Exposed Underground Secrets on What Turns Women On

Exposed Underground Secrets on What Turns Women OnCan anyone really tell what a woman wants? Most people don’t think so. No amount of research can give you a concrete answer about that. Similarly, it is hard to guess what turns women on. While she may know particularly what your trigger points are, it may be a little difficult for you to understand what would help to switch on her buttons. Women are hard to understand, after all. But we are here to help you with the situation. This article will reveal to you some dirty secrets about how you can leave her drooling over you by just touching her trigger points. You may not even have to touch her physically for that. Do you want to know how to do this? Read on to learn much more. We understand how getting a woman to be sexually attracted to you can get a little difficult at times. Worry no more. Turning women on will never be a problem again. Here are some effective powerful tips and tricks, which you must follow on a regular basis to keep your girl freaking glued to you. Be sure to read right to the end, so you don’t miss a single tip.

1. Confidence is Sexy: Women Love Physically and Mentally Strong Men

Women love menUber-confidence in whatever you do is something what turns women on visually, but that doesn’t mean you have to act in a cocky way. Women love men to be confident, no matter what the situation is. Show her you can take care of any circumstance that you’re put into and can deal with it like a boss. Also, studies have found that women like their men to be a little shy, as well, but that shouldn’t stop you from being confident and pouring your heart out to her. Here’s what you can do to appear confident:
  • Walk Straight, and With Class and Attitude. Your walking style reveals your confidence level too.
  • Look Straight Into Her Eyes While Talking. Eye-contact is sexy.
  • During a Conversation, Get to the Point and be Direct. Wandering around for a long time to get into the exact point can switch her off.
  • If She has Achieved Something in Her Life Such as a Promotion, Celebrate Her Success. Don’t feel insecure if she earns more than you. Show your loving side.
  • Don’t be Nervous While Talking. Use your deep voice to attract her.
  • Accept a Compliment Gracefully. A simple, yet sincere thank you is plenty.
Believe in yourself first, and only then will she believe in you.

2. The Dress-Up Factor: Your Dress Sense Reveals Your Identity

Your dress sense is what turns a girl on. Ensure that whatever you wear is impeccable and classy. Avoid wearing shabby clothes. Women will notice your attire first, and everything else second. tuxedoInvest in the right clothes and you will notice how turning a girl on will follow. And while on bed ready for sleep, wear just nothing. Females love naked men, you see. Here are some apparel choices that women prefer:
  • Vintage-style blue jeans with a classic white shirt.
  • A well-stitched and fitting suit or tuxedo.
  • Don’t wear pleated pants. Opt for flat-front pants instead.
  • Adopt the casual look: wear jeans and a well-fitting T-shirt that reflects your hot bod.
  • While sleeping with her, wear a boxer coupled with a sexy tee-shirt.

3. Are You Proud of Yourself?

When you are proud of yourself and your achievements, it is more likely that your woman will be more attracted to you. An accomplished and a confident girl would like to date a man who is self-aware and like we said, confident. She should be proud of having you. Here are some tips that will make sure you seem proud but not cocky:
  • Don’t Consistently Blow Your Own Trumpet. That’s a complete turn off. Instead, chat normally with your girl as well as others.
  • Walk Tall. Look up and walk straight with a smile on your face.
  • Offer a Helping Hand to Those in Need. Be thoughtful and considerate at all times.
  • Celebrate Your Individuality. Feel good for who you are, and not “what you are.”
  • Have an Optimistic Approach. Be positive towards life and spread good vibes to others.
  • Constantly Thank Others. Show your appreciation for the people who are responsible for helping you or have aided you with your success.
  • Be Benevolent and Humble. Don’t let your success give you a big head or make you boastful.
Your girl is sure to stay stuck to you if you show such positive and mature male traits.

4. Turn Women on With Your Dominance: Be in Control

goal-orientedMake sure you have full control over your life and career. Women prefer men who are goal-oriented and can handle their finances well. A well-balanced man having a good job and a promising career is a 100-percent turn on. Always attempt to turn your weaknesses into strengths. Also, you must strive to stand out from the crowd.

5. Make Her Feel Special: Woo Her With All Your Love

Just like a sweet compliment from your lady love is what turns you on, it is not hard to guess that wooing her will do just the same. Chase her to impress her, but don’t cross the line by being too aggressive. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Make her feel beautiful inside and outside the bedroom. Shower her with genuine compliments. Feel fortunate to have her, and she will notice. Send her romantic texts all of a sudden. Write little love notes for her. Take her out for shopping and help her to choose the right clothes. Appreciate her and let her know why you want or need her so much. Girls love to be wooed by men and it is a sure-shot turn on for them.

6. Your Sweet and Caring Avatar Will Impress Your Woman

Boys are known to be masculine, but their softer side is enticing. Women love to see the child in you, and are turned on by your innocence. Don’t overdo it, though. Avoid showing your sweet and caring side more often than necessary. Make her a cup of coffee or her favorite cheese sandwich when she feels tense or when she least expects it. Send her flowers on special occasions or make a hand-made card and present it to her on your anniversary. She is bound to be won over by your gestures. Show her that you care.

7. A Little Humor Can Spice Up Your Relationship Big Time

laughter A low-value humor is enough to turn her off, so use it for your best interest. Girls love the humorous side of men; but the humor should be of good quality. Funny men are attractive. And yes, save some laughter for her jokes, as well. Be present while she talks. Make eye-contact while she is busy narrating something to you and listen to her attentively. Not paying attention can disappoint her and lower your chances to turn a woman on.

8. Show Some Chivalry

To take a deep plunge straight into her heart, be chivalrous and treat your woman like a princess. Be a true gentleman. Here’s what you can do:
  • The old trick that genuinely works: “Hold the door.”
  • Show keenness to know her friends and family. Spend time with them as well.
  • Watch a girly movie with her occasionally, just to make her happy.
  • Save the last bite of food for her.
  • While on the sidewalk, you must walk on the outside. This will reveal your protective nature.
  • Help her to put her jacket on.
  • Kiss her forehead to make her feel loved.
Make her believe that chivalry is not dead yet.

9. Find Out About Her Needs

Pay attention to what your woman’s needs and wants are. Ask her frequently. Fulfill her demands and wants, and make her feel loved and protected all the time. Make sure she feels safe with you, or it won’t be long that she’ll start hunting for another man who will give her all of that.

10. Some PDA, Please?

holding her handIt is an extreme turn on for women when you are not scared from professing your love in public. Occasional public display of affection, PDA is what they secretly wish you would learn to master. Some things that will leave her drooling over you are:
  • Something as simple as holding her hand to cross the road while shopping in malls.
  • Give her a peck on the cheeks or forehead when she makes you happy.
  • Give her a tight hug in public when she least expects it.

11. What Turns Women On: Your Aura, Smell and Personality

Body odor can be an instant turn-off, so make sure you always smell good. Invest in good quality perfumes to keep your girl hooked on you or to seduce her to get into bed with you. Even though a nice perfume will be able to make you smell good, a pheromone perfume will make you irresistible. Nowadays, there are numerous types of pheromones available on the market that helps you to attract your woman. You can check the website and buy their products to turn your girl on instantly. Also don’t forget to always maintain good hygiene, keep your teeth brushed and clean and avoid bad breath. A mint chewing gum can offer some help in that regard.

12. Offer Your Help: Let Her Know She is Not Alone

looking after the kidsYour helping nature is what turns women on sexually. Help her by doing the dishes or looking after the kids while she goes out with her friends. Share the household chores to lighten her burden. Clean the apartment before she’s home, and surprise her by folding the laundry. Also you could give her a soothing massage when she feels tired or returns home feeling tense. The right massage is sure to trigger her sexual points, as well. So, go for it more often than usual. Let her know what’s going on in your mind.

13. Apologize if You Are Wrong: It Keeps Your Relationship Healthy and Strong

The right man will not shy away from saying “I’m sorry.” A healthy ego is good, but it is always better to apologize when you know you are at fault. Make up for the time you’ve been rude to her. Tell her how much you love her and how sorry you feel to have hurt her. She is sure to be all emotional and the turning on session will follow right after. Don’t give up. Keep trying till she is convinced. It is going to be worth it.

14. Brag About Your Woman’s Achievements

Talk highly about your girl and her achievements in front of your friends or family. Let her know you are proud to have her. A woman will always love to see how her man appreciates her outside the bedroom, as well. A man who is not scared to show his love for his girl in public is sexy.

15. Talk Dirty: A Total Turn On For Your Woman

send her naughty textsWhisper sweet nothings and talk dirty to her to let her know what’s going on in your mind. Let her anticipate the sex that’s going to follow. Women find it exciting to know what’s coming up. Don’t overdo it, though. Make sure she is comfortable. Also, you could send her naughty texts all of a sudden to let her know she’s going to have a fun night later on. Take directions from her to know and explore her body. Ask her about her fantasies while you tell her about yours. Say that you’ll give it all to her and leave no stones unturned to realize her dreams and wild fantasies. Also, while talking to her, touch her slightly and caress her hair or body. Be attentive and maintain a low tone of voice while talking to her. This is what turns women on physically. This is what you can do:
  • Say her name more often while talking to her. Girls find it pleasurable to hear you saying their names. Yes, you could also give her some dirty names at this point; restrict it to your bedroom, though.
  • Describe the things that you are going to do to her.
  • Ask her to open up and make her feel comfortable in your presence. Explore her sexual fantasies too.
  • Don’t sound robotic while talking, be genuine.
  • Avoid start talking dirty just after a first meeting. It will simply drive her away from you. Take your time to know her first.

16. Learn the Art of Kissing: Smooching Passionately

What is better than a kiss to turn on your woman? And a kiss doesn’t mean only on the lips; kiss her where she wouldn’t expect it, but will love it when you do. Kiss her neck, nape, ears, forehead and whichever part seems right to you. A kiss can do wonders to seduce a woman into liking you. Take a look at a few steps that you can follow to give her the best kiss ever.
  • KissTake on the role of a tortoise and just go slowly. Slow kisses are just enjoyable and sexy. Kiss her in parts beside her lips, it is sure to excite her. Plant a slow kiss on her lips and relish the feeling. Go on for some time.
  • Keep your lips close to each other and part your lips at intervals. Don’t use your tongue immediately. Hold her close while kissing her.
  • Don’t get distracted while kissing her. Keep your phone away and be free from any kind of distraction while she’s with you.
  • Remember to touch each other’s face while kissing. It is stimulating.
  • Show some passion and don’t just focus on the lips. Kiss her on the neck, ears, chin and face.
  • Make sure the kiss is wet, but not full of saliva.
  • Get a little wild every now and then. She loves aggression, after all.
  • Work your hands on her body while kissing her and take it to the next level.

17. Touch Her in a Sensuous Way

Touching her at the right points is essential for turning a girl on. Be aware of her erogenous zones. Here’s a list of a few common trigger points on a woman’s body:
  • Her Neck: Her tender neck, when touched, stimulates her like nothing else. It is a sensitive zone that responds to “light” touches. Something as simple as breathing close to her nape or neck is sure to excite her and send chills down her spine.
  • Her Head: The head is loaded with a number of nerve endings. A light head massage can work wonders to allure her.
  • back massageHer Lower Back: There is nothing like a back massage for a woman. A long and tiring day makes her back needing the most attention.
  • Her Nipples: Don’t just grab her nipple with your mouth at first. Touch her gently to excite her. You could also move ice cubes over them to sexually excite her.
  • Her Inner Thighs: Whether you lightly lick them, or gently stroke them, touching the inner thighs can be a superb turn-on for women.
  • Her Clitoris: This is one of the most sensitive areas on a woman’s body. Touch it lightly at first, and use your hands to gently rub it or play with it. Move your hand in a circular motion. She is bound to be left ecstatic and wanting more from you.
  • Her Feet: Her feet often go unnoticed, but not anymore. Whether it is a light kiss or a foot massage, let your lady love know you care for her precious feet as well.
  • Her Butt: Use your hands on her butt and she is sure to love it.
  • Her Tummy: The abdomen is also an erogenous area for a woman. Move your hand down or plant a kiss on her tummy to make her feel loved as well as to excite her.
  • Her Ears: This is another sexually stimulating zone for both men and women. And you also have the privilege to bite her slightly on her ears to excite her.

18. Give Her Pleasure

undressing herDon’t just run after doing that one main thing called sex. Indulge in a little foreplay to see what turns women on sexually.
  • Tease her a little, while undressing her: smile at her, bite her or use your hands to touch her sensitive areas while doing so.
  • Talk dirty again, read point number15.
  • Pay close attention to her breasts and nipples.
  • Give her a good oral experience. Work on your sucking skills.
  • Make sure she is all wet before your foreplay is over.

19. What Turns Women on in Bed: The Showdown

Locate her G-spot to turn her on like crazy. Also, you should master few positions to act like a king in bed. Even the sex should be so passionate that she stays hooked on you.

20. No Sex Sometimes is the New Normal

Here’s something different that you can do: A sex fast. This means no sex, no touching her, no kisses, no masturbation and simply nothing for a few days. This will make her heart crave for more love and attention from you, and will work in a big way to tease her at the same time.

Know the Traits That Could Turn Off Any Woman

Here are some things that you should never do to ensure you do not turn off your girl:

Don’t Obsess Over Your Body

Being confident about yourself and loving yourself is okay, but girls do not always invite narcissism. Being overly excited about your own image or body can prove to be a turn-off for your woman.

Don’t Act Awkwardly

your confidence is enough to win herBe confident about what you say and do in front of her. Don’t hesitate to put forward your thoughts and don’t act awkwardly around her. Like we told you, your confidence is enough to win her over.

Don’t Seem Needy

Don’t make her believe that you have no control over your life or you have no direction about where your life is heading. Make sure that you are wealthy enough to date someone. Though it may seem a little hard to digest, strong and confident women prefer wealthy men or financially stable ones.

Don’t Give in to Your Insecurities

Believe that the girl likes you and that everybody likes you. Don’t be too self-conscious all the time. Don’t try hard to fetch compliments from others. Don’t talk too high about yourself to get approved by others. It’s a complete turn off, we tell you.

Don’t Neglect Hygiene Issues

wear spotless clothesGood hygiene is an absolute must. Always make sure to groom yourself and opt to wear spotless clothes. Make sure you smell good, too. So, now that you know these tips and tricks about what turns women on, make sure you apply them today. Read this article again and again so that you can remember these tips whenever you need them. Also, remember that every woman’s thoughts, needs and demands are different, so you can’t be sure all of these are going to work on your girl. Be sure to talk to her, but more importantly, be sure to listen carefully for clues on what she likes – and what she doesn’t, too. You don’t have to change yourself completely. All you have to do is be a bit more considerate and thoughtful of her needs and wants.