How to Write Romantic Text Messages – For Guys Only

How to Write Romantic Text Messages - For Guys OnlyIn early times, people used to write love letters to express their romantic feelings for their loved ones. However, the practice seems to be a disappearing art. This does not necessarily mean that people no longer communicate their feelings of love. People have now turned to expressing their feelings in text messages to the ones that they love. The means that are used might be different, but the sentiment of the romantic text messages is still the same. write love lettersWhether you are in love with someone or the secret admirer of a girl, the only thing that you need is a mobile phone and some creativity. Showing your feelings had never been easier since the advent of messages. Shoot off a text message, at any time and from anywhere, and let your loved one know that she is the one that you are thinking of. This article will talk you through all that you need to know before sending romantic messages someone in particular.

The Modern Love Letter in the Palm of Your Hand

1. Communication Through Text Messages Keeps the Flames Burning

Being romantic is one of the ways by which you can have a long lasting relationship. Do you know how to build up a strong relationship with your girlfriend? Keep reading to find out. You might be wondering why your relationship is growing distant and cold with time. It might be that you do not maintain proper communication with your partner because of your daily schedule of operation. Nonetheless, you cannot afford to take your loved one for granted. Text messages are an incredible way by which you will be able to let your loved ones know that you are thinking of them, even if you may not be able to be physically present with them. Maintaining communication with her can help you to go a long way in the relationship. With all the different types of communication devices available in the market, there is no reason for you not to tell your girlfriend how much you love and care for her. It will only take you a minute or two to send a text message. text might help your relationshipTaking out time from your busy schedule to text might help your relationship to a considerable extent. Besides, what can be more significant than expressing your love through a text message, just to brighten their day? People always crave attention and affection and thus, a loving and cute text message is capable of bringing surprising and positive results. As a matter of fact, text messages can be used not only for capturing the attention of someone you like, but also for spicing up the romance in marriage. Take advantage of text massages to ignite your love life. Simply send a text message to express your love and appreciate something that she has done for you. In fact, a romantic message might make her delighted on a stressful day.

2. Understand the Power of Simple Love Words

You will be amazed to see the power of a few simple words. There are several reasons you should be using love text messages:
  • In order to reignite the passion in a relationship that has turned out to be distant, a simple text can turn up the heat of the relationship that you share with your girlfriend or your wife.
  • You can use a romance filled text to impress the girl that you are interested in. In getting to know someone better; a friendly but flirty text messages can do the trick for you. You might just write, “Thinking of you,” and that is going to do all the work for you. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.
  • happy relationshipTo maintain a happy relationship, it needs effort as well as good communication. It is even more imperative to maintain the communication when you have a long- distance relationship. As per the saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder, but what you tend to forgets that it also makes the relationship flounder. You can maintain a strong bond if you communicate more with your partner. It keeps you from taking her for granted.
  • Last, but not the least, you can send text messages easily and instantaneously. An appropriate love message will help you to maintain that feeling of love.

3. Keep It Unique: Be Creative

The easiest way to make your message valuable and prove yourself as the most romantic person is to send one that is fresh and unique. So, make sure that you do not send text messages that are common; chances are she might already read one such text. If you manage to keep your text message simple and unique, then you will be able to bring a smile on your loved one’s face. She will read it with interest, and will truly appreciate the effort that you have put in. Your innovative messages will make your girl that you give them importance. If you send a love text from the office, she might think that you are missing her, even when you are busy with your work. You might not have the ability to compose a poem, but this should not bother you in any way. You can prepare a romantic text with some of your own words, and thus make it unique.

4. Short and Sweet Always Grabs the Right Kind of Attention

romantic text messagesDo you like reading considerably long text messages? No, right? Neither does anybody else. Try to make your text as short as possible. If you write long romantic text messages for her, they might turn out to be annoying for her. People are always busy with their hectic schedule, and reading a long text message can prove to be exasperating for your partner. As a matter of fact, long messages can also be boring. Your girlfriend or your wife might not even feel like reading it after they see the length of the text. Make sure that you write something that will immediately grab her attention. Make sure that it is not elaborate or sappy and does not overwhelm her. Short messages will help make her curious. Your primary goal should be to make her feel loved and make her focus on you. You need to keep the text going back and forth constantly. If you are texting back and forth, then use necessary words that will entice her with your charm.

5. Avoid Being Complicated: Let Your Vocabulary Go on a Vacation

You should write sweet text messages. Avoid making them too complicated. Make sure that you use a language that is simple and easy for her to understand. Don’t make her open a dictionary or ask another person, in order to understand the text. This is not some literary stuff and does not need to be of high quality. Thus, you can let your excellent vocabulary go for a toss. If you are a simple man who harbors simple thoughts, then that is exactly what your message should be reflecting. On the other hand, if you are artistic and intellectual, then you can show exactly that in your text. You should not at all try to be someone you are not. In fact, it will help you if you state your feelings in your own words. Expressing all that you have in mind is all that matters.

6. Laughter is the Way to a Woman’s Heart

You must know if you are able to make her laugh, you will be able to make her love you. This is no joke. The sense of humor in men is the most vital quality appreciated by women. smile on her faceYou will be able to make her love you more if you can get a smile on her face. Keeping her happy and smiling is significant to win her love. And, by sending a witty comment through a text message can help you achieve that. However, make certain that you do not use too many jokes, especially if it someone you have just met. A fine line exists between being humorous and looking like a fool. Do not experiment with too many puns and sarcasm. But, if you have already managed to make her laugh with the texts then send some more similar gags. Also, make sure that the jokes that you are sending are not too silly. It might ruin the reputation that you have created and make her think that you are dumb and an imbecile. If it is just the starting of a relationship, then you need to be even more careful with your gags.

7. Send Text Messages at a Proper Time

The timing of your text is a crucial factor that needs to be looked into when you send romantic messages to a girl. You should avoid texting her when she is busy. If you text when she is busy then you might fail to grab her attention. Even if she replies, the chances are she might not have felt the lovely and romantic message conveyed through your text. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]The most appropriate time to text a girl is in the evening. This is the time when she might be free from all her office work and daily chores. However, if you find out that the girl likes texting you during the night, you have already got the edge that you require. Start off by texting late in the evening and keep on texting until the time she falls asleep. There is something romantic about a calm and serene night, and it is surely going to work in your favor. It is going to make you win her over.

8. Your Creativity Will Make You More Special

gain a special place in your girl’s heartCreativity can help you to gain a special place in your girl’s heart. Make her anticipate about the things that you are trying to convey. If you are creative, you will be able to impress her. Avoid using a clichéd line for it might make a woman think that you are just being cheesy. This might eventually annoy her. Thus, the entire effort that you had put in to build an impression will be lost. Show her you love her, but in a creative way.

9. Beware: Excessive Texting Lowers Attraction

This is one of the common mistakes most men make. Make sure that you do not blow up her phone with your texts. Instead of making you look romantic, it will only make you look unattractive. If you want the girl to chase you, make sure that you do not over text. You should not send romantic quotes one after the other without her replying. If you go on texting even when you are not getting an answer, keep in mind that you are text messages are going to a folder named ‘desperate’. Do not panic if a few hours have passed without your girlfriend’s reply. Have patience and wait for her reply. When you will not message her, she will definitely become curious and will send you the reply. Hang on; there is more to it. Keep reading if you have to master your skills at writing romantic text messages.

10. Refresh Your Sweet Past Memories With Your Romantic Text Messages

romanticism in your textsHere is a simple trick which will help you to win her over. Relive your past memories. You can text about an incident from the past, but make sure the incident is a pleasant memory for both of you. If you end up talking about an incident that had a few bitter memories attached to it, then it can have an adverse effect on the relationship. You can talk about some special memories that both of you have enjoyed in the past. Choose the ones that she doesn’t expect you to remember. This way you will be able to keep an element of surprise as well as romanticism in your texts. Talk about her role in making that particular incident memorable for you. Also, tell her what was specifically special about it.

11. Build Up Chemistry Romantically: Teasing Should Be Pleasing

If you are looking for a way to get her into beloved heart and soul then romantic teasing is the answer for you. Teasing can help you to build a strong and interesting relationship with your partner. Here are tips that you need to follow before you send a teasing text:
  • Wait for the right moment before you send a teasing text to your lady. For instance, when she is complimenting herself or making good comments about something that she has done, you can use this information later on a lighter note to tease her.
  • Don’t send her tease texts constantly. Mix it up with more significant or meaningful talk. Pay attention and do not make fun of her when she’s texting you something serious. As you get to know her, tease less but never stop completely.

12. Be a Little Naughty with Your Texts

I miss you text messagesKeep in mind that women love it when men aren’t afraid of being a little naughty with their texts. Of course, it should not cross the limits, especially when you are new to each other. Send flirtatious messages whenever you get an opportunity. You can send her what they call “I miss you text messages.” Or, you can simply text her saying that you just stepped out of your shower, “I am looking for sex toys online” or “What are you wearing right now?” Think of some sexual topic, but make sure that it is humorous and light. If not, then she might just take your feeble pick-up attempts. However, make sure that you do not flirt in each and every text that you are sending.

13. Use Emojis to Spice it Up

Communication is the foundation of a good relationship, but there is nothing wrong if you plan to spice it up by adding a little amount of mystery. Sexy texts are good, but it is much spicier if you have a text with a hidden message to decipher. Emojis might just help you to do that. This way you will be able to:
  • Share a dirty little secret with your partner.
  • Play a mysterious little game with your partner.
However, make sure that you do not overuse the emojis as it will only make you look silly and uneducated. These can spark your sex life, but only when you use them in moderation.

14. Don’t Get Stuck in the Texting Game: Be Valuable to Others

woman wants you to be successfulIf you are eagerly staring at your phone, waiting for her to reply or spending more than two seconds to frame a response to her texts, you’re doing it wrong. Focus on the things that make you more appreciated by others. Your being a responsive conversationalist will not always help. The truth is that your lady is neither expecting you nor wanting you to text her all day. She wants an ambitious man. She wants a man with a drive, one who is pursuing something big.  If your woman wants you to be successful in life, she will understand you. So, do not respond immediately to her texts. This might make you look unattractive. This makes you look like you do not have any other work, but to text her. So wait for some time after she has texted you.

15. Dragging a Topic Out Can Dampen the Relationship

When you text about a particularly interesting topic, make sure that you do not drag it out. If you drag a topic out for a long period of time, it is sure to get boring. Even if the topic is extremely romantic and has spurred up the spice meter, yet you should talk about it only to a certain extent. If you talk about it continuously:
  • It can make the conversation repetitive and boring.
  • The chemistry that had just started to build up with the help of the topic might just die down for the same reason.
  • Talking continuously about it might stop making sense.

16. Toss the Red Pen: Stop Being a Grammar Nazi

best not to make her angryWhen you are sharing a romantic textual exchange with your partner, make sure that you do not look for grammatical errors that your partner is making. This might prove to be a hindrance to the entire flow of the text. As a matter of fact, it might destroy the mood that you both have set by your previous texts. Short forms are acceptable, and it is best not to make her angry by correcting her.

17. Using Your Mother Tongue Gets the Ball in Your Court

When you share a common mother tongue with your girlfriend or wife, you can make use of it while exchanging romantic texts. This helps in making the exchanges spicier. Using your mother tongue can also help you to express your feelings much clearer than you could have by using any other language. Remember that romance has a lot to do with the language that you are using.

18. Attach a Picture to Your Text

At times, a simple romantic message might be too boring. Have you ever thought of sending a romantic picture along with the text? Believe it or not, a picture might make a profound impression on your beloved. Sometimes, a simple and cute picture is enough to convey the feelings that you are experiencing. In fact, it might even help her to smile if she is in a foul mood or angry with you for some reason.

19. Give Her an Opportunity to Respond

Give Her an Opportunity to RespondRomantic conversations are just like plants, you need to water them to make them survive. This means that you need to give the girl something to respond to. If not, then the romantic conversation will naturally die out. Avoid sending uninteresting replies to something she has asked. Single word texts are text killers. Try to come up with new topics to keep the conversations flowing.

20. Serious Texts Can Suffocate Romantic Feelings

Avoid starting serious conversations through text messages, unless it is urgent. If there is something that bothers you, talk face to face with your lady. Remember, texting serious matters can sometimes create misunderstandings. Follow these guidelines to help you send romantic text messages to your woman. If the woman you adore isn’t replying to you after numerous endeavors, then it might be time to forget about her and move on. Don’t get yourself labeled as desperate, just to get a single reply from this lady. Find someone else and try your luck with this new girl