9 Strategies for Great Sex under Stress

With your tight schedule, unfinished workload, heaps of bills and family issues; it’s no wonder you don’t have the time, energy and desire for sex anymore. Stress is on top of the list of the main reasons for a boring and non-existent sex life. Ironically, sex is on top of the list to relieve stress,

8 Reasons Nice Guys Don’t Get the Girls

In movies, you often see the nice guy as a shoulder to cry on during breakups or a dummy date at a party. Women like nice guys,but not when it comes to sexually intimate relationships. Being too considerate, understanding and giving makes a guy a good friend, but not a boyfriend. Why? Women love challenges

8 Effective E-Flirting Tips and Tricks

Hardly have time to get out and go for a date? Not ready for a real relationship yet? A lot of men turn to online dating may it be for friendship, casual encounters, romance and even long-term relationships. With the advancement of the technology and the Internet; communication is fast, convenient and less demanding.