A Guide to the Sexual Perfume That Works Best for You

A Guide to the Sexual Perfume That Works Best for Youa compatible partnerThere is no such thing as “normal” and “unusual” when it comes to sexual attraction. Perhaps, one of the most controversial issues in the science of attraction is the ability of both men and women to detect a compatible partner using the sense of smell. It turns out that every person comes with a unique smell print, which can make or break attraction. Consequently, you may not notice it, but your favorite cologne is acting as a sexual perfume that gets women hooked. What are these fragrances that could excite women sexually? Read on to find out the best sexual fragrances, plus get to know pheromones a little bit better.

1. The Nose Knows: Getting Up Close and Personal with Pheromones

Before you say hello to the best sexual cologne available in the market, it is best to understand what pheromones are and how they work. mothsPheromones were first discovered in 1953, which were secreted by female moths to attract males. It turns out animals secrete a particular scent to do the following things:
  • Act as an alarm
  • Demand respect for a territory
  • To follow a food trail
  • For sexual arousal
  • As a bond between a mother and baby
  • To signal another animal or a human to back off
Since then, there has been an ongoing debate as to whether humans have pheromones, too. Some biologists and other experts believe humans don’t, although there are many who think that humans are also capable of secreting a particular scent that could trigger sexual arousal and could lead to sex; hence the birth of sexual perfumes. What’s the big deal on pheromones and humans? Find out in the next section.

2. Sexual Perfumes: What They Can and Can’t Do for You

cologneThere are several products in the market that promise to boost your sex appeal and make you more attractive to women. They go by various names like sexual fragrances, pheromone colognes, and even sexual colognes, among many others. Whatever name they go by, the purpose of this product is to boost your attractiveness by giving out a certain kind of smell that could turn on a woman’s senses. What exactly is a sexual perfume for men? From the name itself, sexual perfume is a scented product that helps elicit a sexual response from the opposite sex. It gives you an edge on social situations and makes you more attractive in the eyes of women. Don’t be fooled by sexual perfume ads that claim it can make you stronger, manlier, or better looking. This type of product may not do those things for you, but it could surely help in making you look more friendly and approachable. Speaking of sexual parfum, check out the next section to find out the essential ingredients this product must have.

3. Essential Pheromone Ingredients You’ll Find in Just About Every Sexual Cologne

several sexual perfumesYou know that there are several sexual perfumes sold in the market that promise to make you irresistible on women. The next question is this: what type of pheromones should be included in the formula to make it more effective? These are:
  • Androstadienone – This type of pheromone increases your attractiveness meter on women.
  • Androstenol – Formerly called Osmone 1, this pheromone provides a relaxing effect on women, especially on their hypothalamus.
  • Androstenone – This is also known as alpha-male pheromone. There are mixed reactions on this type of scent, although women who are ovulating recorded a positive response.
  • Copulins – These are found in vaginal secretions that could temporarily increase your testosterone levels.
Does having these three essential pheromone ingredients in your sexual perfume lead to better results? Not necessarily. Check out the next pointer to make sure your sexual cologne will yield positive results.

4. Guidelines and Safety Procedures to Follow when Using Sexual Perfume for Men

It could be the product or the brand itself. Your choice of sexual cologne will help you deliver the results you wanted. Here’s the catch: there is a possibility that despite the effectiveness of a particular brand, the results may not be what you expected. Check out the tips on proper use of sexual perfume:
  • read and follow the instructionsMake sure to read and follow the instructions provided in the label.
  • Use the correct pheromones to achieve the desired effect.
  • Wear products that will put emphasis not only in your masculinity but also your approachability and friendliness level.
  • Apply the perfume on your clothing and not on your skin.
  • Wash application points in your body to avoid pheromone buildup.
Now that you know the most important tips and guidelines in proper use of sexual perfumes, it’s time to meet those who belong on the list. Say hello to the scents that allows you to draw positive reactions from the opposite sex and who knows, it might lead to something better in the next section.

5. Human Androstenone Pheromone: A Sexual Perfume Worth Trying

could help attract womenIf you are looking for a sexual cologne but don’t know where to start, then Human Adrostenone Pheromone is a product worth trying. It contains the highest concentration of pure human pheromones that could help attract women, especially even when you sweat. Some say that pheromones have no exact scent. Some are able to smell it instantly while there are others who cannot smell certain types of pheromone scents. To make sure that it will work on women, the makers of Human Androstenone Pheromone added essential oils to produce a scent that could get a woman’s attention. Go ahead and try it. The regular size currently costs $29.95 per bottle while the king size, which is good for 50 to 80 applications, is pegged at $49.95. If you get two king size bottles, you get a free bottle for $99.95.

6. Sexual Perfume by Michel Germain: Another Sexual Cologne You Should Add to Your List

When you type “sexual perfume” in the search bar, it will automatically yield “Michel Germain” in the first page. This is because the brand has the most extensive lineup of sexual perfumes guaranteed to awaken the senses of every person who will take a whiff. It also received the Lifetime Achievement Award, which shows that you are in good hands when you decide to try this product. The Sexual collection is something worth trying. This includes:
  • masculinitySexual Paris – This boosts your masculinity while maintaining sophistication, romance, and love.
  • Very Sexual – This collection offers seductive, inviting, and irresistible effect towards the opposite sex.
  • Sexual Secret – It comes with a blend of aphrodisiacs and comes with an enticing scent for an ultra-flirtatious effect.
  • Sexual Noir –This scent focuses on your masculine charisma while keeping you intriguing and sophisticated.
  • Sexual Sugar – Tempting, delicious, and addictive – these are the three words that best describe this collection.
  • Sexual Fresh – If you want to keep it youthful, then this collection is your best choice.
  • Sexual Steel – Virile, intense, and charismatic – this perfume will turn you into a masterpiece.
  • Sexual Nights – From the name itself, you know what you are getting yourself into. This aphrodisiac infused will surely bring out your seductive and inescapable charm.
Keep in mind that the success of sexual fragrances highly depends on the product you used, which is appropriate for the given occasion. Make sure you chose the right one and the possibilities are endless. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Here comes the good part: if you want to give your girl a sexual perfume for her, then Michel Germain got it covered. You can try Michel Germain Sexual Noir or the Very Sexual Eau de Parfum Spray. Sometimes, you don’t need pheromone scents to boost your chances with women. The next sections will tell you the most seductive scents sold on the market today.

7. Let Your Scent Linger with Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein

Do you want a scent that lasts for a considerable amount of time? Then add Calvin Klein’s Eternity Aqua in your list of must-have perfumes. Eternity Aqua offers a sexy and subtle fresh scent that is neither overpowering nor intrusive. It also provides a classy scent and with a hint of “erotic.” What sets Eternity Aqua apart from other scents sold in the market is its staying power. Unlike fragrances that loses their scent after a few hours, Calvin Klein’s Eternity Aqua stays around for a longer period of time, which is not bad in case you forget your change of clothes or if you want something that will last until the following day. Let’s say you tried this scent, but it didn’t work well for you. That’s okay. Check out the next sections for your other options.

8. Bvlgari Aqua: One of the Most Sought After Perfumes in the Worldwide Market

They say good things come with a price. That’s true. Oftentimes, the most expensive products deliver the best results, although this may not hold true all the time. Nonetheless, one of the products that promises to deliver results in Bvlgari Aqua. Despite the price, this scent gives out a strong husky but cool, ocean-like refreshing scent, which is why it deserves a spot in the list of the best sexual perfume for him. Aside from this, it is also long-lasting and blends naturally with your body scent. What makes this perfume extra special on women? Unlike most perfumes, Bvlgari Aqua doesn’t give strong pungent scent that is irritating in the nostrils. In case you want to boost your chances, you can apply Nexus Pheromones first on key areas such as neck, wrist, chest, and behind your ears. Aside from the husky scent from Bvlgari Aqua, Nexus Pheromones could boost your chances in making yourself more attractive in the eyes of women.

9. A Twist of Citrus: Wear Terre D’Hermes and Get Compliments

Most men who opted for this scent will say this: you are guaranteed to get compliments when you wear this perfume. An award-winning scent, Terre D’Hermes by Hermes boasts a strong citrus aroma and a sexy woody fragrance that blends well on your skin. You will also be reminded of peeling lemons or oranges in front a bonfire, which is surprisingly a good thing. It also has a pleasant earthy aroma that will surely give you compliments after because of its deep and sexy nature. If you want someone to tell you that you smell good, then this perfume is worth trying.

10. For the Surfer Guy: Ralph Lauren Polo Blue to Bring Out the Best in You

Are you the outdoor type of guy? Do you enjoy the water and waves as a form of recreation? Then this perfume is for you. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue is the ultimate perfume for the surfer guys out there. It is designed as an outdoor perfume while providing a fresh crisp scent. At the same time,           this sexual perfume gives off the scent of fresh air, which you usually get when surrounded by the sea. Before you say no, keep in mind that the ladies love it when guys sweat and smell like outdoors. Here comes the best part: Ralph Lauren Polo Blue is among the most affordable perfumes in the market.

11. Ralph Lauren Polo Red: Bringing Out the Gentlemen in You

If you are not an outdoor-surfing type of guy, that’s fine. There is still a scent you can try that will make you look daring and bold but still a gentleman. Say hello to Ralph Lauren Polo Red. Compared to the Blue variant, this sexual fragrance product is a blend created from citrus, red saffron, red grapefruit fragrances, and redwood. As a result, it gives out an impression that you are a daring guy. If you want to up your seduction game, then this one will surely top the list. Go ahead, give it a try, and see for yourself.

12. It is Hard to Go Wrong with Davidoff Cool Water

Admit it. You got this perfume back in the day, and used to spray it on yourself before going to school. After all, the scent is one of a kind and can never be replicated. This is the reason why Davidoff Cool Water deserves a spot in the list of the best sexual perfumes that might work for you. What’s with this perfume? Cool Water is among the strongest smelling fragrances for men that give out a fresh blast of marine air. True to its bottle, Davidoff Cool Water’s scent is a representative of aqua or water. Do you want to know why it is called “Cool Water?” It is because it gives the feel and scent of an icy cool ocean, which is definitely an instant girl magnet. Admit it. You like a woman who wears Cool Water too. There are more scents in store for you below so make sure you’ll read until the end, plus tips in choosing the right sexual perfume for you.

13. Exude a Warm Summer Fragrance with Lacoste Noir

There are many scents available that promise to deliver results and make you more irresistible on women. Apparently, only few products work and will deliver results that you deserve. One of these scents is Lacoste Noir. The perfect fragrance for outdoor, sporty, and athletic guy, Lacoste Noir offers a warm summer fragrance that keeps women relaxed and in the mood. It is refreshing too, which is a good thing when making a good impression. This also gives you an alternative scent in case you are not a big fan of Ralph Lauren Polo Blue.

14. Keeping It Classy and Sophisticated with Hugo Boss Number 6

The truth is choosing for the best sexual perfume is not only challenging, but also time-consuming and not budget-friendly. Despite positive reviews about a particular brand, there is still a chance that it may not work for you. In that case, try this perfume: Hugo Boss Number 6. One of the best perfumes sold in the market, Hugo Boss Number 6 is a kind of perfume that makes you look sophisticated and classy. At the same time, this perfume gives a powerful and executive smell, which makes you look successful in the eyes of women. Here comes the best part: Hugo Boss Number 6 can go from day to night while keeping you smelling sexy all throughout the day. This is definitely a perfect all-rounder.

16. Don’t be Fooled by Its Name, Le Male Terrible is in the Game

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male Terrible may be confusing. From its name, you might think that this is a product you should be wary of because of the possible negative effects. On the other hand, users swear by this product and said nothing but the best. What’s the real score with Le Male Terrible? This male scent comes with a bittersweet grapefruit aroma with a touch of pink pepper, warm vanilla, and amber musk to bring out the bad boy in you. It is also designed for the sexy alpha male who knows what he wants. If you fit in the characteristics, then go ahead and give this scent a try. Otherwise, you can try this next scent and who knows, it might work for you.

17. Emit a Classy, Manly Scent with Colonia by Acqua Di Parma

You might be skeptic when you see the following ingredients on the label:
  • LavenderLemon
  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Oak moss
  • Bergamot
  • Sandalwood
  • Verbena
  • Patchouli
These ingredients are commonly associated with female scents, but believe it or not, these could work for you as well. In fact, Colonia by Acqua Di Parma is among the sexiest fragrances for men because of these ingredients. At the same time, it emits a classy manly scent, which reminds you of citrus groves of the Italian Mediterranean coast. That’s not all. Colonia by Acqua di Parma offers a scent that exudes class, personality, and elegance. Think Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling in a tuxedo and you will get the picture. That is how women will perceive you when you wear this scent.

Tips for Buying the Right Sexual Perfume for You

TipsThe products mentioned above will surely help you boost your attractiveness meter and increase your chances in women. Still, this doesn’t mean you should close your doors to other products not mentioned here. There is still a possibility that what works for others might not work for you, which is why you should continue with your hunting process until you find the right one. Below are the tips when buying sexual cologne that will work best for you:
  • Try free samples or sexual perfumes in small bottles, especially if you are trying the product for the first time.
  • Go for products with money back guarantee to make sure you can get your money back in case a particular product didn’t work for you.
  • Make it a point to read the label to know the contents or ingredients of a product you are eyeing for.
  • Choose a sexual fragrance according to your desired effects.
  • Take time to read sexual perfume review sites or threads before buying.
  • Ask recommendations from friends on what type of product they are using.
  • Test the product. If it didn’t work out for the first two weeks, then move on to the next one.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask someone to test the effects of your chosen sexual fragrance.
More importantly, choose a sexual perfume that gives you value for your money. You want a product that works and will work for you to make sure you stand out when the ladies are around. Make sure you go for the right one.