Stop Choking on Fear and Start Dating Again

Picture this: You’re nearing the 30 mark and still haven’t found the girl of your dreams. You’ve been dating for quite some time only to get rejected by countless women. All of a sudden, you’re slowly losing hope and start to develop a fear of dating.

Status: From Un-Friend Zone to Passionate Lover

Imagine this: You meet a girl and hit it off instantly. You start going out together, sometimes just the two of you. So, you are pretty sure that she enjoys your company as much as you enjoy hers. This gives you an idea that maybe, it’s worth a shot.

10 Ways To Be A Man Instead Of A Beast

Here’s the truth: Some men are jerks. Sorry guys, but that’s just how it is, even though the majority of you are good guys. Some men are so full of themselves, they think they can get any girl they want simply by bragging about what they have, and more.