10 Sex Positions to Make Her Want You Every Night

10 Sex Positions to Make Her Want You Every NightFor a man, bringing your woman to orgasm is like winning the lottery every single time. Because each and every time will make her want you more. What man would not want that? So the challenge is how and what sex position to do best that would make her get there hard and fast. Of course, you can’t settle with just one favorite position. That can get old quickly. You need at least several of those sex positions that in whichever way, can bring her to the edge and blow her mind. Like the good sailor that you are, you need to be prepared with sex positions every single time with a mix of novelty and originality that can have her asking “How?” at first, and then end with her saying, “Yes,” and begging for more. There are sex positions that can tickle her senses and then there are sex positions that can blow her mind and have her scratching at you or the mattress, because it’s that good. The latter would be the only way to do it. Here are 10 sex positions that will guarantee the big O for her and will make her want you every night.

1. Missionary

Ah yes, the good old missionary position. This sex position is the basic of every sex escapade. We’ll let you in on a little secret, too. This position is in the sexual fantasies of almost every woman. sexual fantasiesIt’s female porn and if you do it, you are basically fulfilling her fantasies. Since a woman’s mental state is also key to her sexual performance, doing her missionary style which is one of her fantasies will bring her to the brink over and over. Everyone knows how to do missionary. In case you don’t because you’re just that adventurous when it comes to sex and don’t do the regular positions, missionary is a simple man on top, your legs in between hers and you do a slow, smooth pumping.This would give a romantic atmosphere that would also make your partner feel delicate and satisfied.

2. Slide In Sideways

If you know what spooning is, then you are half-way there. There’s a reason why women like spooning a lot. It’s not only the romantic position of your bodies where you get to cover hers with yours and make her feel secure. Spooning has another purpose. That is for her to get the right amount of friction with your fabric covered head. The excitement can build her up. It’s no wonder why she is already dripping wet when you start touching her. Entering her sideways, without breaking up the spoon position, will hit her G-spot just right. Pumping slow will add a more romantic atmosphere that will have her feeling secure and sexy. This position will be so pleasurable for her it will bring her to the edge over and over.

3. On The Table

On The TableWomen can be adventurous in bed, too – or other areas of your home, for that matter. The idea of messing up the counter, the couch or the dining table excites her more than you can even imagine. Once again, a woman’s mental state can be your good friend if you want to give her some earth-shattering sex. You can use that information to your best advantage. Instead of staying in your room, you can put other parts of your home to good use. Like the kitchen table, for instance. Have her lying on the table while you stand in front of her. The height of the table should be just enough for you to enter her comfortably. Have her legs rest on your shoulder and enter her in that position. The excitement of it all combined with sensations she will get from the position will have her coming hard and fast. You can guarantee she will be asking for more. How about on the couch next?

4. Standing Position

Oh boy. This, gentlemen, is one of her sexual fantasies, you can count on that. While you stand, she straddles you and you carry her by cupping her ass. Then you move her up and down in that position. Her weight, the position and the way you cup her ass will spread her wide and have you entering her fully that her G-spot will be spot on. This sex position will most likely be rough, but the roughness will be from her end for the most part. Because with the pleasure that she gets from hitting her G-spot over and over, it will have her pumping harder and coming even harder. Plus, the idea that you are strong enough to carry her the whole time? Real smooth.

5. Lotus Position

sitting positionDeep penetration is always a go for women. Why? Because it hits their G-spot just right, that’s why. The lotus position can do just that for her. While doing a cross-legged sitting position, have her sit on top of you as she spreads her legs wide enough. Have her cross her legs behind you and enter her that way. The position makes your bodies real close and allows less movements but the pleasure is the same. You can ask her to move so she can get the rhythm going or you can both move together. Fast or slow, this position will penetrate her deep that the sensation can reach her core and bring her to the brink fast.

6. Car Sex Or Shower Sex

Who says you can only do it on your home furniture? The best sex positions originate from your mind’s ability to linger in far places or just within your home – or within your car; anywhere where you are not supposed to be having sex and is a place intended for something else entirely. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]When doing it in the shower, you can go with any position that you can both be comfortable with. It’s the idea that while you’re both getting cleaned up, you’re also getting down and dirty that hypes her up. While you are at it, add a finger or two to play with her clitoris. Car sex is a legendary sex escapade where, although the positions may be limited and sometimes a bit awkward, it’s the idea of having sex in such a public place and the possibility of getting caught that has your woman hot and hyped up.

7. Scissors

missionary styleThe scissors is a simple sex position that originates from the missionary style, yet the effects are mind-blowing. When you’re on top of her, alternate your legs in the form of two scissors meeting each other. Have her legs hitched up your shoulders and enter her that way. You can bend towards her or stay upright. Either way, the position will add friction to her clitoris which can add to her pleasure. This will bring her to the edge hard and fast.

8. Straddle

Straddling is more like a lotus position, but her legs are folded and you are on your back while she rides you like a cowgirl. You can be the one to move in and out of her while she stays still or she can pump up and down. It depends on what she likes and that is what really matters– fulfilling what she likes. This position will also give you a clear view of her everything and will give you the chance to play with her clitoris with your finger, which can add to her pleasure.

Reverse Cowgirl9. Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is like the straddle but she is facing away from you. This can allow a deep penetration and hit her G-spot just right to make the sex pleasurable and intense. You can be the one to move in and out of her or she can ride you like the cowgirl that she is. Either way, this position will be hitting her G-spot and have her coming hard and fast.

10. Doggy Style

Doggy style should be a hall-of-famer when it comes to sex positions. Ask any man or woman, and you will find that doggy style will always be on the list of their favorite sex positions. Here’s why: Have her bend over and on her elbows or arms, so she can hold on to dear life while you bang into her, hard and rough. Hard and rough sex is always ideal to get your woman to the brink over and over.This position will hit her G-spot just right and you will be in the perfect position to play with her clitoris. The overall pleasure will blow her mind; you can guarantee that she will have multiple orgasms. Doggy StyleImpressing your girl with your sexual performance does not only involve how long you last and how good you are at foreplay. It goes a long way from there. Why do you have sex? To blow off steam. Well, the same thing can be said for her. That means your main mission is to get her to the brink hard and fast in every variety possible, so that it blows her brains out with pleasure. You do that and you’ll have her wanting you every night. You may even need to ask for a rest break after a while. How great is that? A great sex life will create a closer bond between you two, so get busy.