Relationship Advice for Men – Find Out What Works on Women

Relationship Advice for Men - Find Out What Works on WomenIf you are facing a tough time making a woman fall in love with you, you can use these latest pieces of relationship advice for men. These tips may help you learn how to convey your feelings and make her irresistible to you. As you reach the end of the article, don’t forget to go through a special tip to understand your woman better. Once you understand her on a deeper level, who knows how far your relationship will go?

1. The Attitude of Men Towards a Grown-up Relationship

comfortable with her partnerThere might be a few exceptions, but the majority of men get detached once they find the relationship is stable, and they have found the girl of their choice. In the beginning of the relationship, a guy is extremely inclined towards his lady love and goes to every length to impress her with his gestures and love. As the relationship grows old and a woman becomes comfortable with her partner, some men begin to lack interest in the relationship. If you want your woman to think of you as a wonderful person or the envy of the rest of the beautiful ladies, you need to make slight changes to your behavior. Impressing your woman and making her happy is not as difficult as you actually think. As you go through this article, you will discover simple ways to keep your woman yours forever.

2. Relationship Advice For Men: Take Out Time To Communicate With Your Lady

One of the best relationship tips for men is to communicate with their partner. It is unusual for men to sit down occasionally with their woman and talk seriously about their feelings and other issues. In the beginning of the relationship, they find time to communicate with her in order to impress her. But, as time passes they take their woman for granted. You may find it fake or difficult, but do spare some moments to spend with your lady love and convey your problems and feelings to her or simply have casual  conversations with her. Also, if you are not happy with any aspect of your relationship, you should communicate with her to avoid confusion and make things better for both of you. A relationship full of misunderstandings, fakeness and hidden grudges will fall apart quickly.

3. Take Your Woman Seriously: She is a Woman With Her Own Set of Opinions

Sit with her oftenDon’t take your woman for granted, especially if she is a homemaker. Some men still think of women as an object of love with no opinions, advice and suggestions.  Sit with her often and ask for the answers you are looking for. You might get surprised with her opinion. Besides, when you will make her a part of your everyday life, she will feel secure and happy. Give her the importance she deserves and see the magic unfold. She will be all yours for the rest of her life.

4. Appreciate Her Often: Just Don’t Feel, Say It Aloud

We know you love your lady. She is an integral part of your life who manages your mess and keeps you happy, but it usually happens that, after a couple of years in your relationship, you let your love remain in your chest. Why you feel it difficult to reveal your feelings to her every now and then. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]One tested and tried relationship advice for guys is learning the art of appreciating their woman. Let her know how beautiful she is to you and how you much love her. The growing blush on her face will surely make her day and keep her going far off with you in your relationship. Here are a few lovely compliments that will make her fonder of you and make you her Mr. Right:
  • You’re just gorgeous.
  • Nobody made me happier than you.
  • Come on, stop being so sweet.
  • How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?
  • You drive me crazy, honey.
  • You make me feel like a man.
You can shower your woman with compliments every now and then to let her know how special she is to you. One thing must be clear, don’t be overgenerous with your compliments. Besides, remember to compliment her at the right time. As much as you want your woman to feel loved, don’t overdo it. If she gets the hint that you are going overboard, she will enjoy it less.

5. Sweep Your Woman Off Her Feet: Keep Her Guessing

candle lit dinner dateYou must have done multiple things to surprise your woman when you are courting her. But, why don’t you give her surprises to your darling anymore? Maybe because you think she is already with you and you don’t need to impress her anymore. Here are a few ideas to surprise your woman:
  • If you don’t believe in big gestures, you can always surprise her with some beautiful jewelry. Can’t afford it? Just a single rose would suffice.
  • Plan an impromptu candle lit dinner date, complete with glasses of champagne, chocolates and her favorite flowers. Make the effort to dress up for once.
  • Book a holiday where she is bound to enjoy herself.
These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. You can surprise your beloved with other equally mind-blowing ideas too. Just don’t restrict yourself and let your heart guide you in planning the entire thing.

6. Let’s Not Beat Around the Bush: Making Your Lady Feel Secure

We admit that girls can be a little bit paranoid at times, but it is because you give them enough opportunities to suspect what you are doing behind their back. Rather than finding your girlfriend insecure because of her attempts to know where you have been, you should try to see it as an active interest to know what is going on in your life. Follow the relationship help for men right now and make attempts to provide your lady love with a sense of stability in your relationship through some of these methods:
  • Always let her know what your plans are for a particular day, and where you intend on going, so that she doesn’t keep messaging you to know your whereabouts throughout the day.
  • It is okay to have female friends as long as you make sure you maintain some boundaries in your friendship with them. Why not introduce your girlfriend to your pals? They might even become best friends themselves.
  • Refrain from keeping your mobile access password protected.
  • Do you feel jealous of her ex-boyfriend with whom she is still on friendly terms? Instead of avoiding the issue, communicate your emotional upheaval to her.

7. Don’t Hold Back on the Public Display of Affection

Public Display of AffectionWomen and men have drastically different opinions on how affection in relationships should be put across their respective partners. While a girl might not even think twice before giving her mana peck on the cheek but a man would feel so shy in social situations that he would not even hold her hand while in a gathering. However, they don’t realize that girls love it when their partners express their love in a social set up where all her near and dear ones are present. After all, what can be better than a public proclamation of love? Are you a man who suffers from the same dilemma of how to treat your girl in a social gathering?  Read these tips we have come up to aid you get out of this tricky situation.
  • Open the door for her and pull the chairs for her to sit whenever she feels tired or gets ready to eat.
  • Hold her hand and reassure her of your presence, especially if it is a work related gathering where she knows no one.
  • Introduce her to each of your acquaintances. Don’t lie about the nature of your relationship.
  • Don’t leave her alone for a long duration of time.
  • Take her to the dance floor and lose yourself in her eyes.

8. It’s Time to Stop Being a Momma’s Boy

Don’t get us wrong now. There is nothing sweeter than a man who is dedicated to his mother. Girls, most of them, anyway feel that a man who loves and respects his mother would surely treat them the same way. But men hardly realize this, and often cross the line when it comes to showing devotion to their mothers, which in turn gives rise to a host of relationship problems in their lives. Keep reading to know how you can love your mother without letting it offend your lady love:
  • Do you have a new job? Do you want to rant about how your obnoxious colleagues keep on getting on your nerves? Why not share your successes and frustrations with your girlfriend?
  • Don’t ask your mother’s opinion on everything in your life. You aren’t a kid anymore.
  • Don’t give her reasons to blame you for being in the shadow of your mother. No woman would like a child in guise of a man to be her lover.

9. Boring Alert: Don’t Let Go of The Young Man You Once Were

You feel boredIt is inevitable that, one day or another, you will wake up only to realize that through all the years of settling down, having kids, changing diapers and sending them off to school, some of the intensity of love between you and your wife might have faded away. You feel bored of your relationship and find yourself desperately looking help from a relationship advice forum. Let us be the first to tell you that you are completely wasting your time which can rather be utilized in building your relationship from the ground up, once again. The best relationship advice for men is: set aside a time in the week where both of you can spend time with each other without the incessant disturbance caused by mobile phones, without the demands of your family and your work life. Most importantly, don’t treat this time as a mandatory thing you have been pushed into but a way of reconnecting with your lost love. Show your willingness to accept any constructive feedback and work on your flaws until you are able to correct them. Don’t be afraid to be a bit silly, even if you are too old for courting your wife. Watch how she reciprocates your feelings and you might be surprised.

10. Take Risks From the First Day

Do you know your soul mate is waiting out there for you to call her while you are seeking solutions to relationship problems for men? Here’s some real dating advice for men: More than anything, girls love passion. If you call her just after you get home from the date, she will feel like you genuinely care about her and you just couldn’t resist wanting to know about her feelings. Who decided you had to wait two days anyways? Looking for tips on what to say to a girl to let her know you are serious when you are just starting out? Here are some starters:Take Risks From the First Day
  • “Let’s hang out” translates to having a one-night stand in a girl’s mind. Use the phrase “Let’s go and eat” instead.
  • “Would you like to go on a date with me?”
  • “Can I have your number?”
  • “Can I be your boyfriend?”
All you have to do is take the time to express where you want your relationship to be headed without giving some ambiguous signals and see how your love life becomes the most stable thing in your life, which always fills you with happiness.

11. You Are Deserving of Love: Work on Yourself First

You might have heard the saying, “Clothes make the man.” Girls are attracted to men who know how to dress and carry themselves, not the boys who would rather wear tattered t-shirts and ragged jeans and call it a day. Here are some of the pointers you should keep in mind if you want to impress and keep your girl.
  • Groom yourself. Do you wonder how you would have reacted if your girl hadn’t waxed her legs in a year. Do your partner a favor. Bathe, cut your hair and nails once in a while and shave. Wear well fitted tailored garments not just something you randomly picked out at the thrift store.
  • Use a mouth freshener without fail. Nothing turns a girl off more than bad breath.
  • Smell great. Nexus Pheromones gives you access to perfumes, which would act on your girlfriend’s subconscious and make her attracted to you even at your worst. The sheer number of women fighting amongst themselves just to flirt and exchange numbers with you would amaze you.

12. Relationship Advice for Men on Forums: Why Focus on the Negative?

long term relationshipAny man who has been in a long term relationship knows that after a certain point of time, it is quite easy to just give up. You start by focusing on the negative aspects of your relationship, the qualities your partner lacks and begin by falling for women who exhibit those same qualities. It’s just a downward spiral from then onwards. The relationship advice on forums always focus on how men are more prone to critique their girlfriends and cheat on them even though what they shared once was nothing short of true love. So how can you get out of that all too familiar rut? Keep the following things in mind, always:
  • Don’t over analyze what she said or did and how your partner behaved or didn’t.
  • Give her the benefit of doubt. If something is bothering you about your relationship which you want to correct, confront her about it.
  • If you are in a long distance relationship and it’s not possible to communicate with your girlfriend all the time, don’t just assume the worst. Keep yourself in her position and try to understand the motives behind her actions.

13. Set Common Goals and Accomplish Them

The patriarchal society has become notorious for thinking that it is the man’s ambitions and desires which should take the front seat while the woman cowers under the power of her father, her brother and lastly, her husband. It is your job to bring your lady love out of her downtrodden position in the society and give her goals a place of equal importance beside your own. Studies have shown that relationships that include the male and the female partners working on their individual goals together and supporting each other throughout were far more successful than those in which their individual philosophies were poles apart. Here’s how to keep your connection close:
  • getting a dogTalk to your partner about what your goals are on the personal and professional front in the next five years.
  • Set a relationship goal and a deadline within which to accomplish it. The goals can be anything minor like moving in together or even something major like deciding to buy a house or getting a dog.
  • Do you share any common interests with your partner? Focus on that and create small goals revolving around both of your interests. If you love books, think of building a library together. If you like travelling, book a European tour during the holiday season.

14. Don’t Back Down: Get Past Your Breakup

People tend to give up on their partners when they realize that they have broken up, but that is the time you have to work the hardest to get back the love of your life. Psychologists have emphasized time and again that the last conversation between two lovers before a break up might be sorrowful or even be filled with angry remonstrations, but it holds certain clues as to what was the problem in your relationship. So get ready to listen to some relationship advice for men who have suffered breakups. If your girlfriend said that the reason why your relationship couldn’t work out was because you focus too much on your work, what she was really meaning to say was that she wished you could spend more time with her. Similarly, try to find the real reasons behind why you broke up and then you can try to win her back by working on those issues. If you feel you are not quite qualified to analyzing what went wrong, don’t hesitate while availing couple’s therapy for you and your partner.

15. Keep Your Finances Under Control

save some moneyRomance novels and those chick flicks your girlfriend makes you watch on your date nights might have taught you that money isn’t a concern when it comes to love, but reality often begs to differ. Each person has a different perception of how the finances should be managed in the household, which inevitably leads to some pretty serious conflicts. To keep such problems at bay, try to keep a record of all your expenses and encourage your partner to do so too. Make sure to save some money in case both of you wish to buy something together. We promise this will lead to a much harmonious and fulfilling relationship.                                                                                         The paradox in giving relationship advice for men is that more often than not they know what they are doing wrong and just need someone to point it out to them. Hopefully in this article we were able to do just that. Don’t slack off now that you are armed with all this precious knowledge. Relationships are not rocket science, after all.