8 Ways To Get Women To Notice You Without Even Trying

8 Ways To Get Women To Notice You Without Even TryingIf you are having the toughest time, just trying to get women to notice your existence, then you are going at it all wrong. Maybe you are just simply trying way too hard and putting in too much effort in your approach for women to notice you. What you have to remember is that sometimes what makes a man attractive are the simplest things that he does without even trying. Now this might be a confusing thought to you, because you always thought that if you try hard enough and put in as much effort as you can, you will have women flocking for your attention. This may be true in a few situations, but nowadays, women are not exactly looking for a man that is trying too hard to a point where everything he does is forced. Think about it, what woman really want is a man who acts like himself, yet puts in an extra effort every now and then. datingYou know those situations where you start courting a woman and you put in all your effort during the dating phase, but once you and her finally have a relationship all your efforts and sweet, romantic actions suddenly just fade away? If you want some essential information regarding the tips on how you could get women to notice you even without trying, then you are on the right track. These tips might be a helpful guide for you to start realizing your mistakes and actually have women to notice what you have to offer for them. Also, so that those women could be attracted to who you really and not who you are posing to be. Here are the eight ways to get women to notice you without even trying:

1. Be Polite And Respectful

Face it, even if you could get cold hearted at times, there is still that kind-hearted and respectful man deep down inside. Your best bet is to try and bring out that nice and courteous person. Once you notice yourself becoming more genuine and respectful, that is your first step. Be kind, especially to strangers. You will start noticing how good and positive you feel with just a simple “Hi” or “How are you?” to strangers. Who knows, you might even attract, unconsciously, that one woman you could end up with, right?

2. Laughing Out Loud

LaughingHave you ever been made fun of because of your strange and unique laugh? If you have, then try to zone them out, because your laugh might be a factor that could attract women. If you think about it, laughing out loud is one attractive feature because it indicates a person who finds joy and humor in the world. Genuine and uncontrollable laughter could make women enjoy your company much more compared to a man that is too uptight and serious about everything in his life.

3. Hold Up A Conversation

Yes, talking about sports, booze and other manly topics are great IF you are talking to another man. However, holding up an intelligent conversation with a woman could be a whole different story. What on earth do you know about what women like to talk about right? That is the key, if you do not know, then go ahead and ask. Of course, you have to learn to filter out the right questions from the personal “you should not ask yet” questions. Keep in mind that “intelligent conversation” is your goal. If you know how to hold this type of conversation, then you are on the right track.

master chef4. Cook

You do not have to be a master chef on television or at a fancy restaurant to learn how to cook. Even a simple average Joe could be attractive with his cooking efforts. If you like watching cooking shows, grilling, putting meals together then even better. Women find it a turn on watching their man cook according to many surveys.

5. Use Eye Contact

Women notice men who make eye contact during conversations. This indicates that you are paying attention to what they are saying and not just staring off into the distance with your mind wandering. Eye contact shows women that you are giving them your full attention and if you are already doing this then just continue to show women you actually do care about what they think and their opinions, instead of just how they look physically.

6. Be Thoughtful.

text messagesTry to figure out if you are the type of man who sends out random text messages in the middle of the day just to say you are thinking about them. If you are, then that is a great trait to have. Even the simple actions such as random calls, forwarding photos and articles you might think will interest someone. Greeting someone with a cheerful, “Happy Birthday,” could really make you stand out from the crowd unconsciously.

7. Sweating

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]This may be a bit confusing to you because you always thought sweating is a huge turn off. The truth is, sweat actually contains sexy, masculine compounds that could cause women to experience heightened arousal, mood and sexual stimulation. That is where the science of pheromones comes into play. Of course, we are not talk about the slob, gross-looking sweat that some men experience, we are talking about the light to moderate sweat men encounter.

8. Speak Passionately

Speak PassionatelyAnother thing to find out about yourself is how you speak. Do you speak in a passionate tone? If you do, then you are in luck, because women find men who speak like such as very attractive. Women find men who talk about certain topics that they enjoy with a lot of emotion as an eye-catching trait. When you are engaged in a conversation with the opposite sex, try to talk about topics that you feel passionately about. Besides topics you enjoy, try to bring up topics that they could also be interested in and try to find a connection between you two. Did you learn anything new from the eight ways mentioned? These are simple, yet effective ways how women could possibly notice you even without you realizing it. Do yourself a favor and stop trying so hard. Make sure to be yourself and to bring out these positive traits that women love. It is much easier to attract women without trying too hard and causing yourself heartaches and headaches.