Just for Men: 10 Surprising Traits that Attract Women

Just for Men: 10 Surprising Traits that Attract WomenThe truth is, having more money than you can spend is on the top list to become attractive to women. Not that she loves what you have more than what you are. It only means that a man becomes more attractive when he can provide security and a better future for his family. But, if you’re still working your way to making more money, there are certain traits that can make you irresistibly attractive.

1. The Head Tilt

taking selfiesAre you fond of taking selfies or wondering what photo to use for your profile on a dating site? If yes, then you should know this. In a small study by the University of Newcastle, most of the women participants find photos of men with their heads tilted a bit upward more attractive than those with heads tilted downward. Why? Because the researchers in this study think that women view men’s faces from below as they are usually shorter, and this is why a head tilt that simulates the view of a man’s face from below is more attractive. Now you know what photo to use that will work best on gaining more attention.

2. The Golden Ratio

Did you know that there’s a math equation behind a person’s beautiful face? Back in the Renaissance period, famous painters like Leonardo da Vinci used the Golden Ratio in his paintings including the famous Mona Lisa. Not only does it apply to paintings, but in sculptures and structures, as well. Based on the Fibonacci sequence with a numeric value phi,the Golden Ratio involves measurement of everything on a person’s face that makes him or her simply attractive in the eyes of other people. The golden ratio of a face is a complex equation. If you hate to do the math, to make it simple and less confusing, a perfectly proportioned face based on the Golden Ratio regardless of race, culture and gender goes like this:
  • The length of the face should be1.5 times more than its width.
  • The spaces between the forehead and eyes, eyes and the bottom of the nose and the bottom of the nose to the chin should be all equal.
  • The width of each of the eye should be equal to the space between them.

Brooding Look3. The Brooding Look

If you want to appear friendly, then a smile will do the trick. However, a smile will not get you anywhere if you want to flirt with the hot lady across your table. Put yourself in the lady’s shoes, how would you feel if a stranger suddenly smiles at you after eyeing you intently? It’s scary, right? A brooding look is more compelling because women love the dark and mysterious look.

4. Your Natural Scent

Eau de cologne and perfumes make you smell pleasant, but what turns a woman on is your natural scent. It’s not the type of natural odor where you have not showered for days, but the smell of your fresh, sweaty body after a workout or any physical activity. Several studies reveal that the body releases a sex scent along with your sweat. This sex scent, called pheromones, when inhaled, sends asignal to a woman’s subconscious mind saying that you are a genetic match. This stimulates her sexual response, making her irresistibly attracted to you. It’s similar to the pheromones released by animals to find their mate. If you want to send a sex message to your “scentmate” out there, amplify your sex scent with Nexus pheromones. Nexus Pheromones is a product made from seven potent pheromone compounds that will last for hours. To find out more, just visit their official website for details.

Facial Hair5. Facial Hair

Not many women find a thickly-carpeted chest sexy, but a lot of women find a little stubble attractive. It reflects manliness and ruggedness, words that define sexiness in a man for a woman. If you are out for a hunt, save the clean-shaven look for your next business meeting. Remember, a little stubble works wonders with women.

6. Gray Hair

You may think that youthfulness is what attracts a woman, but according to a survey done by the popular dating site, Match.com, 72 percent of women find men with gray hair more attractive. Gray hair gives an impression of maturity and experience; thus, a lot of women find it charming. No need to color your hair black, because gray is the new black.

7. Scars

If you think the scar on your arm is somewhat embarrassing, it’s time to ditch the thought. There are women who find scars sexy. Why? Because the story behind your scar reveals your adventurous and fearless side. Just be sure you got the scar from a fearless escapade and not from a drunken incident where you fell and hurt yourself from too much booze.

8. A Green Thumb

indoor plantsIf a girl compliments your indoor plants at home, no need to make an excuse that it’s your mom who grew the plants. Gardening may seem feminine to you, but a lot of women find it attractive. Growing healthy plants needs great care and patience, and if you can do so, then it only shows that you have a nurturing personality. Another great thing about gardening is that experts say tending to your garden for just half an hour in a week can improve your overall health, and even your performance in bed.

9. Wearing Eye glasses

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Some say eyeglasses are for nerds. No, not anymore, though, because a lot of women find men who wear eyeglasses hotly attractive. Apart from the “nerdy” impression, eyeglasses reflect intelligence. And, if you give the impression of being intelligent, it means you can carry on interesting conversations, among many other things

10. Manly Hands

man’s rough handsA man’s rough hands with protruding veins are a turn on for a lot of women, rather than soft hands with candle-like fingers. Why? Because rough hands resemble strength and hard work, which are ideal qualities of a man while soft hands may seem feminine. Money and good looks are obvious attractive traits in a man, but there are other traits you may find ordinary and sometimes even embarrassing that women find surprisingly attractive. What does this mean? Be yourself. Women find men who are confident and happy with themselves irresistible.