10 Top Skills for Men That Women Find Super-Sexy

Good looks, a gorgeous body and lots of money are things often associated with physical attraction. Yes, it’s true, but only when it comes to initial attraction. What makes a man truly sexy inside and out is his character. It’s the things you do, the things you are passionate about, and the things you enjoy

7 Curiosities of the World’s Largest Contraception Collection

A man named Percy Skuy, a retired pharmaceutical executive, went on a quest around the world to discover and collect hundreds of different contraceptives from the ancient times up to the present. His collection contains artifacts, animal testicles, condoms made from animal parts or fabric, rubber condoms, crocodile and elephant dung, spermicide solutions, suppositories, loops,

11 Stealthy Ways Your Sense of Smell is Sexy

When it comes to dating, maybe you have read a thousand tips and tricks that involve sexual attraction with the use of the different senses: sight, touch, taste, hearing and sound. Not to exclude your social skills and self-confidence; however, recent studies show that the sense of smell may have much heavier impact when it

8 Ways to Flirt like a Butterfly and Sting like a Bee

When you were young, do you still remember the things you would do just to get the attention of your current crush? Yes, you constantly picked on her, or you grabbed her hair to the point of embarrassing her. Well, did she like you back, or was she totally annoyed? Those were the days when