How to Please a Woman in Bed

Follow these 10 steps to please a woman in bed, and boost the odds she’ll be game for Round Two.

Recently, we’ve talked about how to start a conversation with a girl. Assuming that goes well, you’ve also got a seduction guide to guide you from date to bedroom. And you know that Nexus Pheromones can help you smell great and put human sex pheromones on your side. Now we’re going to talk about how to please a woman in bed. Take notes, because you need to hear this. Please a woman in bed and you’ve got a greater shot at a repeat performance. Everyone is different, but some moves are universal. These 10 steps are among them, and can help make you a lover she wants to be with after the all-important audition. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]

This is How You Please a Woman In Bed…

Invest in Her Pleasure – Your first step in how to please a woman in bed is to change your mindset, from your pleasure to hers. You’re not masturbating anymore bud – at least not tonight. So don’t use her to climax, roll over and say you’re done. Half of this is about her. Sleep with a woman knowing you’re in it for her. Assume She Wants You to Wear a Condom – Unless you both agree on it before the fun starts, assume you will wear protection. Don’t be a jerk and tell her you want to take it off halfway through the action and/or look shocked with your Johnson hanging out of your pants when she says “protection”. Be a stud and wear a hat. Let HER Climax – It’s easy for you to get off. She may have to work a little harder. A good rule of thumb is to let her climax first. That way, you’ve got a little left in the tank, sex lasts longer and you BOTH get off. Communicate – There is a time to go full-on caveman and let animalistic sex take its course. But there’s also a time to be the considerate dude who asks what her preferences might be. So ask her – to please a woman in bed, ask what positions she wants to do, if she wants to change things up, and generally be a gentleman in the sack.

To please a woman in bed, let her climax before you.

Clean Your Bed – C’mon dude. Would YOU want to make love on someone’s sticky sheets? God only knows what your sheets pick up, so clean your bed before you bring a lady over. You’re already doing this with your bathroom (right?). Hit your bedroom too. Have a Spare Phone Charger – This may sound trivial, but you’re trying to please a woman in bed. Have a spare phone charger handy so her iPhone is charged up and ready to call Uber. You can relate to this – maybe she wants to listen to music on her way home, or heck, check her Twitter. Have a spare phone charger with you for extra points and a greater chance she’ll come back for round two. Foreplay – There’s no rush amigo. Take time to treat your lady right with a little foreplay. Don’t bother with a sensual massage. That’s cheesy, and you both know what’s on your mind. Skip that and focus on kissing and caressing instead. Do that right and you’re in good shape to please a woman in bed no matter who you’re with. Take Your Socks Off –Take your socks off – it looks plain weird to be naked other than the socks you conspicuously left on before losing the rest of your clothes. It can also take her down a strange but very mood-killing road of foot-based anxiety that ain’t got no business in a handbook of how to please a woman in bed. Manage Your Expectations – Life isn’t a porn film. The fact you’ve got a woman in your bedroom is a great thing, but manage your expectations. She’s not a porn star, nor is she a sex fiend (that you know of, yet) just dying to break out the whips and candle wax. She’s a woman in your bedroom who wants to have sex with you. That’s the gist of it. Be good, be gentle, take it slow, and good things will happen. Go Down On Her – Well D’uh!

How Nexus Pheromones Can Help

Nexus Pheromones is an attraction cologne that can help you attract women

Nexus Pheromones is 7 human sex pheromones linked to ‘tall dark and handsome’. We’ve talked about it previously and, let’s be honest here, you’re likely interested in pheromones if you’re reading this article. Nexus Pheromones can help you smell good. It can also give you a bit of an edge when meeting women because scent plays a vital role in attraction. But it can also veer her mind toward love-making on the date and when you head for the bedroom. You both know what’s on your minds. Having Nexus Pheromones for the duration of the evening can help you look good, smell good, and tell her in no uncertain terms you’re the dude she wants to get with. Consider it a useful tool for how to attract women, which complements how to please a woman in bed, and can make your sex life something extraordinary.

Nexus Pheromones: The Scent of Attraction

Nexus Pheromones is an attraction cologne that can give you an edge when talking to women.

Here’s the quick version of what you need to know about Nexus Pheromones: they smell great. They’ll boost your confidence – and they’re made with our most recent understanding of human pheromones. That understanding amounts to this: we know human pheromones are real. You’ve got them, and they’re most likely Androstadienone (AND) in men and Estatetraenol (EST) in women. But we’re still waiting on scientific confirmation that AND and EST are indeed human sex pheromones. We’re still unclear how they work too, and the role they play in attracting a mate. Does this mean you shouldn’t buy Nexus Pheromones? Just the opposite – you SHOULD. We know pheromones exist in humans, and Nexus Pheromones has AND in its formula. We also know scent plays a very powerful role in sexual attraction. A quick whiff of Nexus Pheromones reveals it smells pretty darn good, and can help boost your confidence as you try to meet women. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /] The Great Pheromones Debate There’s no shortage of back-and-forth about human pheromones and the role they play in courtship. At least four prominent studies have been done on pheromones since 1986 when they were first discovered by Dr. Winnifred Cutler. Those studies include:                                                 Royal Society Open Science A study published in 2017. For its methodology, researchers asked heterosexual participants to rate faces of the opposite sex for attractiveness, during which they were exposed to AND and EST. As well, they were asked to judge gender-ambiguous, neutral faces by merging male and female images together. AND is found in male sweat. EST is present in female urine. The rationale of using AND and EST was that if steroids were pheromones, female volunteers who took AND would see gender-neutral faces as those of men. Conversely, men given EST would interpret the same faces as coming from women. If this happened, the researchers theorized the steroids corresponding to the opposite sex would make volunteers rate the faces in the pictures as more attractive. Result: That didn’t happen. Nothing did – in this study, researchers found no effect between the steroids on any behaviors. The study lead, Leigh Simmons, still believes human pheromones exist. None have been identified though, he argues. Also, he says there’s a bias against AND and EST, with some in the scientific community intent on writing off the two steroids and the first sight of negative results.

Human sex pheromones play a key role in attraction.

                                                Current Biology This was a study done in 2014 by Chinese researcher Wen Zhou of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Zhou, a psychologist and olfaction researcher, and her colleagues worked with 96 volunteers. Half were male and half were women. Another consideration; half the men and women identified as heterosexual. The other half said they were either homosexual or – as the women in this group identified – bisexual. Wan’s methodology was to evaluate the influence of AND and EST on participants as they judged the walking gait of dot figures. Result: AND and EST both influenced how subjects judged the figures. Heterosexual men were more likely to say the figure was female when exposed to EST. In similar fashion, heterosexual women tended to say the figure was male when AND was present. Homosexual men responded to AND similarly to heterosexual women. Just as notable, women who identified as homosexual or bi did not respond to either steroid. Meaning? The takeaway message here is that humans appear to use chemical signals to sense partners with romantic potential. That appears to work in accordance with gender and sexual orientation.                                                             Nature Martha McClintock gets the nod for being a pioneer in human pheromone studies. She’s done several of them, including a 2017 study that found AND altered brain activity when passively inhaled. Still, it’s her 1998 study, published in the journal Nature that may be the most influential. In her 1998 study, McClintock and her team took samples from 29 young women. All the women had a history of regular and sporadic ovulation. From these women, the team collectde compound samples from nine volunteers by placing pads under their arm pits. These women had bathed without scented products and had worn the pads for eight hours. Results: McClintock found the remaining 20 women synced their menstrual cycles to the smaller subgroup when exposed to their scent. McClintock takes a more nuanced approach to human pheromones. She had done earlier pheromone research with rats and found a strong correlation between them and behavior. She theorizes human pheromones may not be a strong in mating behavior compared to other factors.

Scent may play a bigger role in attraction than you realize.

Still, she acknowledged the power of scent and the need to explore pheromones further. Her latest work, published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology (January 2017) found a link between AND and brain function. Even tiny amounts of the compounds influence how we think – a link worth exploring among mating behavior and other areas of human nature.                                                 Archives of Sexual Behaviour McClintock brought AND and EST to the forefront, but it was Dr. Winnifred Cutler who discovered pheromones in the first place. Back in 1986, her work at the University of Pennsylvania established that human pheromones exist and appears to affect sexual behavior. Her more recent work includes a 1998 study published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour. It involved 38 heterosexual men between 26 and 42, each of whom completed a two week baseline period and a 6 week, placebo-controlled trial that tested a pheromone designed to ‘improve romance’ in their lives. Results: It did just that. The men in the pheromone group reported a significant increase in hugging, kissing and sexual intercourse. Based on this data, and while acknowledging that further studies are required, Cutler argued that pheromones made men more sexually attractive to women What We Know About Pheromones So what do we make of all this? That’s a lot of information to take in, but it’s more than enough to summarize a few things about pheromones and the impact they have on human behavior: Pheromones Exist First, the obvious. We know pheromones exist. Sea urchins, for example, release pheromones into surrounding water that trigger other urchins in their colony to release sex cells. Pheromones exist – that is undisputed.

Nexus Pheromones might help your interactions with women.

You Have Them Cutler’s research in 1986 identified human pheromones as being the material that remained once the ‘overbearing’ underarm sweat was removed in study participants. You’ve got human pheromones. The bigger question is how they work. What We DON’T Know About Pheromones How They Work What he said. Human pheromones appear to work differently in humans than in the animal kingdom, and they’re unique to you. Animals process pheromones with their vomeronasal (VMO) organ, which detects the substance and leads them to a mate. Some researchers think humans don’t have a VMO. Others think it’s in our nose, but it doesn’t work. However they work, it’s clear that human pheromones need more research to answer these basic questions, along with other possibilities. Pheromones may have other uses too, like as a fertility treatment, or even as a contraceptive for couples who don’t want to conceive. Which Pheromones You Have Our best guess at the moment is that AND and EST are human pheromones. Every study we’ve talked about in this article, save the Royal Society Open Science study of 2017 points to those steroids as being human pheromones. And even that study has critics. Wen Zhou, author of the 2014 study, points to holes in its methodology, arguing the faces used were not truly ‘gender neutral’, and that AND and EST were neutralized by other chemicals used by the researchers. Still, while AND and EST appear to be human pheromones, you may have others. Some pheromones may be unique to you – although what they convey is another matter. What Nexus Pheromones Will and Won’t DO With these things clarified, let’s specify now what Nexus Pheromones is designed to do. As you know, it’s one of many pheromone fragrances on the market, many of which that make claims that are pretty far out there. The advice you’ll hear from pheromone review sites is often tainted by reviewers who simply rank pheromones products by whichever pays them the biggest commission and don’t necessarily have your best interests in mind. So let’s chat about this. What can Nexus Pheromones really do for your love life? WILL: Make You Smell Good Nexus Pheromones smells good. It’s got a ‘masculine’ scent to it that stands out and makes an impact. Even if it didn’t have pheromones, it stands out for no other reason than you can wear it as a cologne. WON’T:  Automatically Get You Laid Nexus Pheromones can help you smell good and use human pheromones to your advantage. It will not get you laid without effort. You’ll still have to put yourself out there – read this article on How To Start a Conversation With a Girl and this Seduction Guide to learn how to do that effectively. WILL: Give Off Pheromones Nexus Pheromones is formulated with AND – the male pheromone analyzed in each study reviewed in this article. If you want to give off male sex pheromones, Nexus Pheromones is a good place to start. WON’T: Magically Turn You Into Someone Else Nexus Pheromones can boost your confidence and give you an edge in the scent department. It cannot turn you into a ‘Ladies Man’ if you sit at home watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island on Saturday night. You’ve got to put in the effort to see good results. WILL: Give You Leading Edge Health Quality Nexus Pheromones is made by Leading Edge Health. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the same company that makes VigRX Plus – a famous male virility supplement that made sex up to 71.43% more enjoyable among guys who took it in a clinical study. The point being? They’re well-established in the male wellness market and have put that knowledge to making a good human sex pheromones fragrance that can help you stand out and put out pheromones for women to notice. You’ll need to work for it. But Nexus Pheromones takes our best understanding of human pheromones and puts them in a spray-on fragrance that can help you put your best foot out in the mating department. Do with it that what you will. It’s a good tool to have when attracting a mate.

Your Seduction Guide: From Date to Bedroom

Want to get lucky? Here’s how to do it. Thank you Nexus Pheromones!

You got her number. That’s the cool news. Now biology is a-callin’. You feel that strong desire to go forth and procreate. And now, dear friend, you need a seduction guide to take things to the next level. Let’s clarify a few things before we go further. This is a seduction guide – not a pick up article. You need to have a girl before you can seduce her. This article assumes you already know how to start a conversation with a girl and got her number. If you don’t have a girl in mind at the moment, go back and read that article. Now, let’s chat. You’ve got the girl and feel that undeniable urge to do your part. Grab your Nexus Pheromones and take notes. This seduction guide can help take you to a beautiful place. Ask Her Out This seduction guide starts with a call or text. You’ve got to ask her out first to seduce her. Resist the urge to get fancy here – a survey of a thousand women found ladies don’t like gimmicks when it comes to male invitations. Just be blunt and call it a date. This sets the tone for things to come and can make it easier to transition to sexual activity. Don’t be a player or try to be a cocky stud. You’re a guy interested in a girl. Let her know that and ask her out on a date. Recovery Mode: Did she say she has “other plans”? Relax – about half of women who say this aren’t blowing you off, they actually have other plans. If she makes excuses why she can’t do something, she’s not into you. But, if likes you, she’ll suggest another night, or an idea of her own. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /] Make the Transition Here’s where some guys blow it. Let’s not BS here, you both know what you’re thinking. However, you’ll have to work for it. Before you ask her directly back to your place after a successful date, make light physical contact first. Graze her hand or rest your palm on the small of her back. She should be receptive and give you light physical contact in return within five minutes. Recovery Mode: We’re still in the early stages of this seduction guide. That means if she’s not receptive just yet, it’s not a disaster. Just laugh it off and continue the date with good conversation. Don’t dwell on your fumble. Bring Her Home OK, so you’ve had a good date and she’s given you light physical contact. It’s time to put your chips on the table. You’ve got two ways to ask her back to your house. Some women will tell you to go with the first option: to ask her back to your place for a drink. Other dating experts, including famed pick up artist Neil Strauss prefer to suggest inviting her home to show here something, like pictures of your vacation or a limited edition print of your favorite 70s band. It can’t hurt to try both approaches. In either case, look for subtle signs of attraction, like if she holds out her hand after dinner as you walk to your car. If you’re uncertain whether it’s too early to ask her back to your house, suggest a drink in a neutral location, like a tapas bar. Recovery Mode: If she won’t come back to your house, end the date on a good note. Wait a few days, ask her on another date and try again. Clean Your House

Don’t expect to get lucky with a dirty house.. Make sure it’s clean before you bring a lady over – especially your bathroom!

Much, if not most of your work is done if she’s at your house. But there are still a few hurdles you’ll need to overcome, and a filthy bathroom is one of them. Clean it up – even if you only have five minutes to do it. Also, make your place look warm and inviting. Point to pictures of your travels and family and friends.  They’re good conversation starters, and bring out the ‘connected and much-loved’ guy you are rather than Christian Bale in American Psycho. There’s one caveat to this: get your Mom’s picture out of your bedroom. You’re aiming for warm and friendly – not a Mama’s boy. Recovery Mode: Don’t let your bedroom look like a brothel. Lose the rose petals and seduction scents for a single candle. Clean – not cocky. Set the Mood You’re in a very good position if she’s at your house and it doesn’t look like a dog’s breakfast. Before you escalate things though, relax and chat for a bit. Don’t kiss her the moment you walk through the door. Instead, treat her like a guest – offer her a drink and turn on some light music. Transition the date vibes to a ‘natural hook-up’. The Shins, Coldplay, U2 or even a chickflick can help set the mood. Recovery Mode: Most of your work is done at this stage. Your job now is to create a light vibe with a hint of seduction. Watch Her Body By this point you should be watching her body. They should be synced – one warning sign is if she tries to chatter and desperately fill in silences. You need to sync your bodies. If she’s seated, ask her to help you mix a drink. You’re trying to bring her upright and close to you. If and when you’re synced and ready, give her a kiss that’s short and sweet. Then, kiss gently around her mouth, face and ears. If she increases the intensity, it’s time to play.

Watch her body language and look for reasons to come closer.

Recovery Mode: If you pick the wrong time to kiss her, say something like “Sorry, that probably wasn’t the best time to maul you”. Many women will give you another shot if the first attempt doesn’t fly. Match Her Intensity Don’t assume that because you’re playing, she’s ready to hit the sheets. The girl is your mirror – look for invitations, like more forceful kisses and stronger caresses. Put your hands around her hips or breasts. Now gauge here reaction; if she tenses up, tone things down a bit. If she coos, hug the curves. If it’s the latter reaction, raise the intensity a little more. Now you’re good. Take her hand and lead her to the bedroom. Recovery Mode: Move to the next step. Skip the Foreplay Massage You both know it’s on once you’re in the bedroom. But skip the massage for foreplay. It’s cheesy, say many women, and the same goes for rose petals. Instead, spend at least 10 minutes kissing and caressing her while she still has her clothes on. Then, rub her body through the fabric and lightly graze your fingers along her breasts and thighs. It’s all in anticipation of things to come. Recovery Mode: Remember not to skip this step. The more you build her up, the more passionate the act will become. A Slow Disrobe This is another opportunity to add passion to the moment. If she takes all her clothes off and you’ve yet to disrobe, she’s suddenly naked and feels vulnerable. Slow it down a little. Undress her with your hands, then tease the less obvious parts of her body with your lips and tongue. Do this to her neck, abdomen and inner thighs. Tease her – and move to her sensitive spots last. Recovery Mode: Don’t stress too much if things get so intense that she halts the ‘southern’ march of your hands and lips. Just regroup and turn down the intensity. Go back to kissing and caressing and try again – more slowly this time. Do the Missionary Position (The First Time) Most women aren’t looking for a freak show in the sack the first time you make love. Generally speaking, they’re looking for intimacy. A great way to do this is with the missionary position. Establish lots of good eye contact. Pause to breathe and convey your pleasure to her. Vary your rhythm with her response. It’s all about that sexy connection – and it increases the chance there will be a repeat performance. Recovery Mode: You’re reached the holy grail once you’re inside, but be sure to read her responses to everything you do. Your body should be completely in sync with hers. Resist the urge to talk during sex. Look for signs of arousal instead, like groans or faster and more forceful movements. They’re all signs you’ve hit the spot.

If you want to see her again, make sure you call her the day of the morning after.

The Morning After You got in. That’s great! But no seduction guide is complete without your strategy for the sometimes-awkward morning after. Here’s your strategy: tell her you want to see her again. Better yet, agree on a specific time for your next date. This tells her the connection you made was real for both of you beyond the physical enjoyment. Don’t say “I’ll call you later”, which is parlance for “See ya!”. Call her that afternoon – women equate how long it takes you to call with your interest. The sooner you call, the more sparks will fly. Recovery Mode: If your departure was lukewarm, you’ve got a one hour window to recover. Call her quick and book a repeat date. Nexus Pheromones May Boost Your Odds You’ve heard of pheromones before. They’re bio-chemical secretions that organisms emit to announce their presence to others in their environment. And why should it be part of any seduction guide that has a shot at success? Pheromones are deeply connected to scent, and are processed by the ‘female mating center;’ within the brain. Call it a primordial instinct – pheromones bypass the ‘rational’ side of the female brain and instantly tell here you’re there and you’re real. The cool part is that you can use pheromones to tell her you’re an alpha male and her perfect mate. Enter Nexus Pheromones – 7 pheromones linked to ‘tall, dark and handsome’ – that give you a leg up on the competition and tell her brain she wants to mate with you. Nexus Pheromones alone won’t seal the deal. You’ve got to put the work in first, with the tips we’ve discussed in this seduction guide. They’re designed to give you an advantage, over other guys and one on one when you’re with her. Add them to your seduction tool kit. Then, get out there and practice. Revisit this seduction guide as needed, and do your part to go forth and have a little fun!      

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

To start a conversation with a girl, you can use prepared conversation starters or use something situational.

You might be rich. You may be good looking. But your chances with women go down to zero if you can’t start a conversation with a girl. She won’t approach you. Sorry, but you can count on that – it’s pretty much a given that an attractive girl can walk into a bar and she knows she’s gonna get laid. And men? Well, even the best-looking guys know they have competition. It’s up to YOU to start a conversation with a girl, be it in a bar, on the street, at school or wherever you fancy. If you don’t, you can expect to be unapologetically weeded out of the gene pool. Granted, that’s a little heavy for today’s topic. But it illustrates that it’s up to you to make the first move – something you may have more success with if you use Nexus Pheromones attraction scent. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]

A Cold Approach

Let’s not beat around the bush here. You’re looking to score, agreed? Then you likely need to meet more women. So we’re going to talk about how to start a conversation with a girl anywhere, any time. That’s day or night, in your neighbourhood or across the globe. While customs may change, the basics are the same. Also, here’s something else to consider. We’re talking about ‘cold approaches’. By definition, that’s a woman you don’t know. She’s not interested in you – yet. Hence, she’s ‘cold’, as opposed to a girl you already know. But don’t worry. We’re going to give you the tools to change that in this article.

Where to Meet Women

To start a conversation with a girl, you have to be in a place where you’re going to encounter women. Shocker, but it’s true. You’ve got to be in the game to play it. Fortunately for you, there are women everywhere – yes, everywhere. You don’t even have to set foot in a bar to meet them. Some of the best places to meet women, and hone your conversation skills with them, include: Happy Hour – Happy Hour works. It’s that simple – women are off work and want to unwind with their friends with a few martinis. Find a Happy Hour near you if you’re single, and use it to exercise your all-mighty conversation skills with women. On An Intramural Sports Team – Women like sports too (GASP!). In fact, some women join sports leagues just to meet eligible guys.

To approach a woman in a grocery store, you might want to wait until she’s in the check out line.

The Grocery Store – Yup, this works too. You can start a conversation with a girl in a grocery store. You’ll want to be a little strategic how you do it. We’ll get to that. At a Concert – Concerts aren’t ideal for conversation because of the obvious – it’s loud. That said, they’re a great place to meet women because you have a shared interest in the artist or genre. Hit her up before or after the show, or in the beer line. The Dog Park – This may be one of the best places to start a conversation with a girl, assuming you have a pooch of your own. An Athletic Event – We’ve already established that many women like sports. Baseball games are perfect for this, because there’s more time to chat, as opposed to, say, the end-to-end action of a hockey game. Trivia Night – These are PERFECT for chatting with women. Find a trivia night at a bar near where you live. Go with some guys and play against a group of women. Have fun with it. Coffee Shop – There’s a reason so many guys use coffee shops to meet women. Avoid girl wearing earphones or typing furiously on a laptop. But if she doesn’t look preoccupied, you’re free to chat her up. The Gym – The gym can be a difficult place to start a conversation with a girl because many women are self-conscious while they’re working out. They’re there to get in shape, not to speak with guys. Having said that, you might think about joining a gym class. Chat a cutie up before or after the session and you’ll have plenty to talk about. Public Transportation – This can also be a challenge. However, you can start a conversation with a girl you like while you’re waiting, and continue it on the bus/train/choose your transport if things are going well. Watch for signs of disinterest, though, and leave her alone if it’s clear she doesn’t want to chat.

To meet women, open your eyes and see them, everywhere you go.

6 Steps to Start (and Keep) a Conversation With a Girl

OK, so you want to start a conversation with a girl. You know it’s your responsibility to do it, and have an idea where you can practice your chit chat and meet girls in the process. So how do you start a conversation with a girl you don’t know? Start by doing this: See Women EVERYWHERE There are roughly 3.5 BILLION women on the planet. We’ve already talked about where you can meet many of them. So open your eyes and increase your awareness of them. Pay attention to your surroundings. A man of high value walks slowly, with his back straight, and takes the time to absorb his surroundings. If you’re in a bar or club, hang in the higher traffic spots where you can see plenty of people (without staring), like the edge of the bar or dance floor. Be aware of girls off to your side. You’re welcome to turn and start a conversation with them if someone catches your eye. Embrace Your Fear Let’s be honest. It can be intimidating to start a conversation with a girl you don’t know. But then again, if you’re trying to meet women, you get what you put into it. If you never approach women, you’ll never get women. So rather than avoiding fear, embrace it. When you feel anxiety creeping up, tell yourself “I’m nervous right now because I’m about to talk to a hot girl and it’s normal to feel that way. So let’s do this!” To use an often-used adage, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” So if you’re feeling nervous, that’s good. Don’t Hesitate The longer you wait, the harder it gets to approach that girl you’ve been scoping. Famed pick up artist Mystery (of Neil Strauss fame), has long advocated the ‘3 Second Rule’. That means approach her within three seconds or you’re likely to flake out. Of course, excuses why you shouldn’t approach may creep up (“she’s probably got a boyfriend”, “She’s not my type…”). Those are excuses, agreed? So instead of giving yourself the time to talk yourself out of it, walk in her direction the moment you see her. If you panic, relax. See step one – embrace it. Have Some Canned Openers If you want to start a conversation with a girl, you need to have something to say. Contrary to what you might be dreaming for, there is no one line that will magically give you the keys to your heart. It’s more about how you say your opener and, just as important, her reaction to it that really matters. With that in mind, it’s good to have some prepared openers you can blurt out automatically. They’re like training wheels. You’ll take them off eventually, but you’ve got them in your back pocket for now to get things going. Openers a huge topic on their own and worth a separate article. But here are the basics you need to know:

Guy talking to girl in a cafe.

Direct Approach: When you convey your interest immediately. You could walk up to a girl, for example, and say something like “Excuse me, I know this is random, but I have to say I saw you just now and thought you looked really nice”. This takes a lot of courage. But the payoff can be huge because women respect that kind of bravery – plus you’d be making her day. Direct approaches are a good way to start a conversation with a girl you’re interested in during the day. Indirect Approach: This can be anything non-sexual and/or that does not convey your interest in her right away. Hence, it’s indirect. While it takes longer to get a phone number this way, it’s easier on your nerves. Something like “How’s it going” is as basic and you’ll get. But – say it right it and you’ve got something to work with. Google “Indirect approach openers” for examples to think about. Situational Approach: This is when you start a conversation with a girt based on something in the environment. For example, if you’re both staring at a street performer posing as a statue, you could say something like “I always confuse these guys with real statues. My friends give me grief for it.” Push Through the Awkward So you’ve started the conversation. That’s a great first step. What next? Well, you need to continue the conversation if you want her phone number – which is what you’re aiming for if she’s piqued your interest. The awkward part comes next, after you’ve delivered your opener and, of course, you have to keep things going. You’re nervous. She’s nervous. But you need to push through it. Here’s something to think about. The moment you feel nervous, aim to keep the conversation going at least 10 more seconds. This is for several reasons. First, the longer you chat, the less awkward it should be. Second, if you don’t push through it, you don’t get her number. And third, much of the awkward is probably in your head. Push through the awkward. The next step can help you do just that. Keep it Going There are many ways you can continue a conversation with a girl you’ve just approached. One method to think about is to visualize a pot between you and her. Yes, a pot. Everything she says goes into the pot. You can then use it go keep the conversation going. For example: Make a Statement – Like “You look like you’re a graphic designer, and you’re coming back from a power lunch with a client who works on Wall Street.” Don’t worry if you’re far off om this. In fact, the further off – and cheekier your statement – the better. It puts plenty in that conversation pot for you to work with. Ask an Open-Ended Question – Like ‘Why did you choose to become a lawyer? Avoid questions that can be answered with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Get Her Opinion – Something like “What do you think of the nightlife in this city?” Assume She’s Attracted It’s easy to let negative chatter fill your head before an approach. And indeed, there are times (like in niteclubs with plenty of high status women) when you’ll be held to a higher standard than you would in, say, a coffee shop. But don’t assume she’s not interested. Instead, look for ‘Indicators of Interest’ – signs she’s into you, like playing with her hair or standing close to you. Also, at some point, stop the conversation. Does she try to keep it going? That’s another good sign. When you assume women are attracted to you, you’ll play the part, and give off the vibe that you’re the prize. Because you are the prize – so act like it. And it all begins with a conversation.

How Nexus Pheromones Helps With Attraction

Nexus Pheromones is an attraction cologne that can give you an edge when talking to women.

Nexus Pheromones is an attraction fragrance. It’s a fragrance of 7 pheromones linked to ‘tall, dark and handsome’ that bypass the rational part of the female brain and go directly to her mating centre. Pheromones are chemical secretions that organisms give off to announce their presence. Mating pheromones are especially powerful – like Nexus Pheromones – which tell her subconscious mind that you’re an alpha male. They won’t seal the deal on their own. But they’re a confidence booster when you go in to start a conversation with a girl and an edge you’d love to have. She’s more likely to be receptive your conversation with Nexus Pheromones and the advances that follow. So experiment, and think about adding Nexus Pheromones to your attraction tool kit. Now you know how to do it. Get out there and start a conversation with a girl. Push yourself, and with a little luck, a phone number and something better may follow!    

16 Awesome Tips For Sex That Will Make You Perform Your Best Ever

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 5.2 percent of men ages 15 to 44 have more than five sex partners within a year. On the other hand, most men have an average of seven sexual partners in a lifetime. Regardless of what group you belong to, one thing is for sure: you love sex. Here’s the thing: sex is not as simple as a mindless up and down motion. If you want to perform better and make sure that she is happy, these 16 tips for sex are all you need to give her the best sexual experience ever:

1. Talk About Sex: The First and Most Important Thing to Do to Achieve Awesome Sex

Let’s face it. Talking about sex can be embarrassing, especially if you are not in the same page. The truth is, sex talk is crucial to make sure that not only you and your partner are on the same wavelength but also, it helps you get to know each other better. Having the sex talk also encourages trust and honesty in the relationship, which is a good sign. sex talkYou need to cover the following topics:
  • The type of relationship you want.
  • The kind of birth control method you plan to use.
  • Agreeable sexual activities you can do.
  • Any sexual boundaries or areas you are not willing to explore.
  • Sexual desires, fantasies and pleasure.
  • STI status.
Timing is everything. Make sure to have a sex talk before taking off your clothes to make the experience more pleasurable for you. Once you opened up about things inside the bedroom, you can proceed to this next sex advice. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]

2. The Benefits of Creating Your Own Sex Bucket List

Every couple is different, especially when it comes to matters inside the bedroom. Whatever you prefer, one thing is for sure: you need sex. Here’s the catch: you might do the same things over and over – and the next thing you know, sex feels like a chore and not a pleasurable experience. How can you remedy the situation? Try creating your own sexual bucket list – and cross each one out to make sure you fulfill what’s in your list. Here are some sex ideas you should try:
  • A “just because” sex, where you can do the deed without any reason.
  • All day sex.
  • Shower sex.
  • Sex outside the bedroom.
  • Foreplay-only sex.
  • Sex that allows you to use your senses and nothing else.
In case you need more ideas inside the bedroom, try this next tip.

3. Watch Porn Together and Enjoy the Benefits After

Have you tried watching porn with your partner? If not, now is the right time to try it. Believe it or not, watching adult videos together is one of the tips for sex you should never underestimate. What can you get from watching porn? It helps set the mood and at the same time, allows you to pick up something, which you can use in your session. Here’s how you should watch porn:watch porn
  • Invite her to watch.
  • In case she said no, tell her that it might be fun to try. Give her some time to think and don’t force the issue in case she’s not up for it.
  • Look for videos that interest you both.
  • Set ground rules while watching. This could include finishing the video before getting into action or caressing each other while you watch.
  • Talk about the portions that turned you on then make sure you will do it too.
What about those people who say that porn ruins your relationship? The key here is knowing when to stop. If you allow porn to take over your thoughts and actions, then you might have a hard time getting an orgasm. This also means less pleasurable experience for her because everything that plays in your mind are women you see on porn films. If you’re not up for porn videos, try this next tip during your movie night.

4. Watch a Scary Movie – and Jumpstart Your Sex Drive Easily

Who would’ve thought that a scary movie can be your sex drive trigger? According to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, adrenaline-pumping situations such as watching a suspense movie, could change the way you look at your partner and make her more alluring. This is because when you do something exciting, your heart starts to race, thereby activates your nervous system. This mechanism is similar to having a sexual arousal; hence the connection. What are you waiting for? Bring out your horror films on your next movie night and get yourself ready for situations such as this. Think about trying Nexus Pheromones and let her sense of smell find out how arousing your scent is.

5. Make Her Feel Sexy: A Sex Advice You Should Master with the Help of These Tips

Here’s the difference between men and women when it comes to sex: you are more on the physical side. This means you can easily get turned on when you see a woman in her skimpy bikini, with all the right curves in the right places. making her feel sexyWomen are different. Women needs assurance and emotional connection before they take off their clothes and have sex. One of the best ways to do this is by making her feel sexy. How can you do this? Try these techniques:
  • Make sure you notice the little things about her.
  • Compliment her with the things and traits you admire the most.
  • Make her feel special by showing some appreciation.
  • Listen to what she says.
  • Flirt with her.
  • Don’t be afraid to hold her hand and kiss her in public.
Do these tricks and you shall be rewarded. In case she decided to repay you for your good deeds, don’t forget to do this next tip.

6. Say Hello to the Powerful Effects of Eye Contact during Sex

You know that women are emotionally creatures. If you are serious about giving your performance a boost and make sex pleasurable for you and your partner, remember this advice: maintain eye contact. How does this act make a difference during sex? Locking eyes with your partner is a great way to:
  • Show your respect and concern.
  • Display your interest in her, thereby making her feel more secure.
  • Make your partner feel that you understand her feelings.
  • Show your appreciation.
  • Establish a strong connection.
In other words, if you want to bring passion back inside the bedroom, then you know what to do. Lock eyes with her especially during sex and let your eyes speak for you.

7. Drop It Like Its Hot: The Effects of Spicy Food in Your Testosterone and Sex Drive

chili pepperThere is a reason why spicy food is considered an aphrodisiac. In fact, a study published in Physiology and Behavior revealed that men with heightened sex drive and higher levels of testosterone love spicy food. It’s all because of capsaicin, a compound found in chili pepper that is responsible for its spicy flavor. Based on the said study, how much capsaicin you like is often linked to aggression, social dominance, and daring behaviors. Nonetheless, it is quite unclear as to the mechanism and how chili food affects your sex drive. In the meantime, you might want to go for Sriracha popcorn or eating anything spicy while watching a suspense film. This will surely give your sex drive an instant boost.

8. The Amazing Benefits of Sunlight to Boost Your Sex Drive

How often do you go out at night? If you seldom see Mr. Sun, then it could be one of the reasons why your sex drive is missing in action. It turns out that sunshine makes you feel happy and when you are happy, your man down south is happy as well. This is because sunlight is associated with serotonin, a type of neurotransmitter responsible for your ability to experience pleasure. There is also a drop in your melatonin, a hormone that blocks sex hormones. That’s not all. Summer is also a season where you are more sociable and tend to exercise more, which means a boost in your happy hormones as well. You also wear lesser clothes to ease the heat and whether you like it or not, involuntarily trigger sex thoughts and ideas because of what you see. Now you know why you always feel so hot during summer, literally and figuratively. Pack your board shorts and time to meet new women while getting a tan. Keep reading. There are more awesome sex tips you should know so make sure you stick around until the end.

9. Honesty is the Best Policy, Especially With What You Want to Do to Her Inside the Bedroom

steamy and sexyThere is a reason why you need to have “the” talk before things get steamy and sexy.You will never know what is going on in her mind and how she wants to be treated inside the bedroom unless you ask her. Surely, there are certain things you want to do with her, which you think could up our game inside the bedroom. To make sure you are both in the same page, it is important that you are honest with her. How you plan to tell her is all up to you. You can discuss it while having dinner or saying things like, “Do you want to do that” while referring to a scene in a certain film. The important thing is when the timing is right, be honest about the things you plan to do with her during your sessions. If she’s up for it, then that’s good. Otherwise, don’t force the issue and move on to the next trick in your sleeve.

10. How to Do Dirty Talking the Right Way Without Offending Her

Is your partner up for some word action? Believe it or not, one of the secrets to having awesome sex is by talking dirty. Apparently, this could be challenging since one wrong word could tick her off and change the mood inside the bedroom. Here are tips on how to do dirty talk properly:
  • Talk dirty when you are doing the missionary.
  • Whisper the words in her ear in a soft, seductive tone.
  • Call her names but make sure you use it sparingly.
  • Describe what you want to do with her.
  • Ask her to open up about the things she wants you to do inside the bedroom.
  • Teach and tell her what you want her to do to you.
It could be tricky at first, but eventually, you’ll get better. Timing is crucial in dirty talking, so if you have something in mind and the timing is perfect, go ahead and grab the opportunity.

11. Must Do Sex Advice to Try: Let Her Be the Lady Boss

Men, by nature, are designed to be more dominant both in and out of the bedroom. Here’s an idea that could change things up inside the bedroom: let her take charge. Allow her to take control inside the bedroomHow does this work? Allow her to take control inside the bedroom, say at least once a month. When she’s in charge, this means she can do whatever you want and you have no say to it. Let her undress you slowly, kiss you in areas you never thought were erotic, tie you up when she’s in the mood, and anything that could give your sex life a boost. The good thing about allowing her to be in control is that it makes her feel special. By allowing her to take charge inside the bedroom, you are showing her that her voice and presence also matters. Don’t do this often, though. As much as women like to be in control, there are instances when they still want you to take charge and take care of her. The key her is to schedule her lady boss nights.

12. Mastering the Art of Start and Stop Technique to Help You Last Long in Bed

You will be acquainted with tons of methods that will help you last longer in bed. While everything your read is effective, nothing beats the good ol’ start and stop technique. How does this work? The start and stop method brings you closer to orgasm, but teaches you how to control it to make you last longer in the bedroom. This allows you to get to know your body better, including arousal levels. Here’s how to do it:
  • masturbatingRelax and masturbate. You can also use a lubricant to make the up-and-down motion less painful.
  • When you are about to climax, stop masturbating.
  • Rest for about 30 seconds to one minute until the sensation dies down.
  • Repeat the process until you are ready to ejaculate and experience orgasm.
You can do the same during sex, except that you should gently pull your man out and not just abruptly stop. While letting the sensation die, make sure to kiss her and pay attention to other parts of her body, which leads you to this next tip.

13. Tips for Sex: Don’t Forget Her Boobs for a Surefire Sex Life Boost

Admit it. Once she takes off her clothes, the next thing you want to do is to get inside her. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works for her. If you want to give her the best sexual experience in her life, then make sure you do this: don’t neglect her breasts. The question now is how do you touch her breasts that will surely get her in the mood. You can try the following techniques:
  • Cup her breasts from behind.
  • Use your tongue and lips and not just suck her breasts alone.
  • Tease her by rubbing her breasts through her bra.
  • Be gentle in handling her breasts since this can be a sensitive area.
  • For her nipples, make sure you brush them against your palms and rub them gently in circles.
  • Squeeze her breasts gently, especially when she is on top.
  • Tug her nipples as gently as possible.
  • Touch other portions of her breasts, especially the sides since they are too responsive.
According to researchers from Rutgers University, the sensation coming from women’s breasts travel on the same area of the brain together with the signals from vagina and clitoris. Take note of these tips and you will surely make her happy.

14. Add Sex Toys in Your Sex Bucket List – and Make Sure to Use It

Sex ToysCreate a must-do sex list, pay attention to her breasts, master the stop-and-start technique, and apparently, this list is not yet complete. If you want boost in your sex life, then remember this advice: consider sex toys. You might ask why. Sex toys are one of the simplest yet most effective ways to spice up your sex life. It is also a safe alternative since you don’t need to venture outside the bedroom just to give your sex life a boost. There are tons of sex toys available, from vibrators to dildos to cock rings to bondage paraphernalia and the list goes on. You can even find toys that require the use of your phone for extra sensation. There is no perfect sex toy for you. Explore your options, find something you can try, and move on to the next product until you figured what works.

15. Go Down South and Find Her G-Spot

Much has been said about a woman’s g-spot. Since its discovery in the 1940’s, both experts and ordinary men are willing to explore this spot and find out its effect on women. Some say that not all women were born with g-spot while many others argue that there is a specific spot somewhere inside her that could rock her world when stimulated properly. If you are among those many who want to find the woman’s g-spot, here are tips to help you locate it:
  • A woman’s g-spot is found two inches from the inside of the vagina, on the top side of her vaginal wall.
  • Have your partner lie on her back and insert your middle finger. Make sure that your palm is parallel to the ceiling. To give you better access, ask your girl to lift her knees and fold it towards her chest.
  • Start looking for the ribbed or textured area.
  • give her the best sexual experienceAs you go deeper, you will feel a bean-shaped bump that has more texture compared to the surrounding area.
Gently stimulate the area and pay attention to how she will react. If she’s not into it, then don’t force it. Now that you found her g-spot, it’s time to move on this next spot that will surely give her the best sexual experience.

16. Move Over G-Spot, Her O-Spot is the Newest Sex Thing

What exactly is O-spot? O-spot is found further in a woman’s vagina and behind the cervix. Compared to the g-spot, the o-spot is farther, which means you might need to use your longest finger or a dildo to be able to locate it. Here’s the catch: you can’t just look for this spot without getting your partner stimulated first since you might have a hard time locating it. When you finally do, you will surely up your game inside the bedroom. It doesn’t matter if you’re going out for a week or three years. Sex is and will always be an important tool in every relationship and these 16 tips for sex will help you make sure that you will seal the deal. Take your pick and stick to it.