Mastering the Science of Attraction: Get Her Hooked on You

Mastering the Science of Attraction: Get Her Hooked on YouYou are out with some guy buds one Friday night. It was a long, stressful week and what you need is to relax, unwind, and forget about work, even if it’s just for a few hours. As you were enjoying your drink and a good laugh, a woman in a black dress caught your attention – and you want to get to know her better. First, you need to make sure that she is attracted to you. Here’s something you should know: the science of attraction is more than just your looks, how you dress, and the way you talk. In fact, it’s much more complicated than that. Here are 15 ways to help you not just understand, but also master the psychology of attraction and boost your sex appeal, plus a secret trait you should develop to get her hooked on you.

1. Getting to Know You: A Quick Glance at the History of Science of Physical Attraction

How much do you know about attraction? Did you know that the term, “Law of Attraction” dates back to a century ago? bookIn 1906, author William Walker Atkinson released his thought movement book entitled Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World. Aside from introducing the concepts of energy, thought and vibration, Atkinson’s book also discussed the power and importance of love to manifest desires. Since then, many authors have dwelled on the subject of the science of human attraction. Fast forward to 2006, when a book about the science of attraction documentary and movie by Rhonda Byrne tackled the biology of attraction, thereby spawning debates and heated discussions about this subject. The message of the movie, The Secret, is clear: thoughts create things, and positive emotional attitudes are necessary and helpful to manifest desires. The question now is this: how does the science of attraction work for men? Read the succeeding sections to find the eye-opening answer.

2. Before the Rules: Understanding the Concept of Attraction

There are tons of books dating back to 1900’s that discussed the concept of psychology of attraction. Before you master the science of love, it is imperative that you know what this concept is all about. We all want to feel important. Just like everyone else, you probably want to feel that someone appreciates you, longs for your company and cherishes you. This is the psychology of attraction. In fact, it is predicated in one simple rule: you are attracted to someone who may turn you on both physically and emotionally. Therefore, if you can make someone feel important by valuing her opinions, feelings, and even their time, then you will be attractive to her. That is the psychology of attraction. This may sound simple, but it’s not, so how to do this is something you will learn much more about in the next sections.

3. Verbal Versus Non-Verbal: The Battle of the Best When It Comes to Attraction

the way you smileWhat do you think is the best way to attract a woman? Do your clothes matter? What about the way you smile, or how your eyes look at her? Is striking a conversation much better than just sitting down and making an eye contact? Here’s the thing: you can establish connection and attraction by how you talk to her. Consequently, you can attract someone by how you look and through your actions even without saying anything. In fact, don’t underestimate non-verbal cues. Studies show that majority of communication is non-verbal and doesn’t even require a single word. What does this mean? Aside from your words, the way you walk, sit, stand, and eat matter to get her hooked on you. Are you ready to find out how the science of attraction works? Then stick around and read until the very end. You’ll also find out that hottest single trait you should develop to make sure she is hooked on you.

4. The Power of 30 Seconds: How to Make Yourself Attractive in a Short Time

Fact: people will judge you the moment you enter the room. You may not notice, but eyes are glued on you as soon as you step in. This is crucial because science says that attraction happens in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone. In fact, Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers University, found out that the human body knows whether someone is physically attractive or not in just one second. What can you do to make sure every second counts? Try these techniques:
  • non-verbal cuesMake direct eye contact.
  • Remind yourself how you want to have a good time to keep you relaxed. Meeting someone attractive is a bonus.
  • Sit up straight. Your body language and non-verbal cues will play a crucial role in the science of attraction, which you will learn more about later.
  • Keep it cool and don’t appear overly confident.

5. Going Verbal: Getting Her Hooked Through Your Words

You already know that the psychology of attraction can be verbal. In fact, how you talk and the words you choose matters a lot to get her hooked on you. The question is, how do you do that? Consider the following techniques:
  • Speak your mindAsk questions about what a person finds important.
  • Instead of the usual what and when, push her ideas a step further by asking the “why” behind such idea.
  • Make it a habit to listen. Total engagement is important in getting her hooked on you. If you spent the last hour checking your phone or looking bored while she talks, then you have a zero chance of attraction.
  • Do not give generic answers. Saying “yes,” “no,” or “that’s great” all the time or every time she asks you something could make her think she is boring to you. Speak your mind.
Apparently, the science of attraction is not limited to words and conversation. Check out the next sections to find out how to get her attracted to you in non-verbal ways, even without watching the documentary on the Science of Attraction on Netflix.

6. Take It Easy and Respect a Woman’s Space

Here’s the problem with most men: the moment they see their prey, they immediately zoom in to her, force themselves upon her, and demand her attention. From a woman’s point of view, this is creepy, desperate, and a major turn off. Be the better guy and avoid this mistake. What should you do then? Respect her space. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]There will be perfect instances when you can say hello and introduce yourself. You can do that while she is getting a drink at the bar or when she is not surrounded by many people. In the meantime, allow her to be with her friends and enjoy herself without you. In case things are going great between the two of you, respect her space again. Calling and texting her 50 times a day to ask her what she’s doing is a surefire turn off. Drop the possessive card and just relax. Accept things the way they are, including a woman’s feelings, thoughts, and activities. When she noticed that you respect her space, this will make you even more attractive in her eyes.

7. All About Direction: How Choosing Where Your Toes Point Affects Attraction

proper direction for your toesYou may not notice it, but the direction of your toes could define attraction. It might sound silly, but the truth is, some women look at your toes to gauge whether you are genuinely interested in them or not. What is the proper direction for your toes? Keep your toes pointed towards the person you are speaking to. This sends an indirect message that you are interested, all ears, and willing to listen to what she has to say. At the same time, it encourages her to keep going because she knows someone is listening. The gesture seems simple, but this non-verbal cue is one of the best compliments you can give to someone. Surely, this will keep her hooked on you because she knows you are into her, too.

8. A Triple Nod: Another Simple, But Effective Way to Master Attraction

Women like to feel they are important and listened to. They want an affirmation from someone to make sure that they are making sense. When they see that someone is listening, they will keep talking, hence, making them feel appreciated. How will you do that without saying anything? talk some moreSay hello to the power of triple nod. According to scientific studies, people speak three to four times longer if you do three slow consecutive nods after they finished talking. It’s as if you are encouraging her to keep going and talk some more. At the same time, it sends a message that you are willing to listen to what she has to say. The more she talks, the deeper the conversation will be. Just make sure you’ll look at her straight in her eyes when you do this. Here’s the catch: you have to use the triple nod sparingly and not all the time. If you nod your head three times without saying anything the entire evening, then this could turn her off because she may think you don’t want to open up.

9. Body Talk: Simple Gestures That Could Lead to Attraction

Aside from the direction of your toes, your body language is also another factor you should look into to make sure she is hooked on you. This means a woman could tell if you are into her simply by the placement of your hands and arms. Body language scientists will tell you that if you often cross your arms or clutch a glass in front of your stomach, then it sends a message that you are unavailable and reserved. On the other hand, if you seem relaxed and keep your chest, torso, and abdomen open, then it could be inviting, which is encouraging for a woman to see. The same concept goes with your hands. If you put your arms in your pocket or keep them hidden most of the time, it connotes that you are having a hard time trusting the woman you are talking to. This decreases attractiveness and makes a woman feel that she can’t open up to you – and that’s not a good thing.

10. The Science of Attraction and Why the Little Things Count

keep her excitedLet’s say you got past the introduction stage and already in the getting-to-know-you stage. It means that you are following these tips religiously. What’s the next step? Use little things to woo her and keep her excited and attached. Don’t underestimate these little things, since they could translate to something bigger – and that is she is hooked on you more than ever. Try these simple little tips to make a big impression on her:
  • Always maintain eye contact.
  • Watch your posture and avoid fidgeting.
  • Make an effort to remember important details like her birthday, the name of her dog, her best friend’s name, and even her parents’ names when she mentions them.
  • Surprise her with her favorites. It doesn’t have to be grand. Even something as simple as bringing her favorite cake when you pick her up from work or a box of chocolates will do.
  • Listen attentively and genuinely during conversations.
  • Make it a point to dress nicely when you are together.
  • A simple “good morning” and “good night” text is enough to make her smile.
These simple gestures are effective in maintaining that attraction. However, there are more strategies you can use to keep her hooked on you, so keep reading.

11. Break Out of Your Shell: Widen Your Taste and Knowledge About Things

Let’s face it: going out of your comfort zone can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. This could be a bit scary for you, especially when you will venture into something new. Here’s the thing: the more reserved you are; the fewer your range will be. This could be problematic, especially in the dating scene. The truth is, women like men who are smart and aren’t afraid to speak their minds. They want someone they can talk to about anything and not just limit it to simple hobbies and interests. creativity during your conversationTherefore, broaden your tastes, take a leap, and educate yourself about other things. It would help if you consider her interests too, so you can have something mutual to talk about. However, you don’t need a perfect GPA or a master’s degree in any Ivy League school. Add a little flair and creativity during your conversation. It could also boost your chances of attraction if you can relate to her. This will surely keep her hooked – guaranteed. It adds plus points to your sex appeal, too.

12. Be Interesting: Another Simple But Challenging Technique to Maintain Attraction

You might say that women are different from each other. That’s true. In fact, some techniques that used to work on Natasha may not work on Sarah. However, one thing is for sure: all women don’t want to be bored. If you want to increase your chances of attraction, then you have to be as interesting as possible, while still keeping in touch with who you are as a person. To be interesting, you don’t have to plan once in a lifetime activities all the time, like bungee jumping or visiting a new country every month. Being the interesting guy means you present yourself in a positive manner. It’s about learning to tell a great story, finding topics that are interesting to talk about, making her laugh, and turning everything into an adventure, even if you are having a snack in a food truck. The bottom line is,if you want to keep her attracted to you, don’t bore her to death.

13. Play the Dominant Game – But Not as Dominant as Christian Grey

make a woman fall for youHave you seen the movie Fifty Shades of Grey or at least heard of it? Women may take different sides, but surely, they want to meet their Christian Grey, too. The truth is, you don’t have to own the largest telecom company or operate a helicopter to make a woman fall for you. All you need is to play the dominant card – in the right places and at the right time. So, how do you become dominant without being too cocky or annoying? Try these tips:
  • Lead the conversation, but make sure you listen to what she has to say, too.
  • Get her attention, but don’t bow down easily when she gives an opposing opinion.
  • Take note of the non-verbal cues, but don’t let yourself out in the open.
  • Appear relaxed and friendly, but don’t give away too many details about yourself.
  • Maintain respect at all times.
  • Make eye contact and hold it.
  • Maximize your superior qualities, whether you are tall, muscular, fit, smart, or even well-dressed.

14. Never Underestimate the Funny Guy to Keep Her Hooked On You

There are two guys in the room: the first guy is wearing his best clothes and looking dashing, while the other seems normal, wears decent clothes, and always cracks jokes. Who do you think the women will go to? Believe it or not, the funny guy usually wins. Making a woman laughThe truth is, humor is one, if not the most effective way to make you irresistible to women. Making a woman laugh, even if she is “out of your league” could trigger positive feelings she can’t ignore. Remember the tip about being interesting to get her hooked? Showcasing your sense of humor could help you a lot in this department and make sure you keep her interested and attracted. How do you do this? Here are some ideas:
  • Tease her, but keep the teasing smart and respectful.
  • When she asks you a question, give her a witty answer, but don’t be rude.
  • Don’t forget about the delivery, which includes eye contact, the tone of your voice and proper timing.
  • Relate your jokes to the current situation you are both in at the time.
However, being funny is not about making her laugh at the expense of other people. Keep your teasing and banter light, smart, playful and respectful. A woman will appreciate your humor if you add a dash of respect. Without a doubt, all of these techniques mentioned will help you master the science of attraction for men. However, there is one trait you need to develop to make sure that she stays hooked on you. Read the next section to find out.

15. The Hottest Trait in the World of Psychology of Attraction

What do you think turns women on? Fine, your looks, physique, and sense of humor could help you get her number. These characteristics may even land you a date. However, there is one trait that is often overlooked a surefire way to keep her hooked. she texted youAt the end of the day, after all these techniques to keep her hooked on you, it all boils down to availability. Based on research, availability is a person’s most attractive trait. Unfortunately, not many people notice the importance of this trait. Think about this: she texted you and asked you if you could come to her party. You said no. She called you and asked you to come over and check out the newest club in the city. You said no. She texted you and it took you more than an hour to text back. She invited you to come over to her place or help her rearrange, but you told her you have other things to do. The bottom line is if you can, make yourself available. Availability builds a connection and may lead to something else. More importantly, it makes her feel that she is important, thereby keeping that hooked feeling intact.

Last Reminders

What’s the bottom line? The science of attraction is about making someone feel important. Say goodbye to memorized conversation starters and cheesy pickup lines, because these 15 techniques will help you establish a connection and get her into you. More importantly, just relax, be yourself, and enjoy the moment. If you need back up, in the dating scene, a few drops of Nexus Pheromones will surely make you irresistible to most women and keep her hooked on you.