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Monthly Archives: August 2014

What Are Pheromones
Aug 12

What Are Pheromones: 6 Ways You Unknowingly Lower Them

Have you heard about pheromones from your friends, but couldn’t bring yourself to ask them, “What are pheromones?” This is a common scenario for many people, since pheromones are not usually the topic of a standard education.

Instead of looking like a deer in front of headlights every time the word “pheromones” comes up, why not learn more about them? It will definitely be much easier for you to understand what they are, and why they are important to human beings. You may even be able contribute significantly to what your friends are saying about it.Continue reading

Sex Pheromones: Know How to Use Them to Find Love
Aug 05

Sex Pheromones: Know How to Use Them to Find Love

It is of common knowledge that animals can communicate through chemical signals called pheromones. After all, animals don’t talk like humans do, right? Hence, the pheromones are their nonverbal way to send signals through the air in relation to mating or defending a territory. Since then, experts have become curious at to whether humans have these, too.Continue reading

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