6 Foreplay Moves He Really Loves

6 Foreplay Moves He Really LovesIt is established since God-knows-when-the-world-was-created that women love to have an appetizer before going for the main course, which is sex. Here’s a surprising sex fact: Men also love foreplay. According to a study from the University of New Brunswick in Canada, men claimed that 18 minutes of foreplay is ideal, which can be surprising, since all men are perceived to just want action in an instant. What does this mean? The answer is simple. Pay attention to your man’s needs, and not just down there. Believe it or not, beneath the flabs – or abs, if you’re lucky enough to snag a hot male model – are certain areas that will surely tickle his senses. Not only will you be able to get him in the mood, but you’ll surely make his orgasms more intense. So, what exactly can you do? Get your pen and paper ready, because here are six foreplay moves that will surely blow your guy’s mind.

1. Start Early

FlirtingWho says foreplay is only limited inside the four corners of your bedroom? If you really want to bring your game to the next level, then you better start early in getting your guy turned on. Is that even possible? Of course. In fact, the possibilities are endless. It’s up to you and your creative mind on how you will go about it. For starters, you can write a note on his planner reminding him of “sex at 8 p.m.,” or casually brush your breasts on his arms every time you’re out in public. Flirting is a powerful tool, especially when you’re in a public place, so don’t hesitate to whisper something sexy in his ear, compliment how he looks or mention the wonderful way he smells. But, if you really want to literally start early, shower together in the morning, right before you go to work. Tease and caress each other, but try really hard not to give in. Save that for tonight.

2. Let Him See The Merchandise

The thought of seeing you naked is one of the hottest things you can do for your man. It changes his brain chemistry and will make his desire and excitement spike up to the max. However, don’t just settle with stepping out of the shower naked technique – which, although effective, can be quite a bore sometimes. Come on ladies, you can do better than that. Here are some simple tricks you can do:
  • If you wear stockings at work, raise your skirt in front of him and slowly remove your stockings, running your hands along your calves.
  • Slowly unbutton your blouse while giving your guy a sexy, I-want-you-inside-me kind of look. Then undo your bra and cup your breasts as the strap falls off your shoulder.
  • raise your skirt in front of himStraddle or tie him. Then slowly take of your clothes while brushing your body to his. Make him suffer for being a bad boy by not letting him touch your body. Let him see the good stuff but torture him in a good way.
  • Go lingerie shopping. Instead of asking your girl friends to go with you to Victoria’s Secret, try shopping with your man and let him choose this time. Make sure to show him how his choice looks on you to keep him excited.
Remember, anticipation is a powerful sex tool, so make use of it.

3. Maximize The Use Of Your Mouth

Heads up ladies, your mouth is not exclusively for eating and drinking. If you really want to take your foreplay with your guy to the next level, then you better make use of your mouth to give him the ultimate pre-sex experience. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Kissing is already a giveaway, so by now, you should be able to master the art of kissing that will blow your man away. But did you know that aside from your lips and tongue, your breath can also heighten his arousal? It’s like whispering something sexy in his ear but this time, you involve his whole body. It’s pretty simple. Let your parted lips somewhere on his body like his chest, stomach or neck. As you enjoy his natural scent, slowly exhale, thereby sending a tingling feeling on his spine. His nipples are also one of the erogenous zones, so don’t forget to target that area, too. The rush of hot air from your breath will change his skin temperature and give a boost to his sex drive. Now that he’s in the mood, go down south to his package. Give him head, then blow a circle of air around his member, as if you’re blowing a cake. Believe it or not, this can make his arousal last longer.

4. Be The Rough Dom

Be The Rough DomJust in case you haven’t read the Fifty Shades trilogy, Dom means being the dominant one, or being in charge in bed. So, going back to the foreplay moves, women are more into slow seduction, emotional connection and intimacy in bed. On the other hand, men like to play it rough, you know, the more forceful approach as if pain is the most pleasant feeling in the world. And why is that? Apparently for men, playing it rough is a sign of lust. This doesn’t mean you should get your ropes and nipple clamps ready or whip him endlessly. Don’t be that brutal. While the red room of pain can be an enticing idea, men just want you to be a bit animalistic and feminine, but sexy at the same time, if that even makes sense. So, what’s the best way to do this? Try not to be in your usual self when in bed. Take his tongue in your mouth and suck on it, but please do it gently. Tie his hands and direct him to move in different positions and areas in your bedroom. File your nails then slowly scratch your nails on his back to complete your rough play. To keep it simple, be dominant in bed. It’s not a sign of weakness for men and believe it or not, he’ll even love it when you play rough. Plus, it can be a perfect opportunity for you to explore his other untouched areas as you enjoy his scent.

5. Give Him A Hand Job

And it’s not just the hand job down there, ladies. If you notice, men are touchier in-between the sheets and would love to have his hands all over you, even if you two are just kissing. Why not return the favor, right? After all, sex and foreplay is a two-way street that both of you will enjoy. Give him a massageIn this case, don’t just focus on giving him a hand job on his package. In case you haven’t heard, your man has more than ten erogenous areas, which you can play with, so make use of those areas using your hands. Give him a massage on his head and back, and run your nails into it to give an electrifying sensation. You can even go down further up to his butt cheeks and knead it, which can also be a good idea if you want to give a twist to your usual missionary position. Once his man is hard enough for penetration, give him the best hand job performance of your life. Don’t worry, even a bad hand job is better than none at all. It’s like getting a bad pizza – there’s no such thing.

6. Get Ready For The Finale

No dear ladies, this does not mean you should allow him to get inside you. Sex comes in stages and this time, the foreplay stage deserves a standing ovation. So, how should you do it? All throughout the process, utilize the start-stop technique. If you tease and torture your guy – in a good way, of course – mercilessly and always bring him close to climax, ultimately, you’ll be able to intensify his orgasm. Try drawing a circle around his package and its neighbors using your lips. Keep in mind that the upper thigh and lower belly area is sensitive, so focus on those, as well, using your hands and mouth. At the same time, it is important to check his body language and responses. If his body tends to stiffen, it’s about time for him to release those juices Nexus PheromonesBut what if you’re not yet ready to see him climax yet? Then stop and move on to another location that will surely send shivers down his spine. Apply these tips that you’ve learned until you’re ready to see him cum. Just enjoy exploring his body and you might be surprised to find out certain things about him that will also keep you both excited. Once you want to end his sweet torture, go ahead and let him go all out. And aside from these tips, did you know that men release certain scents that bring out the animalistic nature in you? There may be instances when you seem so attracted to him, but you just can’t pinpoint what exactly turns you on. If that’s the case, maybe your guy is using Nexus Pheromones. This pheromone concentrate elicit a sexual response, thanks to its combination of seven human pheromone compounds that are amplified a thousand times for a maximum effect.