How Women Fall in Love: Settling Down With the Lady of Your Dreams

How Women Fall in Love: Settling Down With the Lady of Your DreamsYou’re single and at the prime of your life. Some people even say you’re quite good looking. You’ve got the career and a stud reputation. For some reason though, you’re having problems with getting your dream woman. When it comes to getting her to pay attention to you, it helps to understand how women fall in love. The way a woman approaches romance is much different from how men fall in love. This is because they also respond to attraction differently. Understanding this is key to finding out just how women fall in love for their dream men.

Understanding How Romance Works for Her: The Stages of How Women Fall in Love

Ultimately, your success in being able to get your dream woman to fall in love with you depends on how well you understand how women fall in love in stages. Just like men, it takes time for a woman to go from attraction to love. Here is how it happens:

Stage 1: Attraction

AttractionThis stage is perhaps the most familiar to you. You walk into a bar to have some drinks after work. You notice her in the corner of the room. Her eyes meet with yours for the first time. She takes notice of you. You might even see her trying to catch a glimpse of you discreetly later that night. If you do, this is a good sign. It means you’re both interested with each other.

Step 2:  Thinking About You

That glimpse of you from last night is enough to make her think about you some more. She’s intrigued. She wants to know more about you. Before this, she may have been content with being a single and successful career woman. After seeing you, though, she is now having second thoughts. Aware that she finds herself thinking about you all of a sudden, she asks herself if she really finds you attractive. She also wonders if she will see you again, while secretly hoping that she would.

Stage 3: Trying to Find Out More About You

Women can be quite resourceful, especially when it comes to a man they’ve got their eyes on. There’s a good chance that she will go back to the bar she first spotted you in, and ask the bartended or the waitress if they know you. After she gets your name and whatever other details she’s told, she will look you up. She will go through all of social media to get every little information about you. Perhaps, she wants to know where did you go to college and most importantly, if you have a girlfriend.  enjoy spending timeThis is one way a woman figures out if she and a guys she had just spotted are compatible. This way, she gets answers to some of her most pressing questions even before she agrees to meet you. She tries to determine if you like to do the same things so that she knows you are someone she will enjoy spending time with. If during her search, she uncovers some red flags about you, there is a good chance she will drop her interest in you. Common examples of these so-called red flags include having an existing girlfriend or wife and having a criminal record.

Stage 4: She Becomes Self-Conscious

You have not met yet, but she is already feeling more self-aware of herself when she is around you. It has even gotten to a point where she dresses herself up extra nice if she thinks she will be seeing you. 

Stage 5: The Somewhat Unbearable Wait

At this point, she has determined that the two of you may be together. She’s willing you to give things a try with you. That is, soon as you make a move. If you want her, you have got to ask her out. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Somehow, this is part of the how women fall in love psychology. Women typically like to be the ones to ask guys out. They feel like it’s more something that a man should do, especially if wants any chance in being in a relationship with the woman. It’s all about waiting on her end now. Just take note, however, that she does not plan on waiting for you to make a move forever. She will probably give you a week or two. After that, she’s going for the next guy. There’s also a chance she’ll just decide to be single for a while again. Make your move quickly before she slips away.

Stage 6: Getting to Know You in Person

 first dateYou finally found the courage to ask her out and now, you two are going on your first date. This is the moment when almost sorts of fact-checks you. She has done some research in the past, and now she wants to find out if the facts add up. She will casually ask you questions. She won’t fire them all at you at once since she is not conducting a formal interview. Instead, she will do it between sips of wine and bites of food. While on this date, she may also try to casually try to brush her fingers along your arm. She might also smile at you while playfully biting her lower lip. This is all part of how she wants to keep you interested in her during your date. This also happens to be how women flirt. The key is subtlety. She won’t give you anything too much, too fast.

Stage 7: She Stays Quiet When It Comes to You

It’s almost as if you’re her dirty little secret. You have been seeing each other a few times now over drinks and food. You even meet up for coffee sometimes when you can both step out of the office for a few minutes. You clearly enjoy each other’s company and you look forward to being able to see each other again. For a woman, however, it’s just not the best time yet to introduce you to her inner circle. She doesn’t want anyone else in her life to know about you yet. She doesn’t want to deal with any questions or teasing. She just wants to see if your relationship will blossom further first. That doesn’t mean, however, that her friends are not starting to notice some sudden changes in her. The woman you are casually seeing is still making it a point to go out with her friends. After all, it is important to keep appearances. drinkWhen she is around them though, she may be a little more subdued. She has stopped stepping into the dance floor and dancing with just anybody. She is also no longer accepting drinks bought by men she doesn’t know. Instead, she orders her usual drink, and nurses it through the night, not even entertaining the prospect of ordering a second round. While this is happening, her friends may also find her checking her phone a little more frequently than normal. It’s like she’s there, but she is not completely present. They don’t resent her for it, but they now have an inkling that there is something going on with her that she is not telling them, not yet.

Stage 8: The Weekend Getaway

So far, she likes the way your relationship is going. She enjoys being around you. She especially enjoys doing a number of activities with you. That’s why when you suggested that the two of you should to a weekend trip together, she excitedly said yes. It’s an exciting time in your relationship for her. At the same time, being able to spend a weekend getaway with you will let her know more about you and how you deal with certain circumstances. In a way, this is part of how women test men that they are much interested in pursuing a relationship with. Going on a trip together with just the two of you allows her to get to know you intimately before she even decides on taking your relationship further. She wants to see how you deal with several things throughout those days. She also wants to know what kind of guy you are when it comes to vacations. Are you the type who enjoys luxury accommodations that come with a private butler? Are you the kind of man who enjoys the great rugged outdoors in a rented lake house where you make your own meals and enjoy them while looking at a spectacular view? Do you prefer to rough it in a tent with nothing but a backpack? Nexus PheromoneYou may not know it, but the answer to these questions offers a better perspective into your character. She knows this and she looks forward to finding the answer out for herself. If you want to make an even better impression on her during your trip, you might want to consider spritzing on a bit Nexus Pheromones. It’s a natural pheromone concentrate in a bottle that is guaranteed to make her more attracted to you than she has ever been.

Stage 9: Getting to Know Her Friends

The weekend trip goes well. You would go as far as to say everything was perfect. She has had such a great time with you that the two of you still end up spending a lot of time together after your intimate weekend. You both step out of the office to meet for a quick bite. You make plans to do things together after work. Soon, she asks you if you can join her and her friends for dinner. You have to realize that this is quite a big step for her. She trusts her friends opinions more than anything else and what they think of you matters to her a great deal. Before you meet with her pals, she may have already given them a few details about you. These may include what you do for a living, where you work and what you typically like to do. She may also have told them about your intimate weekend trips together and how you are in bed. Don’t be surprised if they are giggling and sharing secret looks when you finally join their company. Don’t worry, these are all good signs. It means you gaining their approval so far. When you’re with her friends, the trick to impressing them is to take the time to engage with all of them. Don’t just pay attention to her. She wanted you there so that her friends can get to know you so let them. Have fun with them. This way, she will also be even more impressed with you. You may also want to know that her friends will also be happy to answer some questions you might have about her. Go ahead and ask. This way, they will know that you are as seriously interested with their friend as she is with you.

Stage 10: Meeting the Family

intimate momentsAfter taking trips together and sharing several intimate moments, she will soon ask you to come over to meet her family. This is an –important step for her. At this point, she feels like she has known enough about you to realize that you are someone her family can get to know. She may not give them all the details about you, including exactly how the two of you met. What she will do while you are having lunch or dinner with her family is give them bits and pieces about you, particularly those tidbits that she feels would impress her parents. During this stage, she is feeling quite optimistic with where your relationship is heading. She does not know yet exactly what will happen next, but she feels that the two of you have got something serious enough that it’s time for the rest of her family to know that she is seeing someone exclusively. She is not sure if she loves you at this point in time, but she knows that she’s falling for you and it feels great.

Stage 11: She Chooses to Stay at Your Place

At this stage, you have both grown comfortable with each other’s presence. You know each other’s bedroom manners well since you have taken all those weekend trips together. Nothing makes her happier than being around you, so much so that it’s almost like she’s moved in with you. She now has some of her stuff in your place. These include clothes, toiletries and some of her perfume. If needed, she can stay at your place for an entire week without having to go back to her place to get or wash stuff. She feels very at home with you and you have gotten used to having her around, so much so that you hate when she has to return home. There is a sense of domestic bliss going on between the two of you at this stage. Waking up together and getting ready for work in the same bedroom feels great. At this point, she almost ready to say that she loves you, but not just yet.

Stage 12: You Become Her Headline

discussion with a co-worker in the officeIt doesn’t matter if she is having a discussion with a co-worker in the office or catching up with an old friend. One way or another, she’ll bring you up. Depending on what they had been talking about in the first place, she might mention something that you like to do or something that you had done recently that she found to be quite amusing. At this stage, it is becoming clear to just about anyone she knows that she is smitten. Clearly, she is falling for you but she refuses to accept this yet. Perhaps, she thinks you two have a good thing going on right now and there’s nothing wrong with staying exactly this way for a while. No bold moves for the two of you just yet, she is just contented in continuing what you have together. This is how she feels even if everyone can tell she is already developing some serious feelings when it comes to you. Should friends point this out to her, she may just brush it off, for the moment.

Stage 13: You Become Her Dilemma

At this point, she is no longer thinking about how to get you. You already have something wonderful going on, but she is starting to realize that her feelings for you are growing stronger. You will realize this because suddenly, she is giving you longer looks and brighter smiles. She even tries to look at you when she thinks you can’t see it. There is also a sudden sense of slight nervousness around her. It’s like she’s got something on her mind, but she is unwilling to blurt it out. You may not know it, but she is now struggling with her thoughts. When she’s watching you while you are asleep, she’s thinking about what a great guy you are and realizing how much she has fallen for you. She is almost ready to admit that she is falling in love with you.

Stage 14: The Confession

she feels the need to let you knowA woman doesn’t just go on meeting men thinking she would fall in love. With you, however, she did and now she feels the need to let you know. She has been giving the subject some serious thought for some time now. Now, she’s done waiting. She needs to know if you feel the same way too. Over dinner or while you’re watching a movie in the couch, you will hear her just blurt out that she loves you. She may say it without warning, but she will definitely be watching out for your reaction. At this point, she does not have any expectations when it comes to your relationship. She just wants to let you know that she has fallen in love with you. She wants to make it clear to you that your relationship is anything but casual. She wants you to know that she cares about you and how you feel deeply. If you feel the same way, you have to let her know at this time.

Stage 15: The Future

Once she has told you how she feels about you and your relationship, she will start to determine if there is a future for the two of you together. Her optimism for your future together is usually dependent to how you reacted when she told you that she loves you. If you have always envisioned a future with her, now is the time to give her hints about it. For instance, tell her if you see yourself getting married and settling down in the future. Give her a picture of how you see yourself with your future family. Do you want to have kids? How many? Where do you think you can raise them together? During this stage, she has already realized that she wants to stay with you. Perhaps, she can also see herself having a family with you someday. Be open about it. Make plans for your future together. Coming up with plans for the long term doesn’t mean the two of you are rushing to get married. It just lets both of you know that you are both fully committed to each other. This means that your relationship has become serious and that you are willing to stick it out with each other through good times and bad. fallen in love with herIf you have always envisioned settling down with your dream woman, now is the time to assure her that you are also thinking about the future and that she is in it. Let her know you have fallen in love with her just as much as she has with you. How women fall in love should not remain a mystery with you. Understanding this key to getting your dream woman to noticing with you and hopefully, go out with you. When you are able to understand how a woman falls in love with a man well, you will be able to figure out what you need to do to romance her and explore a future together.