6 Disturbingly Real Dating Sites That Will Shock You

Somewhere out there, there is that special someone for each of us – the one who will complement and understand us better than others. Most people search for the one who will fill that void to make our lives complete. Some people are fortunate enough to find their perfect partner quickly, but for others, it’s

6 Blatant Booty Call Apps

In this day and age, it’s no wonder that there’s an app for everything. Games, coupons, dating services – you name it – you can truly find everything you are looking for in an app, and by everything we mean everything, booty calls and all.

10 Things Guys Do That Repel Women

Here’s the deal. Attracting a woman can be easy. Believe it or not, a gorgeous girl might be checking you out, even without you doing anything. Still, that does not mean you should be cocky and all that. Burping, farting, chewing your nails and making sounds while eating are definitely a big no-no.

10 Crazy Things People Trade For Sex

How much is your sexual pleasure worth? Surprisingly, there are several people who would trade the strangest and most shallow things for sex. You’ve probably heard of the sex trade, where people are bargaining sex for money. However, you may not have a clue about the crazy things that people have traded for sex in