How to Please a Woman in Bed

Follow these 10 steps to please a woman in bed, and boost the odds she’ll be game for Round Two.

Recently, we’ve talked about how to start a conversation with a girl. Assuming that goes well, you’ve also got a seduction guide to guide you from date to bedroom. And you know that Nexus Pheromones can help you smell great and put human sex pheromones on your side. Now we’re going to talk about how to please a woman in bed. Take notes, because you need to hear this. Please a woman in bed and you’ve got a greater shot at a repeat performance. Everyone is different, but some moves are universal. These 10 steps are among them, and can help make you a lover she wants to be with after the all-important audition. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]

This is How You Please a Woman In Bed…

Invest in Her Pleasure – Your first step in how to please a woman in bed is to change your mindset, from your pleasure to hers. You’re not masturbating anymore bud – at least not tonight. So don’t use her to climax, roll over and say you’re done. Half of this is about her. Sleep with a woman knowing you’re in it for her. Assume She Wants You to Wear a Condom – Unless you both agree on it before the fun starts, assume you will wear protection. Don’t be a jerk and tell her you want to take it off halfway through the action and/or look shocked with your Johnson hanging out of your pants when she says “protection”. Be a stud and wear a hat. Let HER Climax – It’s easy for you to get off. She may have to work a little harder. A good rule of thumb is to let her climax first. That way, you’ve got a little left in the tank, sex lasts longer and you BOTH get off. Communicate – There is a time to go full-on caveman and let animalistic sex take its course. But there’s also a time to be the considerate dude who asks what her preferences might be. So ask her – to please a woman in bed, ask what positions she wants to do, if she wants to change things up, and generally be a gentleman in the sack.

To please a woman in bed, let her climax before you.

Clean Your Bed – C’mon dude. Would YOU want to make love on someone’s sticky sheets? God only knows what your sheets pick up, so clean your bed before you bring a lady over. You’re already doing this with your bathroom (right?). Hit your bedroom too. Have a Spare Phone Charger – This may sound trivial, but you’re trying to please a woman in bed. Have a spare phone charger handy so her iPhone is charged up and ready to call Uber. You can relate to this – maybe she wants to listen to music on her way home, or heck, check her Twitter. Have a spare phone charger with you for extra points and a greater chance she’ll come back for round two. Foreplay – There’s no rush amigo. Take time to treat your lady right with a little foreplay. Don’t bother with a sensual massage. That’s cheesy, and you both know what’s on your mind. Skip that and focus on kissing and caressing instead. Do that right and you’re in good shape to please a woman in bed no matter who you’re with. Take Your Socks Off –Take your socks off – it looks plain weird to be naked other than the socks you conspicuously left on before losing the rest of your clothes. It can also take her down a strange but very mood-killing road of foot-based anxiety that ain’t got no business in a handbook of how to please a woman in bed. Manage Your Expectations – Life isn’t a porn film. The fact you’ve got a woman in your bedroom is a great thing, but manage your expectations. She’s not a porn star, nor is she a sex fiend (that you know of, yet) just dying to break out the whips and candle wax. She’s a woman in your bedroom who wants to have sex with you. That’s the gist of it. Be good, be gentle, take it slow, and good things will happen. Go Down On Her – Well D’uh!

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