12 Surefire Signs She’s a Sex Goddess

12 Surefire Signs She's a Sex GoddessGentlemen, if you are good in bed, then you can make your sex life great. But if you have a woman who is equally good in bed, then you can bet that your sex life will skyrocket to perfection. It does not mean that if you get to hound her every chance you get and she willingly obliges that she is already a sex goddess. No, a sex goddess is far more than that – and quite rare, too. It takes an intricate combination of skills and habits to be able to come up with a sex goddess. For a guy, if you want to have the best sex of your life night after night after night, you should know how to lock on these types of women, ever from afar. At the same time, you can encourage your woman to be the tigress in bed that you want her to be. Here are 12 surefire signs that will tell you she is a goddess in bed.

1. She Is A Great Kisser

Great KisserThe first telltale sign that your woman is a sex goddess is that she kisses really well. Anyone can kiss. Even the most inexperienced women can kiss, especially if you lead the way. But only the goddesses of lovemaking give you a kiss that could feel like lovemaking itself. There’s got to be some tongue action, without slobbering all over and you should be able to feel the carnal hunger through the kiss. If your woman is a good kisser, you have a good start at having the perfect sex goddess.

2. She Has An Ultra-Flexible Body

You know the best sex comes from the most awkward and impossible sex positions out there. It is in these sex positions that you get to feel the rarest feelings of pleasure because it reaches deep down and where normal vanilla sex cannot reach. That is why it would be incredible if you have a woman who is flexible – and not the mental kind, but the physical kind. Take gymnasts, for example. They can stretch their bodies to the limit without breaking them. Your woman does not have to be a gymnast, but if she can bend over like she has no bones, or split her legs wide like a runway, you will be in for some really nice sexy times.

3. She Likes To Work Out

Work OutYou do know what working out does to your body, right? It makes your body fit and sexy, and you gain more stamina for those extra-strenuous activities. Sex is a strenuous activity; therefore, it is easily understood that if you work out, you have a strong sexual stamina and can have sex for hours at a time without tiring yourself out. It’s the same thing for women. You have to admit, women who likes to work out have a lot more stamina than those who don’t. Not only does she have a perfectly-carved and hot body, she also has the power of a horse, so she can have sex with you until the break of dawn.

4. She Likes To Eat Ice Cream

No, this is not just a metaphor. You would know if a woman is a sex tigress if she likes to eat ice cream. Well, actually it would mean she is a tigress in oral sex – and what man does not like oral sex, right? Here’s why. Eating ice cream is more like a challenge. You have to finish the whole thing without it melting to your hands and getting your hands all sticky and wet. If your woman eats ice cream like she has an unquenchable thirst as she traces every melted drop with her tongue, imagine how that tongue will feel like on your dick. With the same carnal thirst and hunger, she can devour you like there’s no tomorrow.

5. She Dances Well

DancesOkay, not really as well as a woman who can do the Waltz, Tango or Foxtrot. But if a woman knows her moves and is confident with them, you got yourself a sex goddess right there. Like in the club, if she dances sensually like she is making love to you through that dance, that’s just a sneak peak of what she can do to you when you are all alone. A woman who can dance her heart out has an active and imaginative body, which means her body can move in any way she wants when it’s time to make love. That is something you can use to your advantage in the sack.

6. She Is Confident With Her Body

Your woman may not have one of those sexy, long-legged Victoria’s Secret model body but one thing is true. If she is confident with her body, if she knows that she is sexy no matter what, she can carry her body like any of the models out there. What’s more, she will take all that confidence and pour it out to your love making. So if your lady is confident outside, you can be sure she will be equally confident in the bed and make your sexy nights mind-blowing.

7. She Knows How To Pleasure Herself

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]If a woman knows the ins and outs of pleasure and can get herself there, even by herself, she is a woman of independence and has a strong knowledge of the subject. Yes, that means she is an expert of self-pleasure, but she can give you that kind of pleasure, too. If a woman knows how to pleasure herself, she is confident enough to know that she can also pleasure you and have you ask for more. If you’re lucky, she will tell you exactly what she likes and doesn’t in the bedroom. This will make the experience better for you both.

She Can Seduce With Her Eyes8. She Can Seduce With Her Eyes

The eyes are windows to the soul – and if she has the soul of a goddess, you will see it in her eyes. You would know if a woman is a sex goddess if she can unleash the hunger in you and make you crave for her even with just a flick of an eye. If you feel like she is already undressing you or making love to you even with just a deep eye contact, you’re in for a treat. A really good treat.

9. She Talks About Sex Openly

Not in the rude or arrogant kind of bragging, but if she talks about sex without feeling awkward and squirmy, that means she is confident of what she knows and boy, does she know a lot. A woman who can pleasure you in bed is not too shy to let you know how exactly she will take you to the edge of the heavens. If your woman talks about sex openly, you can be sure she also has sex openly.

10. She Tells You What She Wants

She Tells You What She WantsThere are those women who are shy and take what they want as long as you do not hurt them during sex. Then, there are those women who are open and very vocal with what she wants, how she wants it done and where, telling you, “yes, right there.” You will like it if you choose option number two. If a woman knows what she wants and tells you honestly about it, that means she is the kind of woman who wants to get the most out of the experience. In return, she would want you to not hold back, either. You just imagine how great sex will be with someone who has a healthy sexual attitude like that.

11. She Enjoys Massages And Spas

If a woman enjoys the relaxing feeling of massages and spas, that means she likes to be touched sensually and knows exactly where these spots are. You see, pleasure is not only focused on your sexual organs. Your body has pleasure points, too. If your woman knows where these parts are and wants to get touched there always, she can share that with you and add new things to your lovemaking and foreplay.

12. She Is Open To Trying Something New

open to trying something newAdventurous women are always great in bed. Why? It’s because they are open to trying something new. She may not always want to go for new things every time, but for the most part, she is willing to try out other things that could pleasure you both even more. If your lady likes to try out different things once in a while, like in foreplay or new sexual positions, she is happy to look for ways to make the sex even more explosive for you. That right there is an exciting adventure. You’d never know what new stuff you will learn about sharing a night of pleasure with her. Sex will never be boring that way, for sure. Okay, so sex is already good. No, scratch that, sex is a great thing. How do you make it even greater? By having sex with a woman who can blow your brains out, of course. You can have all that if you know how to identify a sex goddess, or you can encourage your woman to be the sex goddess that you fantasize about. It’s not hard at all, especially when she’s having fun, too. Imagine all the fun you will have and all the sex you will get. If you have a woman who can seduce you with just a flick of an eye or hound you every chance she gets, you are surely one lucky guy.