9 Ways to Get Her in the Mood for Lovemaking

Women are complicated creatures when it comes to sex. They don’t have a switch that you can turn on and off whenever you want to. If she’s constantly turning you down when it comes to sex, don’t get suspicious. Maybe it’s just a lack of effort on your part that’s making her feel so down.

9 Valid Reasons Why She Doesn’t Crave Sex

If you’re constantly turned down by your partner, don’t jump into conclusions and get all suspicious right away. A lot of women suffer from low libido; in fact, it’s the number one sexual health issue women complain about nowadays. It is most likely that you’re not the only one being turned down constantly.

9 Sex To-Dos That Will Turn Up the Heat

So-so sex? You’re not alone. A lot of couples are yearning for more fun and excitement in the bedroom. Sex can become dull and boring, especially when you’re in a long-term relationship. With all the internal and external factors surrounding you, you may end up doing the same lovemaking routine over and again. It’s about […]

9 Self-Confidence Boosters to Improve Your Chances with Her

Just thinking of approaching her makes you want to faint. It’s okay. Everyone gets nervous once in a while, but when will you have the courage to approach her? And you heard the advice to man up and muster up your confidence. You’re going nowhere if you’re too scared to make the first move, but […]