The Feminine Perspective: Size Matters – Or Does It?

The Feminine Perspective: Size Matters – Or Does It?The question never seems to end: Does size really matter? If you ask women, you will find a variety of answers to the same question. Each woman is different and thus, so are their experiences and demands. A lot of them will say it is the performance that is more important than the size of the penis. Some women who are petite are clearly not excited for a bigger penis size, as it hurts them deep inside. While others really scoff at a miniature penis size that is clearly small – small enough to disappear in a man’s own pubic hair. happy mediumThe majority of women confess that they are happy with the average penis size; something that is not too giant or too tiny. They usually prefer the happy medium. Some are only bothered by how a guy performs in bed, and it doesn’t matter as long as it’s not too big or too small. Essentially, the results boil down to the fact that women are only concerned with the ultimate satisfaction they receive after lovemaking. It comes down to whether or not their men know how to use it and this is the truth. Here are the details of the various facts regarding the penis size and love making capabilities of men according to women’s perspectives:

It’s Girth, Not Length That Really Matters

Contrary to what many people believe, it is not the length of the penis, but the girth that really helps in creating sexual sensation. When surveyed regarding penis size, women reported it is the thickness that is the major pleasing factor during intercourse. They usually experience more powerful and longer lasting orgasms with men having thicker penises than men with thinner and longer ones. Although a big penis also feels good inside the vagina, without having sufficient girth all it does is leave women long for just a little more.

A Giant Penis Can Be Painful And Scary

It has been found that women are contented with men having average sized penis, because they do not want to experience pain and discomfort during sexual intimacy. When a man tries to insert his giant penis into a space that is not large enough to accommodate it, his member will definitely cause her pain. sexual intimacyThe average size of a man’s penis is between four to six inches. Thus, men should only worry about their size unless it is smaller than four inches and they are unable to perform well in bed. If you lack the sexual skills to please your partner, you may not be able to satisfy your women with a smaller or even a longer penis. If you are short of lovemaking skills, learn new ways to help excite your woman during foreplay and sexual intimacy.

Men With Bigger Penises Are Sluggish And Arrogant

It’s the way men use it that really matters. Actually, men with the biggest penises may perform badly in bed.This is because many men with larger sizes rely only on their bigger size to please women, which can turn out to be very boring for women. Their overconfidence often kills the sexual excitement. On the other hand, men who are smaller try various sensuous ways such as thrusting movements or tickling the G-spot to satisfy their women. It’s how you use your dick to please your lover that finally works. A passionate lover is the one who is confident of his lovemaking skills and tries his best to take his bedroom chemistry to sizzling new levels.

It’s The Size Of His Confidence That’s Important

If you are not confident with your sexual skills, then sporting a big penis is not going to be a big deal. Size Of His ConfidenceThe latest findings conducted among women indicate that confidence in a man far outweighs everything, including the size of their member. If you can develop exuding confidence in yourself, size will be just a number. Being self-conscious will put an indentation in your confidence and will possibly thwart you from enjoying a sexy encounter with your partner the next time. So, blow up your confidence and not size if you want your woman to experience heightened sexual pleasure.

Penile Length Does Not Equate To Sexual Contentment

As they say, “sex is in the mind.” Sex is not about two people making love in a dark room. It’s more about a mind game. Visualization is the tool. If your mind is ready for having sex, your body becomes active, too.Having a thicker and longer penis doesn’t hurt, but is it really so important when it comes down to having a passionate lovemaking session with your girl? [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]In a recent survey taken among women, most of them agree that intense sex is much more important than long and boring sex. If a woman feels comfortable with a man she is in bed with, then she will overlook his penis size. If you are able to arouse her with your persona, you need to do the same with your member. When used suitably, men can satisfy their partners and give her a memorable evening full of passion and urge. There are several things you can do to make the night unforgettable, such as slow foreplay and sensuous talk in order to make your woman comfortable before the act. The clue is to stay dedicated to the situation. Don’t let your penis take over the night; instead, let your mind do it.

For Women, Penis Size is Not Top Priority in a Loving Relationship

Relationship chemistry equals sexual compatibility. If you are not happy with your partner’s appearance, then you may not be able to enjoy complete sexual bliss. Loving RelationshipMen get easily turned on when they see women with large breasts and sumptuous curves. If they are not contented with their woman’s exterior, they may not be able to perform well in bed, even with a bigger size. So, it’s extremely important to accept your partner if you are looking for a healthy sexual and emotional relationship. Lack of bonding may drastically hinder your sexual life. Other than accepting each other wholeheartedly, partners should have a great compatibility in order to enjoy the ultimate climax. If passion, love, and compatibility are missing, a bigger penis will fail to please any woman.

Sensuous Sexual Techniques are Preferred Over Bigger Penises

When asked the size question, a woman who was dating a man with a smaller member than she preferred, said that she was hugely attracted and in love with her partner. Surprisingly, she confessed that she never thought about his average penis size. During those cozy and intense moments, she loved him even more because of the amazing heights of feelings that he gave her. So men watch out – If you really want to please your partner in bed, you need to be skilled in the bedroom and learn a variety of techniques to make her feel complete. Unique sexual positions and the capability to perform wonderful oral sex are some of the prime factors for creating passionate sexual chemistry in the bedroom. If a man can really pull this off, size has nothing to do with their woman’s pleasure.

Female Orgasm is Possible Using Oral and Hand Stimulation

Does size really matters to women during oral sex? Absolutely not. There is no doubt that if there is one thing that separates an ordinary lover from a remarkable one. It’s the ability to give amazing oral sex to a woman. Experts agree that the female orgasm is achieved by stimulating the clitoris. Female OrgasmPenetration does not give any clitoral pleasure to a woman. So, performing intense oral sex on your woman is actually more pleasing for her than your large penis. The majority of women are turned on during oral sex, but most of the time they do not get the satisfaction they desire. If a man can give lasting pleasure to a woman with his tongue, she will definitely forget about his lack of size. Today, many men are obsessed with their size. Because of the exposure to materialistic concepts, people are conditioned to believe that bigger is better. Everyone needs big cars, huge houses and even large and lavish meals. This concept has been further extended to the penis size. One of the common myths doing rounds is that bigger men adorn a bigger penis, but the fact is that there is no link to height and the size of a male member. Being concerned about your penis size won’t do you much good in the long run and may ruin your chances of performing better during sex. Most women are not aware of your size prior to making their way to the bed. So, it can be easily said that men usually win their women through their confidence and personality. If you are truly concerned about your ability to please your woman, try to learn all you can about satisfying her in bed. Fortunately, having confidence in your lovemaking skills is easier to acquire than adding a few extra inches through invasive treatments such as surgery, which comes with a high risk of losing the ability to have erections. Vacuum pumps, on the other hand, could cause injury to the penis by damaging its tissues.

So Finally, Does Size Matter?

Does Size MatterWomen value relationships more than the size of your penis, so stop worrying about it. But, if you still feel that your penis size is not up to the mark, there are a few things that can actually help you. Become a better and confident lover. You may also start taking a male enhancement pill that contains only natural ingredients. Other than these tips, wearing a pheromone product from is definitely a great idea when you are going out for your date. The use of a pheromone spray can go a long way in determining if your night out with your partner will be sexually spectacular or not. It has been found that pheromones have the ability to attract women in the most fascinating and alluring ways. So, if you are looking for a sex appeal, an increase in attention and affection, then a human pheromone spray may be what you need.