The Pheromone Test: 5 Changes From the Best Products

The Pheromone Test

If you have already heard about pheromones, you might ask yourself, “Are these chemical compounds considered a magic cure for loneliness?” There have been many studies done on pheromones because of the claims that say they attract the opposite sex. Many products out in the market today contain synthetic pheromones, which may increase amounts in the body. This, in turn, causes a person to be more attractive to the opposite sex.

Medical experts are still arguing on their effectiveness. In addition, pheromones don’t work for everybody. Because the debate is ongoing, the best thing to do is to test them out for yourself to see if they work for you.

What Exactly Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are extraordinary chemicals that are secreted by the human body naturally. They are said to give off a scent wherein the opposite sex will be more attracted to the person. They are a scent that is, in fact odorless, but plays a major role in boosting a person’s appeal. A good example of the pheromone test is in the animal kingdom. What Exactly Are PheromonesIt shows that the animal of the opposite gender that takes a whiff of the pheromones has certain changes in their behavior. Many described this special chemical as a behavior-changing agent, which could be significant in modifying a person’s sexual attitude. Pheromones are indeed hormones, but the only difference is that they are ectohormones, which signifies that they act outside the animal or person’s body. They tend to affect the actions and feelings of another individual of the opposite sex, if they are in the right amounts on a person’s body. Another difference between ectohormones and hormones is that hormones usually only tend to have an effect on the person that is secreting them.

What are the 5 Effects that Pheromones Gives Off To Another Person?

Since they are ectohormones, they tend to cause a change in another person’s mood and behaviour. It depends on person to person, but here are the most common changes that the other individual might experience once they encounter pheromones:
  • Attentiveness
  • Sexual stimulation
  • Respect for one’s territory
  • A interpersonal bond, such as a mother and baby
  • A warning to stay away from someone or something
As you can see, not all the results of pheromones towards the other individual are positive.Therefore, it really does vary from person to person as to what their reactions may be. Some effects may be good, while some reactions may be bad. An example of a bad reaction to pheromones is if a man secretes pheromones around a woman who is menstruating. The woman may have a disapproving reaction.

What Are The Four Main Types Of Pheromones?

sexual attractionIf you did not know, pheromones come in different varieties. Here are the main four types of this special chemical that bodies secrete: 1. Releaser Pheromones – This kind triggers an immediate response. This reaction is usually rapid and linked with sexual attraction. 2. Primer Pheromones – This type of pheromones may take longer to draw a response. However, once a response happens, they could induce the reproductive system, such as puberty, the menstrual cycle and pregnancy success and failure rates. They could also change hormone levels. 3. Signaler Pheromones – This class of pheromones give information. They provide each person’s genetic odor, so that mothers can recognize her newborn. 4. Modulator Pheromones – This kind modifies or brings into line the body’s different functions. They typically occur in sweat. Modulator pheromones could also influence a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle.  

What Is The Pheromones Test?

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Since manufacturers advertise pheromones as products that contain chemicals to attract the opposite sex naturally, testing the effectiveness of pheromones is simple. If you are truly curious about the effects, go ahead and purchase a product that contains pheromones, such as Nexus Pheromones™, and experiment with the product for yourself. The best way to do so is to follow the product’s directions for how many sprays is needed to cause a behaviour change. Next is to go out into the real world, approach several different women with the pheromones on, and try to pay close attention to its effects. The next weekend, go ahead and go out and approach more women and see if there are differences in reaction. You may notice a few changes or maybe no change at all. However, you do have to keep in mind that not all women are similar from one another and their behaviours will vary. What Is The Pheromones TestYou are the best person to try out the test for pheromones. You could even try out different products if you are not satisfied with just one brand. You could also read about each product on the internet and see how other men feel about that certain brand. Do not be fooled with some products that have cheesy customer feedback. Usually, if the feedback is too positive, the product might just be bogus and the company is just trying to sell people using false advertisement.

Why Are Women More Susceptible To The Pheromones Effect?

Many studies have shown that women are indeed more vulnerable to the odorless scent of pheromones. Women have a better ability to smell the musk-like secretions from a man’s sweat. Scientists concluded that woman have developed a higher ability to smell compared to men which is needed for choosing out a sexual partner. Depending on how much pheromones a man secretes, the women’s attraction is dependent on the amount. Women who are exposed to a man’s sweat with increased amounts of pheromones results in a woman’s laid back and positive mood and also some form of sexual arousal. If you are still not convinced about the effects of pheromones, then go ahead and try them out for yourself. There is nothing to lose, since products out in the market do not give off undesired side effects. All you will simply be doing is testing out if pheromones really do increase your own attractiveness. If they do not work for you, then you have answered your own question about if these special chemical compounds really work or not.