10 Awkward Sex Moments And How To Recover From Them

Sex is supposed to be fun and pleasurable. You do crazy things and put heaven knows what on each other’s holes – Okay, that’s just too much. While getting that “big O” is the ultimate objective of this game, there will be instances where you or your partner will be subjected to the most embarrassing

8 Ways To Get Women To Notice You Without Even Trying

If you are having the toughest time, just trying to get women to notice your existence, then you are going at it all wrong. Maybe you are just simply trying way too hard and putting in too much effort in your approach for women to notice you. What you have to remember is that sometimes

8 Examples Of Really Bad Online Sex Advice

For many years, sex and how to do it the right way was considered taboo. Surely, you only knew about it from peeping through your brother’s room while he watches an adult video and holds his thing, the noise coming from your parent’s room who thought you were so naive not to notice, from the