Busy Life, Busy Wife: 10 Marriage Tips for Time-Crushed Husbands

 In today’s busy lives, it’s not hard to understand how intimacy between couples fades away with each day. It’s not easy juggling your schedule to have time for everything, including work, kids, hobbies, friends, family and marriage. Too often, romance and your personal relationship with your wife end up at the bottom of the list

12 Men in Hollywood Who’s Style Men Should Emulate

Who says fashion is only for women? Men should strive to look their best as well, but then again men hate fussing over fashion magazines for style updates. Well, Hollywood celebrities not only provides great entertainment, their looks also inspired many of their audiences to dress better and in style. Whether on screen or off

11 Sex Positions Every Lucky Guy Should Try

Are you becoming bored in the bedroom? There is no need for you to panic. It’s not the lack of feelings between you two. Most likely, missionary and doggy-style are the only sex positions you know about. Novelty in the bedroom is an excellent source of fun, and it’s also one way to keep the