No Kiss, No Tell: 14 Facts Men Need to Know About Making Love to a Lady

No Kiss, No Tell 14 Facts Men Need to Know About Making Love to a LadyPleasing a woman can be considered as your life’s mission. Your ego is put on the line, if you are the one-night-stand type – or sometimes even your relationship, if you are the long-term boyfriend type. Although they say that ladies do not really put too much attention on how you perform during sex, but more so on how you treat her before and after that, but let’s face it. Women can still judge your sexual performance and you can end up doubting yourself. Now that’s not very appealing, is it? Especially for a guy. This is sex we’re talking about here. Sex should be your home court, your A-game. A woman, even with less expectations, expects you to please her in bed. How exactly can you do that? Lucky for you, women do not focus on the sex alone. You know, the moment when the penis and the vagina unite? No. Women can be pleased by other factors, too. Other factors that you can sprinkle here and there to make the sex mind-blowing for her and make her ask for more. Gentlemen, here are the 14 things that you need to know about making love to a lady.

1. Kiss Her Passionately

Kiss Her PassionatelyFor women, making love does not only mean that your two organs should connect. No, it is far more diverse for them. Like kissing, for instance. Women like to be kissed. At the same time, they also like to kiss. Kissing, for women, is one measure of your emotions or how you really want her. This is why women pour out so much when she kisses you – and she expects nothing less from you, too. When you kiss a woman, you make sure you kiss her like how you would want to make love to her.

2. Her Neck Is A Weak Spot

Women have weak spots, too. Not the metaphorical weak spot, but spots that could turn them in instantly even with just one touch. Unlike men, whose weak spot is obviously your penis, women’s weak spot is nothing close to her vagina. Although, her vagina is a weak spot too, but you don’t get to see that until you get her naked. A really accessible weak spot of women that will have her clawing you up and hounding you is her neck. That’s right. There’s a reason why all those movies you watched with love scenes, men always go for the neck and women flutter their eyes shut in pleasure.

3. Worship Her Breasts

Worship Her BreastsHer vagina may be the X on the map for you, but it does not mean you can ignore the other jewels that she has, too. Although going for sex immediately is so much more pleasurable than any kind of foreplay, your woman would really appreciate if you pay extra attention to her other assets, as well. Yes, we’re talking about her breasts. Come to think of it, her breasts are pleasure givers too, if you’re just creative. If you want to be a good lover, worship her breasts, too.

4. Be Aggressive

No matter how fragile and feminine your lady is on the outside and in public, you can guarantee she likes it a little rough during sex. There is a lot more pleasure if you put in a little pressure and aggression. Women like to be treated with respect and a little equality. That means if you like it rough, she also likes it rough. Don’t treat her like a baby or a fragile flower. Be more aggressive and make your love making more carnal.

5. Kiss Her Mid-Action

Yes, women like to be kissed. This was rule number one, but women also find it sweet and appreciate it to know that you are not entirely focused on the pleasure of your two connecting organs – although you know that you are. If you kiss her during sex, that’s a plus point to you as a great lover. It means adding a kiss during sex is far more pleasurable than just hounding her.

6. Use Dirty Words

Use Dirty WordsYou have to know though that not all women are vocal, especially during sex. So, this may possibly be a one-way thing, but one thing is for sure: women like to know how hot they look and how good she appears to you all the time. It even makes her feel more turned on. Speak some dirty words in her ear. Let her know how good you feel when you’re with her. Tell her what you will do to her, or what you want her to do to you. Use your words to make the sex even more pleasurable for her.

7. Play With Her Clitoris

Here’s the thing: a good lover knows his ins and outs of pleasuring a woman. That means he is not focused on the sex alone, and he is generous enough to give her the pleasure that she deserves. A piece of advice: play with her clitoris during sex. It’s quite easy, regardless of the sex position that you have. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Playing with her clitoris will add more to the sensation and pleasure that she is feeling and will bring her to orgasm over and over. In the end, you will have a woman who is satisfied and will feel well made love to.

8. Pull Her Hair, But Gently

Pull Her HairWant to add a little more roughness to the sex? Her hair can play that part. You see how they do that a lot in porn? It’s because women like it. It’s a contradictory feeling of pleasure down there and then a small prick of pain up in her head. The pressure build up for both feelings can make the sex more pleasurable for her. Or the overall roughness is something that she just might like – or not, so talk to her about it first.

9. She Likes A Little Dominance

You have Mr. Christian Grey to thank for that. Gentlemen, the sexual fantasy that you have always desired – being a dominant in your love making – is finally going to come true. Your woman likes a little dominance. She likes that you are taking charge of her pleasure and she trusts that you get her there.

10. You Can Never Go Wrong With Oral Sex

When you are done worshipping her breasts, your next stop is her most hidden treasure down there. That’s right guys, women like oral sex just as much as you do. Don’t hold back when you slobber her up with your tongue. Kiss her, lick her and blow her mind with your mouth.

11. G-spot Orgasms Will Blow Her Mind

G-spot OrgasmsAn orgasm may already be great and bringing her there again and again may already make you a good lover. Do you want to know how to make that even more epic? You’ll be the best lover that she will have in her lifetime if you can give her an earth-shattering G-spot orgasm. That means you got to hit the spot, dude.

12. Give Her A Quickie Treat Every Now And Then

You probably think that she does not like a quickie. She hardly gets off if you do it quick. You think that she likes it slow and everything should be properly planned. Well, you’re in for treat because apparently, women like having a surprise quickie every now and then. You got that right. You can give her a treat sometimes in the hallway or while she is unknowingly taking a shower. Give her a surprise quickie and make it rough.

13. Come Together

You have to understand that most women have emotions involved when they make love. That means she gives her emotions into the action and she expects you to do the same. She would feel it in your connection. As you can probably contain and control your orgasm, she would really appreciate it if you come at the same time. The pleasure, the pressure and the connection that you will get if you have your orgasm at the same time will make her really happy.

14. Cuddle And Spoon Her After Sex

cuddle and spoon her after sexThis may be a little cheesy for you, but it’s a universal thing. Women like to be spooned. Spooning make them feel secure and loved, especially after the sensual connection that you just had. After sex, don’t just run away to clean up immediately. Give her a cuddle and spoon her for a few minutes while you cool down. You might just get a round two. Women are not that hard to please in bed. If you noticed, most of the things listed here are stuff that you already know and probably do every time you make love. You just need to add a little touch of devotion into all that. Sex is not just a physical connection for women. It also involves an emotional attachment – well, for most women at least. Basically, do not treat her like a man. Treat her like a lady, a woman and a sophisticated creature who needs tender loving care and devotion that she knows she deserves. If you do that, you will be making love every chance you get.