8 Examples Of Really Bad Online Sex Advice

8 Examples Of Really Bad Online Sex Advice

For many years, sex and how to do it the right way was considered taboo. Surely, you only knew about it from peeping through your brother’s room while he watches an adult video and holds his thing, the noise coming from your parent’s room who thought you were so naive not to notice, from the Playboy magazines that are hidden under your uncle’s bed, or you just have a curious, dirty mind.

Whatever the choice is, you surely wonder how to do it that will make it as pleasurable as what you’ve seen on porn. Hence, you type in “sex advice,” on Google, hoping to land the best sex advice tips. Unfortunately, you were given some bad online sex advice and if you followed it, your sex life is definitely doomed. Here are eight examples of the worst of the worst:

1. Change Your Sheets

When you Google “how to become a better lover,” one way or another, you will find yourself reading this: change your sheets. Ha! As if changing your bed sheets every so often can affect your performance in bed, right? Change Your SheetsAlthough it does makes sense, especially when your white sheets turn gray, or roaches and other icky creatures start crawling on them, no thanks to the residue of your spilled chocolate drink from two months ago. Certainly, the woman you brought into your pad will definitely get grossed out and would rather leave than lie down on your bed. Apart from this, your sheets are fine. Just make sure they won’t tick a girl’s libido off.

2. Pray

There is no intention to make fun of religious people here. But c’mon, seriously? Directing your attention to the Almighty God, hoping for some divine intervention that will make you a better lover in bed definitely won’t work. It’s better to pray for other equally important things like when you are dying in the hospital or asking for strength when everything in your life is not going the way you want it to go. And if you will be praying for guidance during the whole sex act, or you are hoping that God will make anal sex pleasurable for you, please, that’s just too lame. Give God a break. He has more important things to do than listen to your sex prayers.

3. Clean Up

shavingYes, dear men. This is perhaps the first staple and most important tip you’ll ever get in thousands of tips about how to be a better lover. And this includes shaving, taking a bath and brushing your teeth. But then again, that’s something you should do daily, sex or not, isn’t it? Hygiene does play an important role, not just in your sex life, but in your overall look, as well. However, being clean and giving your package a quick overhaul before slipping in the sheets is no guarantee that it will make you better in bed. Rather, it is only a reminder to take note of your hygiene, despite the fact that you have a natural scent that will surely turn a woman on from human pheromones. Still, you don’t need to throw a bottle of cologne on your entire body or use your extra strength Mr. Clean down there. You’re fine that way.

4. Take Control – But Learn How To Say Sorry

Okay, this is perhaps the dumbest sex advice you’ll ever read. As a man, you might feel that it is your job to lead and take control. Maybe because you’re built that way or you simply think women are still inferior (but they are not). Women long for intimacyStill, that doesn’t mean you should impose on certain positions or force yourself on her or do things against her will – but if you do, stop, genuinely apologize and change your course. There is no such thing as being a “friendly rapist.” Either you really care about her sexual needs but still keep yours intact or you’re just a plain a-hole and you think sexually traumatizing her turns her on. Take it easy. Women long for intimacy and emotional connection, not bruises and slapping your member on their faces.

5. Shave – Down There

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Brazilian wax is totally in for the ladies, and admit it guys, you surely dig that no-hair down there idea. Still, that doesn’t mean you should get rid of yours, too. Fine, it can make your package bigger, thanks to this idea that your pubes makes your member look smaller. On the other hand and for one thousandth time, hair or no hair down there won’t make you better at sex. To be safe, just trim it. Not long enough to cover your package, but not short enough to make you look like you just lost your hair from using too much extra strength Mr. Clean down there.

6. Always Wait For The Right Time To Have Sex

Right Time To Have SexYou know that feeling when you are in a new relationship and everything is just so right? And while you are in the honeymoon stage, you secretly wish you could get in her pants and give her the best sex ever? Apparently, she’s not yet ready and waiting for the right time to do it. The question is, what defines the “right time?” Or what if that “right time” doesn’t come? Can you hold it any longer? No matter how much you love the girl, if she kept brushing sex aside while waiting for the Holy Spirit to tell her that now is the right time to do it, just forget her. Who knows, she might end up praying too, before you guys get in the sheets.

7. When You’re Just Too Mad, Don’t Have Sex

If you haven’t heard of makeup sex, then you’re probably living under a rock. Withholding sex, no matter how serious or petty issues may be, like not flushing the toilet or wrong plates on the kitchen table, is just too bad.You two are adults already. Sort it out and talk about your issues like mature individuals.

8. Don’t have Sex With Someone Too Soon

long-term relationshipThis can be taken in connection with advice no. 6. This can work, especially when you are not sure whether the person you want to have sex has STD or you are after a long-term relationship. Nonetheless, prolonging that sexy time might not be good for your guy down there, especially when you haven’t used it for so long. No sex on the first date is fine. It only shows you respect her. But, when you’re already on your tenth date, had exchange thousands of meaningful text messages and you haven’t made a move, there might be something wrong with you. And chances are, she’s already doing someone else, because you’re just too slow. Sex is a wonderful act. And it definitely takes a lot of practice and reading before you can master your game. If you want to up your playing field, try using Nexus Pheromones. It is a combination of seven potent human pheromones that can mimic the scent of an attractive, healthy and fertile man.