. Some women enjoy experimenting with lingerie. So for them, getting a compliment on what they are wearing means a lot. Also, slowly and carefully removing her clothes can help her get aroused. It is important that you do not rush this stage of your intercourse.
  • Caressing and Kissing: Even though foreplay can range from a simple romantic look and a gentle touch to passionate oral stimulation; kissing and caressing are often acts that help a couple to proceed. A kiss can convey a lot of different emotions. Some women prefer to start slow. For them, kissing and caressing are great ways to begin.
Women often like to be kissed on the neck. When you kiss a woman on the neck, it means you are attracted towards her and are asking her to be intimate. If she is interested in having sex with you,chances are that she will find it extremely romantic and arousing.
  • Teasing her Breasts: The nipples, like the clitoris, also have a conglomeration of nerve endings under the skin. When stimulated, they can experience an erection. Women enjoy having their breasts fondled and teased. However, since breasts are sensitive areas, it is not wise to spend too much time on them. Stimulating a sensitive area too much can be uncomfortable for the woman.
  • Vaginal Stroking: This is the most erotic of all foreplay moves. Many women like their vagina, G-spot and clitoris stimulated manually. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for you to surprise her and make her desire you. Gently tease and stroke her clitoris.
sensual experienceWhen she begins to moan, you can increase the pressure and speed of the strokes. Remember to take time in doing this. Vaginal stroking is something that many women want to be a sensual experience. Also, remember to be gentle. The vagina is a soft and sensitive part. You can get creative with your foreplay. The more you implement your ideas, the more fun you and your partner are going to have. Foreplay helps blood flow to the genitals. Stimulated genitals mean quicker orgasm, which in turn means more satisfying sex and becoming an expert of how to please a woman sexually.

3. Stimulate Her in the Plateau Phase

The plateau phase is that phase of the intercourse when the woman is highly aroused from the foreplay and the penetration. She can remain in this phase for sometime without having an orgasm. The difficult part is when the man achieves orgasm but the woman remains in her plateau phase. It is then that the act of intercourse ends without having satisfied the woman. There are ways you can avoid these kinds of situations. One way is having enough foreplay so that she reaches her orgasm easily. Also, you can give her manual stimulation later to help her have an orgasm. Remember, if you want to climax together, it is a good idea to give her additional stimulation, so that she can proceed from the plateau phase to the orgasm phase. Men often treat the woman’s clitoris like they treat their penis. The trick to how to please a woman in bed is something else. Rubbing the clitoris vigorously may not always work in this case. A woman may indeed need the vigorous rubbing for additional stimulation to reach orgasm but there is a risk that vigorous rubbing might make her climax slip away. To correctly stimulate the clitoris, you must:
  • Rub the clitoris rhythmically.
  • Apply the right pressure.
reaches orgasmAs your woman reaches orgasm, you may apply some additional pressure or faster stimulation to help her reach it and make her orgasm a big one. The climax is a contraction and relaxation of muscles in the genitals, the uterus and the pelvic floor. This provides a sensation of pleasure to the woman. A woman might ejaculate a little amount of fluid too as she reaches climax. Since climax is a whole body phenomenon, women may reach climax differently each time they have sex. A man may or may not be able to engage in a long-lasting intercourse but with the right actions, he can help the woman to reach her climax within the intercourse and thus satisfy her in bed.

4. How to Satisfy a Woman Sexually – Make the Intercourse Give Her an Orgasm

Foreplay is not the only way to make her have the orgasm. Most times the length of intercourse is longer than the length of the foreplay. On an average, women achieve climax seven minutes after the penetration. How a woman sexually receives pleasure will tell you about how to sexually satisfy a woman. Most men have tons of questions about the correct sex position. Sex position plays a significant role in determining the kind of orgasm she will have. The classic missionary position is a good way to begin. Here are few other sex positions that women enjoy:
  • Girl-On-Top:This is the position where the man lies back and the woman sits on him with each leg on either side of his torso. The woman has more control in this position. She can either rock back and forth or grind her pelvis slowly in circular motion. This lets her decide the depth and angle of the penetration as well as the pace of the stimulation. The girl-on-top is versatile as there can be many variations of this position.
  • Doggy-Style:Doggy-style provides the man with the opportunity to have a deeper penetration. It also means deeper stimulation for the woman. There are greater chances that you will hit your lover’s G-spot in this position. Also, it is possible to have a clitoral stimulation by using hand of a toy in this position. Doggy style also leaves the man’s hands free which he can use to fondle the woman’s breasts or play with her clitoris for extra stimulation. This position can satisfy a woman sexually.
Coital Alignment Technique
  • Coital Alignment Technique:Instead of thrusting focus more on grinding in this position. This is a variation of the missionary position with the difference that the man lifts the woman’s body up so that his pelvis is slightly higher than hers. Coital alignment offers the man the opportunity to stimulate the clitoris and thus provide the woman the chance to have a blended orgasm.
  • The Bridge:The woman arches her hips while lying on her back and the man sits on his knees and holds her. The bridge provides the perfect position for allowing the woman’s G-spot to be stimulated. Women who enjoy G-spot stimulation enjoy this position as it provides deep stimulation. You can also stroke your woman’s clitoris for extra stimulation and a bigger orgasm. The bridge can please a woman in bed.
Women hate it if you change sex position too much or too frequently. They find it distracting and at times can even take their orgasm back to square one, in which case you might have to start things all over again.

5. Cuddling After Sex is Absolutely Necessary

A recent survey by the Redbook shows that about 52 percent women in the world regularly fake orgasms. According to another survey, it was found that only 17 percent of the women actually have an orgasm while having sex. Also, about 80 percent of women said they preferred cuddling over sex. Intimacy for men is more like a means to an end. They enjoy being intimate to achieve sex. As soon as the sex happens, intimacy does not make much sense anymore. What men need to understand is that intimacy for women plays a significant role in sex. Women desire to fee needed and one of the ways they feel needed is through sexual intercourse. They enjoy the show of affection. Hence, they enjoy cuddling. If not more than sex, they definitely enjoy post sex cuddling. CuddlingCuddling is sexually satisfying because it:
  • Completes the intimacy after sex.
  • Lets her feel loved and wanted by you.
  • Comforts her after she lets go of her vulnerabilities during sex.
  • Validates her behavior.
The post-sex cuddle should be gentle and sensual. You should take time to cuddle her instead of rushing through it. Make full contact, delivering the cuddle from body-to-body. Do not leave her and go to the bathroom before you cuddle. A cuddle needs to happen while you are still hot and huffing from the sex. How to pleasure a woman after sex is never missing to cuddle her. It will not only make sex more enjoyable for her but will also make you the best lover for her. Women’s ideas on the best kind of sex include cuddling and hugging, too. Men give love for sex and women give sex for love. This saying is perhaps true. There are many books that tell you about how to satisfy a woman in bed with images. You can also get how to satisfy a woman in bed with images pdf, how to satisfy a woman in bed pdf and how to satisfy a woman in bed YouTube online. Further, you might find lots of material on how to satisfy a woman in bed techniques. How to satisfy a man in bed is a commonly read topic but how to satisfy a woman in bed every time is slowly catching up. So is how to last longer in bed. Now that you know how to satisfy a woman in bed, you can successfully show her that you care for her. Also, you may like to use one of the Nexus Pheromones products to attract the woman you love successfully. These products contain pheromones that could help you make more attractive and desirable both in and out of bed.

16 Awesome Sex Tips for Men – Get Her Begging for More

16 Awesome Sex Tips for Men Get Her Begging for MoreSex seems easy – kissing, foreplay, undressing, penetration and orgasm. It is a routine with a sure set of techniques to ensure optimum experience. Did you know that 62 percent of women admitted that they are not happy with their sex lives? Another surprising part is that there is a higher sexual satisfaction when they put matters in their hands – behind closed doors. Change this and give her the best sexual experience she will ever have. Don’t worry. These 16 simple but effective sex tips for men are what you need to make her beg for more:

1. Don’t Forget Every Woman is Different in Bed

At this point, you read tons of articles and watched a lot of videos to help you become a better lover inside the bedroom. There are countless sex tips for guys on your mind, which makes it challenging to filter which among those strategies work. talkNonetheless, here is something you should remember: different things work for different women inside the bedroom. In fact, what A likes may not be a hit for B and vice versa. What should you do? The first step is to acknowledge that every woman is unique. Therefore, ask her what she wants and likes in bed. Take time to sit down and talk about each other’s fantasies and preferences. When you do something to her, pay attention to her body language and how she responds. More importantly, don’t compare her to your past partners. Any comments that compare her to your previous lovers are hurtful, insensitive, and unnecessary.                                                                                                     .

2. Clean Up – Your Hygiene Matters Inside the Bedroom

showerHow you look matters when it comes to building attraction and taking things to the next level inside the bedroom. After all, having a good-looking partner can also be a turn on. Apparently, how you look is just a small percentage in making a woman crave for you. One of the most important factors you should pay attention to is your hygiene. It makes a difference if you take a shower before doing the deed, brushing your teeth for fresher breath, and keeping hairy regions neat and trimmed. How you smell also matters since no woman would want to make love to someone who doesn’t smell good. Speaking of smell, consider spraying Nexus Pheromones after a bath. This men’s best friend is a potent combination of seven human pheromone compounds that increases your level of attraction and boosts your chances on women. This will come in handy if you are after something sexual as well.

3. Care about Her Pleasure and She Will Reward You After For Sure

pleasureLet’s say you are single and having the time of your life. You’ve been doing the deed with a different woman every night and you seem happy every time. After all, all you want is to get those juices out. Here’s the thing: whether you are in a casual or serious relationship with a woman, always invest in her pleasure. Make the other person feel pleasure and the experience more enjoyable. Focus on her body, target erogenous zones, and make sex pleasurable for her, as well. Once you invested in your partner’s pleasure, good things happen. She would be more than willing to go down on you or even fulfill some of your fantasies. There is nothing sexier than seeing your partner enjoy what you are doing, don’t you think?

4. Re-Install Date Nights in Your Routine to Give Intimacy a Boost

DateDate nights are crucial in every relationship. Regardless if you are going out for six months or six years, spending time together as a couple is among the essential techniques towards better sex. Therefore, commit to spending time together before taking off your clothes. Find a common time and schedule date nights regularly, whether once a week or once a month. The important thing is to be able to spend time together to help rebuild intimacy. You don’t have to go over-the-top all the time. A simple dinner in a new restaurant downtown or a coffee date could already make a difference.

5. A Sex Tip to Remember: Never Underestimate the Power of Foreplay

Sorry, man. The manner of penetration won’t rock a woman’s world and make her orgasm. Before you think about the different positions you plan to do with her, there is something you need to do first: foreplay. foreplayOne of the common mistakes men do during sex is rushing through foreplay. Just because your man down south is up and about, it doesn’t mean that she is ready too. Spend a good time exploring her body and target all of her erogenous zones such as neck, inner thighs, and lower back. Slowly go down on her and get her warmed up for what’s about to come. Use your lips, tongue, and fingers to explore what’s down there to build the momentum. Don’t be selfish and put your girl’s needs in bed before yours. Don’t worry. The happier she is during foreplay, the better the return will be and she will make sure you are compensated properly. Keep in mind that sex is not a contest where a prize awaits if you finish first. Enjoy the journey and make the experience as pleasurable as possible.

6. Targeting the Right Spots by Saying Hello to a Woman’s Erogenous Zones

You might think that what’s down there is the only area that deserves your attention to keep her excited and in the mood. Believe it or not, a woman’s vagina, particularly her clitoris, is just one part of the many erogenous zones in a woman’s body. lipsThese are:
  • Mouth or lips
  • Nape or the back of her neck
  • Ears
  • Lower back
  • Inner thigh
These erogenous zones are packed with thousands of nerve endings, thereby making the area extra sensitive especially when aroused. Targeting these specific areas in her body helps a lot in getting her in the mood and building anticipation and excitement for what’s about to come. At the same time, it gives the woman a message that you care about her pleasure because you are willing to take time to explore her body. This makes sex even more memorable, which will surely make her beg for more. Keep reading and find out more sex advice for men, which you can use inside the bedroom.

7. Be the Boob Guy and Give Her Breasts Extra Attention

breastsYou pay attention to her breasts, particularly nipples during foreplay and you are doing a great job on that. Here’s the common mistake men do: during the main event, they tend to forget about breasts and focus much on penetrations and sex positions. If you want her to beg for another round, here is something you should do: give her breasts more attention during the act itself. Breasts provide extra stimulation, thanks to tons of nerve endings especially on the underside, which could lead to better and bigger orgasm. While she is on top, consider doing this technique on her breasts:
  • Make wide circles using your fingertips starting around the perimeter of one breast and going in at her nipple slowly.
  • Cup and lift the underside of her breast and lick around her nipple.
  • Suck her breasts gently.

8. Gently Pull Her Hair and Make Her Moan Out of Pleasure

hairDid you know that the scalp contains thousands of nerves that could come in handy during sex? When a woman is aroused, these thousands of nerves could be more sensitive; hence extra stimulating. Here’s the catch: not women are up for this. Before you do this, make sure to ask permission from your partner first. Some women feel offended and violated with this act, so seek consent before pulling anything. To keep it on the safe side, here’s what you should do:
  • While she’s on top, run your hand through her hair.
  • Grab a handful of strands close to her scalp and gently pull it.
This could add a bit of intensity since the scalp is extra sensitive during intimate encounters. In case she is not into this act, don’t force it.

9. Give Her a Preview and Tease Her by Going Halfway

TeaseHere is something you should remember when it comes to women and sex: teasing and creating buildup causes anticipation and anticipation leads to sexual excitement.  When this happens, it makes it easier for her to get in the mood, which makes it easier for you to do your job in giving her pleasure. How do you do this? Tease her. During foreplay, insert your penis inside her and penetrate her slowly but partially. Do this for a few seconds then pick up from where you left off. Do this several times prior to the main event and she will surely beg for more. When she finally begs, give her the best humping you can give. This will surely drive her crazy.

10. Keep Calm and Experiment on Sex Positions, Men

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]There will always be staple sex positions: missionary, doggy style and woman on top. These positions are crowd favorites and will surely help you last through the night. Here’s the thing: if you do missionary all the time, then don’t be surprised to find your sex life going down the drain. The couples with the happiest sex lives are those who are willing to experiment and try new things in bed. woman on topCheck out these sex positions that are worth trying:
  • Reverse Cowgirl – This is a variation of a woman on top, except that she is facing away from you. The good thing about this position is that it gives you a sexy view of her butt while allowing her to be in control.
  • Spooning – If you are craving for intimacy, then this position is the best. At the same time, your hands are free, which you can use to caress her body or even touch her clitoris while penetrating inside her.
  • The Valedictorian – Think missionary position but this time, her ankles are on your shoulders, with her legs forming a “V.” This also offers deep penetration, which makes the sex even naughtier.
  • The Pretzel – This is another position worth trying. Your girl will lie down on her side as you kneel, straddle her bottom leg, and enter her. Ask your partner to wrap her leg around your waist as you find a rhythm that works for you best.
  • Butterfly – This position is simple but hot. Your partner lies on the edge of the bed while you kneel or stand to enter her. The good thing about this position is that every inch of her body is on display, which makes the experience even sexier.
The bottom line is experiment on various sex positions to bring something new to the table. This helps bring the spice back in your relationship, which leads you to the next tip.

11. Add Something New to the Table Aside from Doing New Sex Positions

You tried various sex positions aside from your usual missionary and doggy style. So far, your partner is happy and is craving for more sex. This doesn’t mean you should stop here. blindfoldsIn that case, consider doing something new, wild, and outrageous to give your sex life a boost. If you want to satisfy a woman and keep her happy inside the bedroom, consider adding a few tricks to make sex more pleasurable. You can start with something simple and doable such as having sex in the morning, doing the deed in other parts of your home, or using blindfolds. As you progress, you can consider fulfilling each other’s fantasies. The bottom line is don’t settle and constantly look for ways to make sex better and wilder. The wilder your thoughts and actions are, the better and sexier your sex life will be. This will surely make her beg for more. Do you think you are equipped with the necessary tools to keep a woman happy in the bedroom? Keep reading because there are more awesome sex tips for men you should know – and keep your woman happy.

12. Turn on Your Sensitivity Button Concerning a Woman’s Body

It is difficult to describe how hard it is to have a woman’s body. No thanks to media that glorify women who have zero body fat, women are expected to live a particular standard that will fit the acceptable definition of “sexy.” complimentThis is one of the many reasons why female libido is sometimes missing in action. Instead of accepting their bodies, women worry about having flabby stomach, small breasts, and delicate collarbones. As a result, they feel conscious embarrassed, thereby affecting their sex drive. Believe it or not, you can help her feel more confident with her body. Avoid nitpicking and instead, compliment her. Focus on her strengths and assets, and tell her how much you love specific things in her body. Let her know how she smells and tastes down there, which is an instant turn on for her. The more comfortable she is taking her clothes off with you, the better the sex will be.

13. Sex Tips for Men Worth Remembering: Kiss Before, During, and After Doing the Deed

This is another issue with most men. Aside from not paying attention on her breasts during action, you also forget to kiss her while attending the main event. kissDon’t be most guys and instead, be the better man. Kissing encourages more intimacy, which is crucial to female pleasure. Therefore, kiss your girl as much as you can. Choose a position that allows face-to-face such as missionary or woman on top and kiss her. Your manner of kissing should also depend on your current sexual situation. If you are doing things rough inside the bedroom, go for deep, tongue-filled kiss. You can also try sucking her bottom lip and press your lips firmly against hers. On the other hand, if things are becoming slow and romantic, go for a more sensual and passionate kiss.

14. Be Aggressive, B-E Aggressive

Women have no issues doing the work and being in control inside the bedroom. Still, most women crave for someone who can take care of them and their needs, especially after a long day at home or in work. Women also tend to wear various hats, which is both stressful and an instant libido killer. aggressiveBelieve it or not, the number one thing women want you to do is to be more aggressive in bed. By being aggressive, this means doing more than just being in control inside the bedroom. It is also about handling her body with strength and confidence, thereby making the experience more erotic. Don’t worry. This won’t require you to lift weights, although doing so could help a lot in the sex department. You can try these techniques:
  • While doing the missionary, take her wrists, lift them above her head, and pin to the mattress.
  • In changing positions, grab her and put her where you want to be. Make sure you still do this with care.
  • When your partner is on top, hold her hips and dictate the level of thrusting so that her clitoris will grind against your pubic bone.
In other words, show her you’re the man.

15. Give Her the Surprise of Her Life and Make Her Orgasm First

orgasmDid you know that 75 percent of men reach orgasm within two and a half minutes or even shorter from penetration? This is a short time compared to women’s four to seven minutes. What does it mean? This means that if you want to keep her begging for sex, do your best to make sure she reaches orgasm first. In fact, the perfect orgasm is the high point of lovemaking. As much as possible, make her reach orgasm first. This will make sex more pleasurable for her, and believe it or not, she might ask for another session. To help you last longer in bed, here are some tips you can do:
  • Stay out of your head and get into your body to help you get over performance anxiety.
  • If you feel getting close to the edge, stop or slow down, take a deep breath, and change positions.
  • Take your time and enjoy the journey that leads to your destination.
  • Practice the “7 and 9 Method” or seven fast in-and-out strokes and nine slow movements.
  • Minimize deep thrusting.
  • Master the squeeze technique to avoid getting off too early.
You may not get it the first time and that’s fine. The important thing is to take your time and enjoy the moment.

16. Communicate: The Most Important Pillars of Having Fantastic Sex

communicationYou know that every woman is different, which means each woman you meet will have her own set of preferences inside the bedroom. Unless you have the power to read minds, the best way you can provide pleasure and provide a memorable sexual experience to a woman is by asking. Open and honest communication is among the keys of great sex. It is important that you are able to sit down and talk about the things you want and don’t want inside the bedroom. Let her know about your fantasies, desires and preferences inside the bedroom and encourage her to share the same. Communication also helps in developing a good foundation for honest relationship. Before doing the deed, it won’t hurt if you know what she wants and let her know what’s yours, too. When it comes to communication, body language is also crucial, so make sure you pay attention to this aspect.

The Best Approach When It Comes to Women

Relax and be patient. All these 16 sex tips for men will work, but there is no guarantee that the results will be immediate. You still need to work hard and choose a few tips from the list in order to get a woman’s attention and develop attraction in order to get inside her and make her beg for you more. Nonetheless, use the strategies you learned and you are on your towards a happier and more pleasurable sex life.