No More One Minute Man: 9 Tips to Last Longer in Bed

Sex isn’t a race where the first one to finish wins, but rather the first one to get to the finish line too soon loses the round. Every man will experience premature ejaculation at one point in his life. However, if you suffer with the problem for too long, and it has become too embarrassing,

The 10 Worst Places to Get Lucky with Her

Doing the same things over and again in the bedroom can make your sex life dull and boring. This is the reason many couples prefer the novelty of having sex in different places, like outdoors, for instance. The thrill of being seen adds to the excitement and it takes you to a different level of

13 Mistaken Myths Men Believe About Women’s Orgasms

Although men don’t think too much about their actions when it comes to sex and they just do it, pun intended, it is still a challenge for a man to bring his woman to the brink. It is his life’s mission, at least during sex. When you make your woman orgasm, her screams of pleasure

12 Surefire Signs She’s a Sex Goddess

Gentlemen, if you are good in bed, then you can make your sex life great. But if you have a woman who is equally good in bed, then you can bet that your sex life will skyrocket to perfection. It does not mean that if you get to hound her every chance you get and