8 Definite Ways to Tell When She’s Not Sure if She’s Into You or Not

8 Definite Ways to Tell When She's Not Sure if She's Into You or NotBelieve it or not, science shows that it only takes a woman half a minute to decide whether or not she wants you. If after this minute, you are still unsure how she feels about you, then something might be a bit off. Love and lust, at first sight can be real, but most women will be cautious in their commitments. Then there are those women who, consciously or not, string some men along for a ride they do not want to be on. Save some potential embarrassment or wasted time by reading up on some cues that women send out. Here are eight signs that will tell you that she is not sure how she feels about you yet.

1. The Lines Of Communication Are Not 100-percent Open

There is a difference between being strictly in the friend zone and potential boyfriend material. The friend zone entails that there is no possibility whatsoever of you two ever becoming anything. On the other hand, the other hints at a possibility of something occurring. Friend Zone Signs Friend Zone SignsYou two text each other, but she will frequently ignore your calls and texts. Even though you think you have an open line of communication with her, there is a clear difference between the two possibilities. The woman may talk to you out of pity or she certainly enjoys talking to you. Possibility Signs If she is making the time to talk to you, and not just talk at you, then she is interested in you as more than a friend. Anyone who spends their time having a conversation with you is at least interested and invested in your emotions.

2. There Is No Sleepover

While this sign might seem a little bit blunt, it does need to be broken down for some people. Just because you hang out into all hours of the night does not entirely suggest that she is interested in you as more than friend. Friend Zone Signs The line that draws, “Friend Zone,” is distinguished when there is always a cap to the night. You might have dinner and drinks together. You might even hang around at her place for a movie or conversation, but there is always an end. She never, ever, invited you to stay. Unless, of course,when you are wasted and unable to get home. Possibility Signs The line becomes unclear when you have a respectable woman who does not want you in her bed right away. However, like most other cues, there is a way to tell between the two. No SleepoverA woman who feels as though there is nothing intimate between the two of you will not let you in her bedroom, or into a scenario where the two of you can lock eyes or take it to that sensual place. On the flip side, a woman who is your friend and using you for some, well, sexual benefits will only care about sex and not much else. If you are only spending time in the bedroom when you are together, then chances are that she is using you entirely for sex. While this sounds completely awesome, you should note that you will not be boyfriend material.

3. She has an “out.”

She conveniently has an excuse for any subtle suggestion you ever throw out there about being her boyfriend. Friend Zone Signs [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]She will tell you that she is moving, or that she just got out of a relationship and is not ready. Sometimes you will hear that she is just too busy for a boyfriend, or that she can’t trust anyone right now. All four of these excuses are just that – excuses. Rest assured, if the right guy comes along, she will make the time for him. Possibility Signs  There is a difference between an out and a sincere concern. The telling sign is whether or not she gives you a chance. Analyze whether she is cautioning you about her insecurities, or guarding herself from dating you by creating excuses.

4. She Never Introduces You As Her Boyfriend

She Never Introduces You As Her BoyfriendOne of the surest ways to tell where you stand is by listening to how she introduces you to others. Friend Zone Signs “Oh, this is my friend…” is all you will ever hear. Ever. Possibility Signs The grey area is that she may more than likely introduce you as a friend in the beginning. Any girl who jumps to call you her boyfriend is more than likely fishing for one, so you should be wary of that, as well. However, if more than a few months goes by and she still introduced you as a friend, then you should bring up the topic in conversation. Be sure to refer back to number three for help deciphering her code.

5. There Are No Expectations

When you are in a relationship, there are some indirect expectations. The friend zone eliminates all of these expectations, and the possibility stages allow for their entertainment. Friend Zone Signs in a relationshipShe might provide you with a reason why she can’t hang out, but she certainly will not be explaining her every move. In fact, if you question her about where she is going and who she will be with, she will likely retort with, “I don’t have to explain myself to you.” Perhaps if she’s a real peach, then she will be nice about it and joke that you’re not her father or something. Possibility Signs Whenever she feels it is appropriate to tell you where she is and whom she is with, you can begin to rest assured that you are not in the friend zone. When there is mutual admiration, she will not want you to think that she is out with other guys.

6. No couples extravaganzas Happen

You two might partake in what you consider, “couples activities,” but there is a clear difference. Friend Zone Signs working outActivities like dinner, movies, drinks, working out, and fun excursions are not romantic. You might think that they are, since it is just you two, but if she is not interested in you, then she will never allow for a romantic get together. Possibility Signs There is a slight tone of romance in some of the things you do. When you two are at her place having wine and talking, she might sit quite close to you. A woman who is not interested in a guy, rather sit with her legs folded in front of her, almost like a physical barrier saying, “Stay away from me.”

7. She Is Not Concerned About Meeting The People In Your Life

There’s one distinct difference between a woman entertaining the thought of you as a boyfriend and a woman who wants to shut it down. It is that they should want to meet the key players in your life. Friend Zone Signs Remember, just because you can list all of her sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, and work buddies, it does not mean that you two are a “thing.” You can tell she is not inclined towards you if she shuns you away from meeting important people in her life. Possibility Signs She doesn’t hesitate about you meeting her folks. Certainly, there might be a nervous hesitation, but she is not putting it off or blatantly saying no.

8. There Might Be Sex In Your Future

You might see this as a good or bad thing, but just because a woman is having sex with you does not mean she sees you as a boyfriend. Friend Zone Signs cologne with these pheromonesYou two only have sex, and she does her best to keep it discreet. She never advertises that you two are intimate, and she is not interested in most other facets of your life. Possibility Signs If you two are playfully intimate and also open about other aspects of your life, then she is perhaps entertaining the idea of becoming something more with you. Sometimes friends can turn into something much more, and there are ways to ease your way into that possibility. Guys everywhere have managed to find their ways into the heart of the woman they love, even if they started in the friend zone. The trick is to make yourself irresistible to her. Start by selecting an indulgent fragrance for her to remember you by. You can separate your scent from all the rest by catering it to your body. Pheromones are natural chemicals released from the body, and when you mix cologne with these pheromones, we create our own unique scent. You can make yourself more attractive by purchasing a spray that will maximize the benefits of your own pheromones. Learn more about how at www.NexusPheromones.com. You can also do your best to make things romantic. When you reach the point of becoming agitated with the friend zone, decide whether or not you want to be simply friends. If the idea is just not possible for you, as it usually is not, then be upfront with her. Any woman, who cares about you, even as a friend, will never lie to your face. Be sure to brush up on the warning signs, and good luck surpassing the friend zone.