9 Fun and Freaky Places to Get It on With Your Lady

9 Fun and Freaky Places to Get It on With Your LadyAre your bored of your sex life? You may not realize, but your partner is probably bored, as well. You should continue to keep your sex life alive by trying new sexcapades. Whether your girlfriend is a bed-loving partner or a daring sex kitten, there is always something new that you can try together to rev up the intimacy. From another room in the house to the elevator at work, you and your girl should try out these nine fun and freaky sex locations.

1. Get Down While Going Down

It might seem unorthodox, but what better place to start your freaky sex adventures than in an elevator? elevatorsHow To Get Away With It The next time you find yourselves alone in an elevator, hit the pause button between floors. You can surprise her by cornering her and seeing where it goes, but just remember that most elevators have a camera. You can try and find the corner underneath the camera, but you may still leave the security guards with some x-rated footage. We are sure they won’t mind, but you and your partner may. Perhaps you may even get arrested for public lewdness, so if there’s a camera or it’s a busy building and elevator, move on to the next suggestion.

2. Forget The Popcorn

  Believe it or not, movie theatres are actually a pretty common public place to have sex. Hopefully for you, the popcorn will not be the only thing buttering up and popping. How To Get Away With It Sneak a spot in the back row, and go to see a movie that is not a mega box hit. You know, those independent films that are hardly even advertised. Yes, go see one of those. You won’t be watching the movie anyway. If you are in a pretty packed movie theatre, then you can still suggest things get a little x-rated by whispering into her ear. Who knows, you two could always take it to another location that is inside of a movie theatre, like the bathroom.

3. Possibly Not The Most Sanitary

Everyone knows about the bathroom hook up. Definitely, it’s not the cleanest place to do it, but you can get some privacy in the form of a stall. How To Get Away With It bathroom hook upTo be honest, a one-person bathroom is more likely to provide more privacy; however, a single bathroom may be busier. Be sure to walk in separately, giving it a few moments in between your entry. She can text you from the bathroom when ready. You can use the toilet seat for leverage, but you might want to have her keep her shoes on. You can stand, while she props one leg up on the toilet. Hey, you even have a toilet paper holder to lean on. If you want a cleaner area, then maybe you could keep it in your own home for the evening.

4. Get A Good View

Balconies and back yards offer some prime real estate for sexcapades. Often times, these locations overlook a scenic area or a highway. In both cases, no one is going to be looking at the two of you. How To Get Away With It  If you are nervous, bring a blanket and drape it over the two of you. Remember that this is happening on your own property, and so it’s not necessarily illegal for you to do what you want to do on your land. Be careful since you just might have some on lookers. Find a place that is private, but could make things all the more interesting for you both. There are plenty more public areas prime for having the sex of your life, if you want to leave the house, though.

5. Splish Splash, You Will Be Having Some Sex

Having Some SexEveryone knows about Jacuzzi sex. Better yet, you can have sex with a woman instead of the jets in the Jacuzzi. How To Get Away With It That’s right, let her pull her bikini bottom to the side and make the hot tub a little hotter. The best part is that the bubbles and jets make it difficult to see what is going on. So, you can always keep it PG-rated above the water, while making it much naughtier down below. You have two main positions at your disposal for this location. Either sit on the seat of the hot tub and let your girl be on top. Or, you can mosey on into the pool and make it look like you are simply carrying her around from the front. Both of these positions allow her to be on top, which puts her in control of her own pleasure, and we guarantee that you won’t be complaining. If the two of you are looking for a much riskier adventure, then this next location is no boring walk in the park.

6. More Than Just A Walk In The Park

Chances are that you have always associated a stroll in the park as either time with your dog, or PG rated fun with your partner. Think like this no more and turn the park into your ultimate adult playground. How To Get Away With It Unless you don’t want the cops to arrest you for public nudity, you should probably wait until the sun begins to set.Most parks have operating hours, so you can always gradually work your way up to sex in the park. Monitor the patrolling situation.Some larger parks have park rangers who come by every 20 or 30 minutes. Therefore, see what you are working with in terms of time. Walk In The ParkWhen you are ready to attempt it, find a location that is suitable for both of you. Bring a blanket, and stay away from any objects that will irritate either of you. For example, if there is a beach then sand is never comfortable near the genitals. Also, some plants tend to create rashes, and let’s just say that poison ivy and herpes look quite similar to one another when they are both on your penis. This is perfectly doable if you make it a quickie and keep it relatively quiet. If you are not so much a nature lover, then this next spot might be for you.

7. Perfect For The Homebodies

Sometimes you and your partner will not feel as adventurous, or may be you have always kept it to the bedroom. There are plenty of opportunities to sex it up in your house, and this is not exactly going to land you in jail, which is usually a perk. How To Get Away With It Are you venturing out of the bedroom for the first time? Keep it relatively comfortable by moving your sexcapades to the couch or a comfortable chair. Chairs and couches actually allow for some pretty tantalizing positions. One you should especially try out is letting her ride you on top while you sit up. You can indeed get deep, and this is one hot spot known to cause orgasms for her. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Once you are comfortable outside of the bedroom, take it to the floor, the kitchen counter, on top of the washing machine on spin cycle; the possibilities are endless. You can add a little spice to the encounter by getting all sexed up for the night. Even if you are home, you don’t have to be in sweatpants. Make sure to shave or trim up, and wear some cologne. In fact, you can subtly draw her to you by catering to your pheromones. NexusPheromones spray works to create steamier night by making you like a magnet to your woman. But, before you begin this treatment ensure to check with your doctor if you are taking medications for other health issues. cologneParents of children might find this a bit more difficult, but the additional obstacle makes it all the sexier. Besides, you can always lock yourselves in the office or laundry room, right? Speaking of offices, let’s talk about one location in particular that can lead to some exciting sex.

8. Get To Work

Depending on where the two of you work, you can make things much hotter by taking your sex life to work with you. How To Get Away With It We guarantee you don’t want your company to fire you over this, which is completely understandable. Thus, you will have to be discreet, but that’s not a problem. Think about how sexy it would be to bend your girlfriend over your desk. Okay, so maybe this isn’t possible if you work in a cubicle, but maybe there is another location at work. Mechanics have vehicles or break rooms. White collar workers have their own offices or closets to escape to. Even doctors or nurses can go for a walk and get lost in the meandering hallways. Either way, it’s not worth losing your job just to have excitement in the office. Be smart and look for other places if you can find a place that is absolutely private.

9. Fog Up the Windows

Here’s the classic sex in a car location. This one feels like high school if you both are jammed in the backseat. You can definitely make the most of this opportunity, though. How to Get Away With it sex in a carFirst and foremost, park somewhere that is not a central location. If you don’t, then you will be giving some onlookers a fantastic show. Car sex does not necessarily have to be in the back seat. In fact, the front seats should recline, and the passenger seat does not have a massive steering wheel in your way. This is the perfect opportunity to let her hop on top and ride you in your own vehicle. Make it racy by suggesting her perform some tricks of her own while you take the wheel. Of course, always keep it safe. Pull over to the slow lane and hit the cruise button. You don’t want to get in an accident with your pants down. Move beyond the bedroom into the laundry room, your office, Jacuzzi, or an elevator to rev up your sex life today. To make things spicier, don’t forget to use your pheromone spray.