No More One Minute Man: 9 Tips to Last Longer in Bed

No More One Minute Man: 9 Tips to Last Longer in BedSex isn’t a race where the first one to finish wins, but rather the first one to get to the finish line too soon loses the round. Every man will experience premature ejaculation at one point in his life. However, if you suffer with the problem for too long, and it has become too embarrassing, then it’s high time you deal with it once and for all. A lot of factors trigger premature ejaculation, from physical to psychological. If it is stress and other psychological issues that has been keeping you from enjoying an hour-long sex, it’s best to seek help from an expert. If it’s the intense sensation during sex that has been making you come too early, here are physical remedies proven effective to help you with premature ejaculation:

1. Let Your Partner Finish First

Use your fingersWhen you are too eager to please her and make her orgasm, you tend to focus more on the pressure rather than enjoying the experience itself. Anxiety can make it difficult for you to maintain a solid erection. Make her orgasm first without penetration. Use your fingers, your mouth or a vibrator. Knowing that she reached an orgasm may take away the pressure, you are feeling. Here’s a tip: Make sex a more mind-blowing experience by heightening her sexual response with your sex scent, Nexus pheromones will amplify your sex scent a thousand times. Check this website to learn more about how your sex scent works.

2. Don’t Rush It

Why rush to the finish line when the journey towards it is far more rewarding? Instead of getting it on with intense and fast-paced pounding, enjoy sex at a slower pace. Slow sex is a more sensual and emotional experience that can make you more connected with each other. Go slow with your thrusts and while you are inside her, let your hands and mouth explore and caress other parts of her body.

3. Alternate Full With Partial Penetration

If you observed that continuous full thrusts made you reach orgasm really quick, then try shallow penetrations. Start by penetrating her with half-thrusts, and then alternate it with full deep thrusts. Doing this can make you last longer in bed, while increasing the pleasure for her. It’s a win-win all around.

4. Try A Numbing Product

Applying topical spraysYou can numb your penis just like how your dentist numbs your gums before proceeding to a dental procedure. Applying topical sprays known as local anesthetics to your penis will lessen the sensations, so you can delay orgasm and ejaculation.The downside is, the lack of sensation can make it difficult for you to maintain your erection. Using just the right amount of desensitizer is critical, because it can either make you last longer in bed or make it even shorter. Before you decide to use it with your partner, why not try it alone for a couple of times, so you will have an idea of the amount to apply that will give you the best results. If you are not into desensitizer sprays, you can try using slip-on desensitizers. Major condom companies manufacture extra thick condoms for the purpose of lessening the sensations during sexual intercourse.

5. Take Male Enhancement Pills

The fastest and easiest way to say goodbye to the one minute man is popping a pill. It won’t take a minute to get a hard on that will last for hours. A lot of male supplements are available, some offer short-term boosting effects while some offer along-lasting solution for your endurance needs. You can buy them over-the-counter or with a prescription, but no matter what you do, you should consult your doctor first for possible adverse side effects. Some male supplements contain ingredients that may not go well with your current medication, so it is best to ask your doctor first before using them.

6. Employ The Squeeze Technique

Another less complicated technique in delaying orgasm and ejaculation is by squeezing. There are two parts of your genital area where you can use the squeeze technique. First, right before you orgasm, squeeze the part under the head of your penis with your forefinger and thumb simulating a penis ring. Here’s how:
  • forefinger and thumbApply firm pressure, focusing on the urethra, the tube located along the underside of your penis. The blood in your penis will flow out and pleasure will temporarily subside, stifling your ejaculatory response.
  • Second, apply pressure to your perineum or the spot between your anus and testes by pressing it with your finger.This will hinder the flow of seminal fluid, thereby preventing early ejaculation.

7. Try Kegel exercises

After an ejaculation, you will experience the refractory period where your penis becomes extra sensitive to touch, so normally it will take more than a few minutes before you can penetrate your partner again. If you want to skip the refractory period, then you’ll have to avoid ejaculation in the first place. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Strengthening your PC muscle or pubococcygeus muscle will help you achieve and enjoy multiple orgasms with a single ejaculation at the end. So, how do you strengthen your PC muscles? Try through the Kegels exercises, or by squeezing your PC muscles. Locating your PC muscle is quite tricky, but the most effective way of knowing if you are squeezing the right muscle is by stopping your urine at midflow. The muscle that stopped the urine flow is the same muscle that controls your ejaculation. Do the Kegels in three sets of 15 reps each day.

8. Learn From The Kama Sutra

Learn From The Kama SutraTrain yourself to last longer in bed by practicing a technique mentioned in the Kama Sutra. No need to squeeze or press anything in the middle of your steamy moment. Start by doing slow thrusts of one in and out stroke every three seconds. Then slowly speed up and within five minutes you should be thrusting one stroke every second. If you feel like reaching orgasm, stop without pulling your penis out, until you feel in control then start all again.

9. Use The Bio feedback Technique

Biofeedback refers to the idea that you can take control over how your body responds to physical sensations including the sensations brought by sexual stimulation. There are many types of biofeedback, but the most common biofeedback used for treating premature ejaculation is edging. Edging is a technique where you teach your body and mind on how to respond to pleasure, so orgasm and ejaculation do not come too quickly. masturbationTo master the technique, you have to practice through masturbation. Stop all physical and mental stimulating activity right before you reach orgasm, let the excitement slightly subside without losing your erection. If you feel you are in control of the sensations, continue masturbating then stopping again until you reach the point where you feel it’s the right time to release it. If premature ejaculation became an embarrassing problem for you, worry no more. These nine tips are sure to help you last longer in bed. Follow these tips and say goodbye to the minute man that you once were, and hello to happiness in the sack for you both.