Human Pheromones: Know the 6 Types of Sex Signals

Humans and animals are unique to other species on this planet in the ways they signal each other. In fact, animals have a special mode of communication that can detect territoriality, signal an alarm and create a sexual response. Did you know that humans have it, too – or at least that is what some

How To Make Pheromones: 6 Sexy Things You Should Know

Pheromones have been quite popular in the recent years because of the natural effects. If you are a man in need of some special magnetic power to attract women, pheromones may do the job quite well. Although pheromones have received a stir of attention, some men have no clue about what they are, or what

Female Pheromones: 4 Ways to Use Your Feminine Charms

Animals naturally produce pheromones as their own way of sending signals to elicit a response from members of the same species. Since its first discovery in the 1950’s, experts are trying to find out whether they also exist in humans, and apparently, they do. In fact, they play an important role in your life and

Increase Male Pheromones: 10 FAQs on Attracting Women

There are millions of men out in our world that are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to attracting women. Although physical characteristics and personalities do play vital roles in attraction, did you ever think about natural male pheromones? If not, then this is your chance to find a safe and