How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed and Be Her Best Lover Ever

How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed and Be Her Best Lover EverEven in the 21st century, things about female sex and orgasm are a big mystery. Men often feel clueless about sex and orgasms and how to impress women in bedroom. But the truth is that you do not have to be a genius to be a sex god. For that matter, you do not have to be good-looking or well-endowed either. Some men are average when it comes to looks, yet they are well versed in the tricks on how to satisfy women in bed. They seem to enjoy popularity with ladies in bed. Satisfying a woman sexually is an art, and all you have to do is understand and master it. This article will take you through instructions on how to satisfy a woman in bed, how to please women in bed and help you understand sex from a woman’s perspective. Your woman is probably not getting what she desires from you in bed. With the tips and information in this article, you will not only be able to win her but also be her best lover ever.

1. Understanding Female Orgasm: The Key on How to Please a Woman in Bed

make sex more enjoyableFor women, there are more than one ways of achieving orgasm. Therefore, the more paths you travel,the more exciting will sex become. According to a study published recently in the Journal NeuroQuantology, there are four prominent types of female orgasm:
  • Clitoral
  • Vaginal
  • Blended
  • Multiple
A woman enjoys all of these orgasms equally. A smart man will understand female sexuality, as well as each of these to make sex more enjoyable for his woman. Here is what each of these orgasm types mean and how to help a woman achieve them:
  • Clitoral Orgasm:The clitoris is a small sensitive bump at the anterior end of the vulva and bears thousands of nerve endings. This is why women enjoy the stimulation of this external sweet spot. But heading straight for the clitoris will not do unless you caress and massage the other parts of the genitals first. Sex for women is a blend of both physical and sensual feelings. They get aroused slowly and stay aroused for a long time.
While stimulating her clitoris, you must remember that some women think that clitoral orgasm is immature, but this is not true. A clitoral orgasm is just as much pleasurable as vaginal orgasm and is in no way an immature way of having an orgasm. It is pleasing to any lady sexually.
  • Vaginal Orgasm:Scientists have argued over the existence of a G-spot in women. Women, however, have been reported to have said that they have on many occasions received an orgasm by penetration alone. Satisfying women in bed means understanding that vaginal orgasm is a symphony of pleasures. It is a whole body sensation that a woman feels while having sex.
But women do not always achieve a vaginal orgasm. Also, there are times they have it after a lot of stimulation. This is why; many think that vaginal stimulation is a myth. woman in bedInside the vagina, on the side of the tummy, there is a soft wall which is full of nerve endings. This area of the vagina is called the G-spot. When this wall receives pressure, it stimulates the internal clitoris and the urethra. It is clear that vaginal orgasm is possible and it is not a mere myth. You can try different sex positions to discover ways you can reach the G-spot and therefore satisfying a woman in bed. Vaginal orgasm takes focus and patience. You must attempt it only when you have time to relax and have sex without any interruptions.
  • Blended Orgasm:Blended orgasm is the combination of both clitoral as well as vaginal orgasms. It is said that blended orgasm is twice as strong as either of the two orgasms. This is why the girl on top is a popular sex position. It enables the woman to have both vaginal as well as clitoral orgasms together.
It is easier for a woman to achieve a blended orgasm if she is already aroused before the actual intercourse takes place. A good amount of foreplay is quite helpful in this regard. You can also try different variations of the missionary position too to help your woman get a blended orgasm.
  • Multiple Orgasms:Unlike men, women can have one orgasm after another. This is called multiple orgasms. If a woman enjoys continuous stimulation, she can achieve multiple orgasms. Men who know how to satisfy women know that to help a woman to achieve multiple orgasms, one must stimulate her clitoris first using hands or mouth.
Have the intercourse as soon as she achieves clitoral orgasm, but remember to give her erogenous area some rest as it is capable of getting extremely sensitive from over stimulation. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Playing with your partner’s level of arousal can also help her have multiple orgasms. Sometimes reaching the climax can have women push towards another orgasm. Some women can get an orgasm when their nipples are stimulated. Orgasm is something that everyone wants to achieve while having sex. Orgasms make sex enjoyable as well as satisfying. Once you understand female orgasms, you will be able to understand sex from a woman’s perspective better and thereby perform better in bed.

2. Master Foreplay if You Want to Master How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed

ForeplayThe sexual response cycle begins with foreplay. Foreplay, on the other hand, can have a range of different forms. Foreplay is essential as it promotes the desire for sex. Here are forms of foreplay that you can choose from:
  • Undressing Her: Undressing is a brilliant and often under-estimated act of foreplay. Some women enjoy experimenting with lingerie. So for them, getting a compliment on what they are wearing means a lot. Also, slowly and carefully removing her clothes can help her get aroused. It is important that you do not rush this stage of your intercourse.
  • Caressing and Kissing: Even though foreplay can range from a simple romantic look and a gentle touch to passionate oral stimulation; kissing and caressing are often acts that help a couple to proceed. A kiss can convey a lot of different emotions. Some women prefer to start slow. For them, kissing and caressing are great ways to begin.
Women often like to be kissed on the neck. When you kiss a woman on the neck, it means you are attracted towards her and are asking her to be intimate. If she is interested in having sex with you,chances are that she will find it extremely romantic and arousing.
  • Teasing her Breasts: The nipples, like the clitoris, also have a conglomeration of nerve endings under the skin. When stimulated, they can experience an erection. Women enjoy having their breasts fondled and teased. However, since breasts are sensitive areas, it is not wise to spend too much time on them. Stimulating a sensitive area too much can be uncomfortable for the woman.
  • Vaginal Stroking: This is the most erotic of all foreplay moves. Many women like their vagina, G-spot and clitoris stimulated manually. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for you to surprise her and make her desire you. Gently tease and stroke her clitoris.
sensual experienceWhen she begins to moan, you can increase the pressure and speed of the strokes. Remember to take time in doing this. Vaginal stroking is something that many women want to be a sensual experience. Also, remember to be gentle. The vagina is a soft and sensitive part. You can get creative with your foreplay. The more you implement your ideas, the more fun you and your partner are going to have. Foreplay helps blood flow to the genitals. Stimulated genitals mean quicker orgasm, which in turn means more satisfying sex and becoming an expert of how to please a woman sexually.

3. Stimulate Her in the Plateau Phase

The plateau phase is that phase of the intercourse when the woman is highly aroused from the foreplay and the penetration. She can remain in this phase for sometime without having an orgasm. The difficult part is when the man achieves orgasm but the woman remains in her plateau phase. It is then that the act of intercourse ends without having satisfied the woman. There are ways you can avoid these kinds of situations. One way is having enough foreplay so that she reaches her orgasm easily. Also, you can give her manual stimulation later to help her have an orgasm. Remember, if you want to climax together, it is a good idea to give her additional stimulation, so that she can proceed from the plateau phase to the orgasm phase. Men often treat the woman’s clitoris like they treat their penis. The trick to how to please a woman in bed is something else. Rubbing the clitoris vigorously may not always work in this case. A woman may indeed need the vigorous rubbing for additional stimulation to reach orgasm but there is a risk that vigorous rubbing might make her climax slip away. To correctly stimulate the clitoris, you must:
  • Rub the clitoris rhythmically.
  • Apply the right pressure.
reaches orgasmAs your woman reaches orgasm, you may apply some additional pressure or faster stimulation to help her reach it and make her orgasm a big one. The climax is a contraction and relaxation of muscles in the genitals, the uterus and the pelvic floor. This provides a sensation of pleasure to the woman. A woman might ejaculate a little amount of fluid too as she reaches climax. Since climax is a whole body phenomenon, women may reach climax differently each time they have sex. A man may or may not be able to engage in a long-lasting intercourse but with the right actions, he can help the woman to reach her climax within the intercourse and thus satisfy her in bed.

4. How to Satisfy a Woman Sexually – Make the Intercourse Give Her an Orgasm

Foreplay is not the only way to make her have the orgasm. Most times the length of intercourse is longer than the length of the foreplay. On an average, women achieve climax seven minutes after the penetration. How a woman sexually receives pleasure will tell you about how to sexually satisfy a woman. Most men have tons of questions about the correct sex position. Sex position plays a significant role in determining the kind of orgasm she will have. The classic missionary position is a good way to begin. Here are few other sex positions that women enjoy:
  • Girl-On-Top:This is the position where the man lies back and the woman sits on him with each leg on either side of his torso. The woman has more control in this position. She can either rock back and forth or grind her pelvis slowly in circular motion. This lets her decide the depth and angle of the penetration as well as the pace of the stimulation. The girl-on-top is versatile as there can be many variations of this position.
  • Doggy-Style:Doggy-style provides the man with the opportunity to have a deeper penetration. It also means deeper stimulation for the woman. There are greater chances that you will hit your lover’s G-spot in this position. Also, it is possible to have a clitoral stimulation by using hand of a toy in this position. Doggy style also leaves the man’s hands free which he can use to fondle the woman’s breasts or play with her clitoris for extra stimulation. This position can satisfy a woman sexually.
Coital Alignment Technique
  • Coital Alignment Technique:Instead of thrusting focus more on grinding in this position. This is a variation of the missionary position with the difference that the man lifts the woman’s body up so that his pelvis is slightly higher than hers. Coital alignment offers the man the opportunity to stimulate the clitoris and thus provide the woman the chance to have a blended orgasm.
  • The Bridge:The woman arches her hips while lying on her back and the man sits on his knees and holds her. The bridge provides the perfect position for allowing the woman’s G-spot to be stimulated. Women who enjoy G-spot stimulation enjoy this position as it provides deep stimulation. You can also stroke your woman’s clitoris for extra stimulation and a bigger orgasm. The bridge can please a woman in bed.
Women hate it if you change sex position too much or too frequently. They find it distracting and at times can even take their orgasm back to square one, in which case you might have to start things all over again.

5. Cuddling After Sex is Absolutely Necessary

A recent survey by the Redbook shows that about 52 percent women in the world regularly fake orgasms. According to another survey, it was found that only 17 percent of the women actually have an orgasm while having sex. Also, about 80 percent of women said they preferred cuddling over sex. Intimacy for men is more like a means to an end. They enjoy being intimate to achieve sex. As soon as the sex happens, intimacy does not make much sense anymore. What men need to understand is that intimacy for women plays a significant role in sex. Women desire to fee needed and one of the ways they feel needed is through sexual intercourse. They enjoy the show of affection. Hence, they enjoy cuddling. If not more than sex, they definitely enjoy post sex cuddling. CuddlingCuddling is sexually satisfying because it:
  • Completes the intimacy after sex.
  • Lets her feel loved and wanted by you.
  • Comforts her after she lets go of her vulnerabilities during sex.
  • Validates her behavior.
The post-sex cuddle should be gentle and sensual. You should take time to cuddle her instead of rushing through it. Make full contact, delivering the cuddle from body-to-body. Do not leave her and go to the bathroom before you cuddle. A cuddle needs to happen while you are still hot and huffing from the sex. How to pleasure a woman after sex is never missing to cuddle her. It will not only make sex more enjoyable for her but will also make you the best lover for her. Women’s ideas on the best kind of sex include cuddling and hugging, too. Men give love for sex and women give sex for love. This saying is perhaps true. There are many books that tell you about how to satisfy a woman in bed with images. You can also get how to satisfy a woman in bed with images pdf, how to satisfy a woman in bed pdf and how to satisfy a woman in bed YouTube online. Further, you might find lots of material on how to satisfy a woman in bed techniques. How to satisfy a man in bed is a commonly read topic but how to satisfy a woman in bed every time is slowly catching up. So is how to last longer in bed. Now that you know how to satisfy a woman in bed, you can successfully show her that you care for her. Also, you may like to use one of the Nexus Pheromones products to attract the woman you love successfully. These products contain pheromones that could help you make more attractive and desirable both in and out of bed.