Cologne with Pheromones That Work: The Sexy Science of Smell

Pheromones cannot be simply picked up by our nose, but the effect is powerful when used in the right situation and the timing is right. Some cologne manufacturers have even become successful because their pheromone laced colognes are effective. The human body releases natural chemicals to tell others what to think around pheromones users.

Cologne With Pheromones: Best Ways to Get Lucky Tonight

We all desire for one thing- Love! We only differ with the “how” of love, but as humans, we are inclined to long for a partner/relationship that we could share a part of us – others say to complete us. A cologne with pheromones that is best will definitely help get that kind of appeal

Human Male Pheromones: 3 Interesting Effects for Men

What makes a man attractive to women? Good looks? Nice physique? An intelligent brain? While this may hold true, did you know that a man who smells good can still help seal the deal with women? Recent studies have shown that the scent released by men can cause a sexual response in women – in