6 Foreplay Moves He Really Loves

It is established since God-knows-when-the-world-was-created that women love to have an appetizer before going for the main course, which is sex. Here’s a surprising sex fact: Men also love foreplay. According to a study from the University of New Brunswick in Canada, men claimed that 18 minutes of foreplay is ideal, which can be surprising,

The Feminine Perspective: Size Matters – Or Does It?

The question never seems to end: Does size really matter? If you ask women, you will find a variety of answers to the same question. Each woman is different and thus, so are their experiences and demands. A lot of them will say it is the performance that is more important than the size of

10 Reasons Women Cheat

Cheating used to be a term stereotypically connected to men, but more and more women are being caught committing this devious act. This leaves us wondering, why? What causes women to cheat? In this article we explore ten reasons why women cheat, and discuss some possibilities for how you can mend this troubling relationship roadblock.

8 Myths Your Sex Ed Teacher Was Wrong About

Back in the day when you took sex education, did you ever look at the teacher funny when they were talking about some bizarre sexual fact or myth? We’ve decided to put some of those myths to rest in a compilation of the top eight myths that your sex ed teacher was oh-so wrong about,