13 Mistaken Myths Men Believe About Women’s Orgasms

13 Mistaken Myths Men Believe About Women's OrgasmsAlthough men don’t think too much about their actions when it comes to sex and they just do it, pun intended, it is still a challenge for a man to bring his woman to the brink. It is his life’s mission, at least during sex. When you make your woman orgasm, her screams of pleasure are probably like a treasured trophy to you. You feel accomplished and triumphant and really, really good in bed. But there are some myths and beliefs that some men think about that could either hinder them from giving their women the best sex of their lives or limit their sexual performance. Do not be this guy. You see, like you, a woman orgasms due to physical stimulation. Sure, throw in a few emotional and mental aspects, but a woman’s climax is mostly triggered by physical contact. As a matter of fact, a woman’s sexual parts are just as sensitive as yours. That means whatever you feel, she can feel, too. The pleasure, the pains, the pressure build up – all of it – women can feel them, too. We are all equal, after all. To help you understand more about her, here are the top 13 mistaken myths that some men believe about a woman’s orgasm.

1. Myth: Squirting Only Happens In Porn

Squirting Only Happens In PornThe truth is, if it happens in porn, there is at least some sort of truthfulness in it. The fact is, not all women can squirt when they orgasm. If your woman does not squirt, it does not mean she has a defect of some sort. Squirting happens because a woman’s urethral sponge is filled with fluid when she is aroused. When she orgasms, this sponge squeezes out the juice, hence the squirting. Not all women have this ability, though. And no, the squirting juice is not pee – just to clear that up for you.

2. Myth: All Female Orgasms Are Earth-Shattering And Mind-Blowing

The truth is that this is simply a no. Women have varied levels of orgasms. Some have earth-shattering and mind-blowing orgasms, while the sad truth is that some women don’t. This means that some women are perfectly capable of having an orgasm. They just do not feel it. Seriously, where is the fun in that? Well, unfortunately, some women go through it. A woman orgasms when her pelvic floor contracts, and some women do not feel this action, which results to not feeling anything, even if she is already orgasming. Kegel exercises can make orgasms stronger and the area more sensitive to the feelings associated with them. In addition, women have a variety of types of orgasms.

3. Myth: It Is Easy For A Woman To Have An Orgasm

clear up any lingering argumentsThe truth is that there are some women who can have an orgasm easily. But, the general female population does not really have that ability. This is connected back to the fact that most women, when they have sex, put their emotions into it. This means that if a woman does not enjoy the sex, or is relatively anxious during the action, she might just not reach the glory that is orgasm. This is why you need to make sure that your woman is worry-free and not thinking about anything else when you make love to her. Clear up any lingering arguments or resentments far in advance in order for you both to enjoy the experience.

4. Myth: If A Woman Cannot Orgasm, Something Is Wrong With Her Partner

The truth is, this can actually be a huge punch in a man’s ego. You may think that if you can’t make her orgasm, you’re probably not doing it right. But don’t punish yourself any longer for that, because the truth is that your love making has nothing more to do with her orgasms than her efforts she has put into actually getting there. That’s right. A woman – unlike men who can ejaculate with enough stimulation – is responsible of her own pleasure. That means if she wants to reach orgasmic pleasure, she needs to put in the energy and the effort of muscle control and all that female stuff to get her there.

5. Myth: The Female G-Spot Is Not Real

Female G-SpotThe truth is, it is very real, indeed, gentlemen. The trick is knowing where it is, and how to reach it. You can find your woman’s G-spot in the interior wall of her vagina. If you hit that spot over and over, it can be extremely pleasurable for her. However, not all women are sensitive in that area, so the pleasure still varies. But at least you now know that the infamous G-spot is not really a hoax.

6. Myth: Condoms Prevent Her Orgasm

The truth is that a woman greatly affects her orgasms. That means if she puts in enough effort into it, she can make herself come regardless of what stimulation she has. So no, condoms do not prevent her orgasm. However, the rubber can prevent the full-on pleasure that you both can get from a rubber-less sex.

7. Myth: Women Have Better Orgasms Than Men

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]The truth is, there is really no level of comparison. If you’re a guy, you get an orgasm. If you a girl, you get an orgasm. As to the comparison on who got the most pleasure, no one can really tell. The intensity of both orgasms can be the same. There is, however, a deal breaker. Studies show that an average length of orgasm for a guy is only six seconds. While for a woman, the average orgasm lasts for 23 seconds. A bit unfair? Well, that’s really how it is. So if the question is about the length of time, not the intensity of pleasure, there’s your answer.

8. Myth: An Intercourse Orgasm Is Way Better Than Oral Sex Orgasms

The truth is, however way she gets it, what matters most is that she gets it. Whether through sex or through oral, if a woman reaches orgasm, she is satisfied, regardless of how she gets there. The difference is the pleasure she gets before getting there. Intercourse may have a different trigger of pleasure for her than what oral sex can give. Either way, if you get her to the brink, that’s all that matters.

9. Myth: She Only Enjoys Sex If She Orgasms

The truth is that, apparently, this is a common misconception for men.This was probably popularized by men who think they do not pleasure their women, but it may only be because their women are not really into it when they were doing it. But the truth is that women enjoy sex just as much as men do. It may vary with different women, but one thing is for sure. She also feels pleasure during sex.

10. Myth: She Hates Quickies

The truth is, she does not hate quickies. In fact, she likes it just as much as you do. The only difference is that she does not want to do it all the time. Women like to have a full-on, naked, in-the-bed sex, too. Although they like it much more than they like quickies, but the truth is that quickies are not so bad for them. Just don’t do it every chance you get.

11. Myth: Sex Will Always Give Her An Orgasm

SexThe truth is, no matter how good a lover you are, or how long you wait for her before blowing your own load, if she is not into the moment, she will not have an orgasm. So, the best approach is to ask her what she wants. Sex may not be the answer to give her an orgasm tonight. Maybe she likes to have a finger or your tongue for now.

12. Myth: Any Sex Position Can Make Her Come

The truth is, it’s not likely. Some sex positions are comfortable, and some are just not. Although all sex positions, as long as your penis is inserted in her vagina, can still make her feel pleasure. But for a woman to have an orgasm, she should have a certain level of comfort during the action, so she can control her pelvic muscles and actually blow her own load. If she says she likes the position but does not get an orgasm, you already know that she did not really get the comfort that she needs to get her there. You should also change it up. Using the same position every time can become mundane and boring, so be creative between the sheets.

13. Myth: You Can Tell If She Is Faking It

sexual experienceThe truth is, a big no. This is, in fact, the one epic myth that all men believe. The unfortunate truth is that no, you cannot tell if your woman is faking it or if she is really having an orgasm. Unless you know her well enough to recognize her indication of having orgasm, you probably rely mostly on her vocal and facial expressions, so yes, she can definitely fake it. On the bright side, remember that she’s mostly faking it because she does not want to disappoint you. Where these rumors and myths came from, no one really knows for sure. It could either be an isolated case or just the product of a lousy sexual experience. But the important thing is that you know what is true and what is not. Go for the real facts with scientific back-up. When you do, you will know your limits and you can make your woman climax over and over again.