Women Revealed: 16 Best Tips on How to Look Handsome

Women Revealed: 16 Best Tips on How to Look HandsomeMost men think that they are not handsome. In order to understand how to look handsome, men need to make a few simple changes to their lifestyle, habits and looks. To look confident and handsome, you need to wear the right clothes and present yourself in the best way possible. You can even consider bringing some charm to your behavior to look handsome. It is not necessary for every man to look like Brad Pitt to impress a woman. There are some general tips you can consider following to achieve this objective. Just make sure to keep your efforts high, and the results will follow automatically. Later on, in this article, we shall look into various tips that many men have found useful in looking handsome and attracting women. Most of these tips may be familiar to you, but you are perhaps unsure how to apply them. This article will shed more light on easy tricks that you can use anytime and anywhere. Let’s get started with the tips:

1. Dress Well: The Right Clothes Can Easily Enhance Your Personality

Looking handsome is easy for men provided they know how to dress well. Dressing well doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear a tuxedo every day. Just make sure you wear clothes that are clean and ironed properly. Wearing flattering clothes that suit your style and comfort levels can give you confidence that can impress any girl. Here’s how to dress well to impress a girl:
  • wear a tuxedoFind Your Right Style: Before you go ahead and select clothing for yourself, it is important to know what your style is. If you wardrobe already has dresses that match your style, then it is fine. Otherwise, you need to pick a style based on your interests and on the occasions.
  • Shop Wisely: Once you have identified the style you are going to settle on, you now need to shop for the right clothes. This is when you can ask advice to people who already tried out your style or start searching for your style online. You should get a lot of details through these approaches.
  • Look for Accessories Too: Dressing doesn’t only mean wearing proper clothes; it also means wearing the right accessories that will help to establish your style. Wearing an attractive leather watch or a pair of sunglasses can help you a lot in attracting the opposite sex.

2. Pay Attention: Don’t Underestimate the Significance of Small Details

Other men may not notice smaller details about you, but women surely will. Even if a woman gets attracted to you in the first place, the manner in which you pay attention to smaller things will enable her to decide on whether you are the right person in her life or not. Do not ever ignore the small things in life. Here are the small details that you need to address immediately:
  • clean your shoesManicures are not only for ladies. You may not have given any importance to manicure in your life in order to look handsome. But, you need to opt for it and improve your looks in order to attract the girl in your life.
  • Become a man, trim your nails. If you have had the habit of growing your nails, then it is the time you stop doing it. Cut your nails short and keep them clean.
  • Keep your shoes and socks clean. Dirty shoes and socks may smell badly and leave a bad impression to the other person, including your women. If you never had time to clean your shoes and socks and allowed them to smell bad, then you need to get proactive and change that. Clean them regularly and ensure they do not emit a foul smell.

3. Charm Your Lady: Knowing Exactly What to Do

Charming your lady will not turn you into a prince charming, but it will surely work to attract her to you and make you more irresistible than before. Besides, when you will find that women like to be in your company, you will be more confident about your looks and appeal. Are you wondering whether this is too much work for you? Here are some tips:
  • Be a challenge to your lady. Women like men who are a challenge for them. It may sound stupid when you look at it from a man’s point of view, but it is true. You can prove you are up to the challenge by being confident and displaying your skills.
  • Compliment your lady sincerely. Giving a woman a compliment just for the sake of it, even if it may not yield any result for you. When you do the same by being completely honest and sincere, you will notice the women opening up in a split second.
  • Don’t let boredom sneak into your conversation. Try animated and creative conversation with your woman, since boring talks may turn them off quickly. Also, avoid talking to her in an interview style. Be flirty and cocky. Give your conversations a bit of a sexy feel.

4. Stay Hygienic: The Best Tips on How to Look Handsome

No matter who you are trying to impress; if you want to look handsome, then you need to manage your personal hygiene. You are not just required to take a bath daily, but you need to take good care of yourself. When you stay hygienic and look fresh, there are good chances that your girl will find you attractive and handsome. How do you stay hygienic? Consider these simple ways:
  • Take care of your skin. If you have bad skin, then your girlfriend will probably think that you are unhygienic. Therefore, it is vital that you take good care of your skin. For example, consider washing your skin each time you undertake a physical activity. Also, if possible, avoid razor burns at all costs.
  • Take a shower at least once a day. You will not only look clean, but also smell good. Take time to comb your hair and style it up a bit. Don’t let your hair become messy Keep it clean and trimmed to avoid split ends. Whether you let your hair stay long or short is up to you, just keep it under control. If you are not sure how to do it, leave it to your hairstylist.

5. Be a Magnet to Your Woman: Increase Your Charismatic Presence

smileIf you want to know how to look handsome and attractive, then you need to make sure you have a magnetic presence. When you make her feel your presence, she will be attracted to you more. Here’s how you can create a magnetic presence:
  • Smile a Lot: If you want to appeal to your girlfriend instantly, then give her a genuine smile. Develop a sense of humor and share your jokes with your girl. This will make her feel special.
  • Practice Good Posture: Women tend to love men who maintain a proper posture. For example, standing upright will make your woman feel in control and confident about you. Your bad posture will signify that you are not interested in meeting with her and lack confidence.
  • Maintain Eye Contact: While you are talking with your woman, make sure to keep an eye contact with her. This will make her understand that you are interested in her and her opinions. Besides, she will build a personal contact with you.

6. Smell Fresh and Amazing: Go for Cologne or Aftershave, But Don’t Bathe in Them

Smell is one of the strongest senses we have, and you can use that to your benefit. Smelling fresh at all times makes you popular and attractive to everyone around you, including the girl you like. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to take a bath five to six times a day or use perfumes on your body every hour. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Below are some tips for using perfumes to impress your girl:
  • Use mild perfumes. Stronger ones can easily put off your girlfriend. You can pick musky colognes. If you are not fond of colognes, try a moderately fragrant body wash or body spray. The fragrance linger enough to give a good impression.
  • perfumeDon’t use a perfume more than twice daily. If possible, use it only once after you have taken a bath.
  • Never use ladies’ perfumes. Your girl can easily find out and may stay away from you permanently.
  • Use male pheromone perfume. Another way to look very attractive is to use Nexus Pheromones. This manly scent will work as a magnet to attract a woman and make her feel that you are fertile, strong, and healthy.

7. Why Exercise Makes You Even More Handsome

Understanding how to look handsome in high school is not difficult, provided you think out-of-the-box. And here, you just need to impress your classmates by exercising regularly. In fact, you can even encourage your beloved one to exercise with you, and make her aware of the benefits of exercising regularly. This way, you are assuring her that you are indeed health-conscious. Here’s how can exercise help improve your bonding:
  • Motivation: When you start to exercise with your girlfriend, it motivates both of you. It is therefore natural that the bonding between the two of you will only increase over time.
  • Relaxation: Exercising regularly can help to relax you a lot. It is definitely a lot easier to approach your girlfriend and get her attention when you are in a relaxed frame of mind. So, exercising not only helps you physically, but also mentally.

8. Facial Fuzz: Don’t Be Too Worried About It

facial hairAs long as you have everything under control about your facial hair, there is nothing you have to be worried about. Yes, messy and unkempt beards can turn off any girl, but if you opt for manly stubble, it can actually make you look sexier than before. How should you maintain your facial hair? Below are some useful tips on how to look handsome face:
  • Take care of your facial hair. Even though most women like a rough look, growing too much facial hair may hinder your attractive looks; therefore, it is better to keep your facial hair trimmed every few weeks.
  • Clean your hair thoroughly. It is not just enough to keep your facial hair trimmed; you also need to clean your hair regularly. Use an appropriate shampoo and a conditioner specifically designed for men’s hair. Using these products will help prevent hair becoming brittle and keep them strong.

9. Being Human: Tips to Control Over-Sweating

One of the ways to look handsome and fresh at all times is by keeping your sweat under control. Agreed, it is perfectly human to sweat. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try keeping it under your control. Always keep a towel handy, you can use it whenever you feel like it, and keep yourself clean and fresh at all times. Want to control excessive sweating? These methods should help:
  • Change your clothing often. If you are someone who sweats quite regularly, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to change your dress to keep yourself free from sweat.
  • Always use antiperspirants. You can also use powerful deodorants to combat smelly sweat.
  • Change your footwear regularly. Wearing the same shoes for longer makes them smelly.

10. Tips to Look Irresistible and Draw Your Girl’s Attention in No Time

get back into shapeIf you are naturally not a hunk, don’t worry. Make efforts to look attractive. When you look charismatic and confident, you can easily create the perfect first impression on your woman. What’s more, if you are able to get it right, there’s no stopping your woman from adoring you. So, how to look hot? Here are some useful ways:
  • Keep an eye on your weight. You will probably struggle to draw your woman’s attention if you have put on lots of weight, or if you are really underweight. Falling in these categories means that you are compromising on your personality. Make sure you go to the gym, swim, and walk or try anything else that will help you get back into shape quickly.
  • Watch what you eat. If you have been over-indulging in the food every now and then, then it is the time you change that habit. Instead of having large meals, it is better to have smaller meals at regular intervals. Also, drink lots of water. It helps with digestion and keeps your skin healthy and glowing.

11. Pictures Speak: How to Look Good in Photographs

It is vital to look good, not just in real life, but also in photographs. The woman interested in you should also be attracted to you in your photographs. Otherwise, if you fail to give a positive impression to your lady through photos, then the chances are that you may not be able to leave a lasting impression. So, how to look handsome in photos? Follow these tips:
  • left side of your faceFind Just the Right Angle: It is significant that you get the angle right when you are taking a photo in a seated position. When you tilt your face slightly in order to meet the camera, then your jaw will automatically appear more refined. However, when you are standing, make sure that the photo is taken from an angle lower than normal. This will make you appear lean and tall.
  • Your Left Side is More Appealing: It is always better to present the left side of your face while posing for a photo. According to research, this is because the left side of the human face is more appealing than the right one. So, next time you get an opportunity to show your photo to your girl, just make sure to give her the one that highlights the left side of your face.
  • Move Your Hand in Your Hair: Give a quick touch of volume to your hair by flipping it upwards, and then use your fingers to run through your hair strands. This look should be perfect for your photo.

12. Get That Decent Look with the Right Pair of Glasses

There are many accessories you can wear in order to look handsome and cool. But the problem is that you may not look appealing in all of them. The right pair of glasses can work wonders for you, especially if you are trying really hard to impress your girl and want to have a decent look. How to look handsome with glasses? Given below are some tips:
  • glassesFind The Right Style: Before you shop for glasses, identify the right ones for you. There are various types of glasses in several shapes and styles. Find the ones that suits your face type. If you are unsure of which type of glasses makes you appealing, take an expert’s help in choosing the right ones for you.
  • Don’t Overreact: Be on your own. Just because you have selected the right pair of glasses doesn’t mean you start behaving differently. You have a personality like all, so better to stick to it.
  • Clean Your Glasses Regularly. Read the manufacturer’s guide on how to keep them clean.

13. Put on Your Shoes: Invest In the Right Pair

It’s no secret that most women are crazy about shoes. You may not believe it, but your woman cares a lot about the kind of shoes you wear. Thus, buying the right pair of shoes will only enhance your brilliant personality. Your shoes have the similar effect as your clothes, so make sure that you find the right one that match with your personality. Are you wondering how to pick the right shoes? Here’s how to do it
  • Your shoes don’t have to be flashy or colorful. Just make sure to select a nice and simple pair of shoes that can do the job for you. Your chosen shoes have to match the suit or outfit you are wearing.
  • Merely owning the right pair of shoes will not work for you. Keep them clean and polish them regularly. This way they will be perfect for a long time.

14. Starting to Date: How to Look Handsome in Middle School

Many teenage boys look for answers on how to look handsome in school. In order to make things easier for them, we have compiled tips for boys in middle school. Here’s how to attract your crush easier:
  • Wear clothing and accessories that are appropriate for your age. Converse, boot cut jeans, fitted shirts, hoodies and shorts are a few choices.
  • Be nice with everyone. Don’t try to flatter anyone unnecessarily. Be yourself.
  • Have a good sense of humor. This will help you make more friends, especially girls.
  • Indulge in sports and activities. If you can, join your school’s sports team.
  • Compliment girls. Just say nice things to them, for instance, “You look pretty with your new hairstyle.”

15. Eat Right: Being Healthy for Making You Handsome and Fit

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look handsome; instead, you just need to reach for your fridge. The foods you eat affect your physical, mental and overall health. Just by adding a few healthy ingredients to your diet, you can improve your looks considerably. Do you want to know which foods will help improve your looks? Here are some of them:
  • Eggs: These high-energy sources are perfect for the easiest and quickest late-night dinner options for you. In addition to being a powerhouse of energy, eggs are rich in iron and sulfur that can help prevent hair loss and keep it smooth and soft.
  • Red Cabbage: This is a rich source of iodine and sulfur, and is particularly beneficial in cleansing your insides.
  • Bananas: This is one of the foods you need to binge on to get smooth, healthy skin.

16. Show Your Abilities to Your Woman

playing guitarWe know you are a powerhouse of talent and capabilities. However, there are women who may or may not be interested in what your hobbies and skills are. So, how do you know that they want to be part of your passion? The only way to find out whether your woman likes your talent or abilities, find a right opportunity to showcase it to her. You must be interested to know how to display your abilities. Here’s how to share your interests and talents:
  • If playing guitar, for example, is your forte, consider inviting your girl to one of your band’s shows or practice sessions.
  • You can ask her to come and watch one of the games you are participating in sometime.
Everyone wants to know how to look handsome. We all want to attract and to fascinate a partner. This is one of the reasons why a lot of men want to look more appealing. After going through these tips, you will find it rather easy to maintain your looks and attract the woman of your dreams.