9 Self-Confidence Boosters to Improve Your Chances with Her

9 Self-Confidence Boosters to Improve Your Chances with HerJust thinking of approaching her makes you want to faint. It’s okay. Everyone gets nervous once in a while, but when will you have the courage to approach her? And you heard the advice to man up and muster up your confidence. You’re going nowhere if you’re too scared to make the first move, but how? First, you must understand that confidence is not inborn – you have to learn it. There’s no one to help you, but you alone. If you’re thinking of faking it by acting cool, you’re only fooling yourself. Give your confidence a lift by following these tips:

1. Get Fit And Healthy

physical activitiesStart by being fit and healthy. Eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, drink enough water and engage in physical activities. Your physical health goes hand-in-hand with your psychological well-being. Have you noticed that when you feel healthy and energized, you have a more positive outlook on everything? And when you’re tired and sleepless, you are more likely to think and react negatively? Plus, exercise helps you achieve a toned and built body that could add to your confidence.

2. Don’t Mind What Other People Say

If you’re insecure about something, especially your looks, it might have rooted from what you constantly heard from what other people say about you. No matter how you hate it, there are people who always have their opinion on everything, even if it’s not needed or helpful, or could even hurt you. Don’t mind them and don’t take it personally. Some humans have this me only and me first attitude, and it is because we are naturally designed to look after our own well-being. People criticize other people destructively because it’s human nature. So, whenever someone says negative things about you, just keep in mind that it’s their way of covering up for their insecurities. They find fault in others, so they can feel better about themselves. No one is perfect, not them and not you. Everyone has their flaws.

3. Have A Makeover

Have A MakeoverGood looks is a plus, but not necessary. For a so-so looking guy, a little makeover might do you good. How you look contributes a lot to how you feel about yourself and how others see you. Looks matter, it’s a fact, no ifs and no buts. A makeover creates a new you, a confident you. A man who looks fresh and dresses in style will make any woman turn her head in his direction. Start by exercising regularly. A fit and well-toned body together with proper hygiene, good grooming, and trendy outfits will greatly boost your self-confidence. Get a new haircut, trim your facial hair, make a trip to your dentist and find a friend who can help you choose the right clothes to wear. Choose clothes that are comfortable, that compliment your body structure, yet are stylish.

4. Smell Natural

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]You don’t have to go overboard with the cologne. Most women like a fresh, clean smell, rather than a strong masculine scent. Some even it like a man’s natural scent. The smell of fresh sweat from a workout is a huge turn on for most women. Go for manly and natural, yet not overpowering. According to a study, your sweat contains pheromones that can sexually attract a woman. If you want a stronger effect, use a pheromone product. Nexus Pheromones is one of the best in the market. It is known to get through a woman’s subconscious mind effectively, so she’s under your spell.

Be confident5. Foster Intrinsic Confidence

Be confident in and out. It’s not just about looking good from the outside, but should include your inner qualities and values, as well. Be kind, respectful and honest. Think of your past accomplishments and motivate yourself to excel in your career. When you know what you’re worth, you would hardly care what people say about you.

6. Become Socially Involved

The more you isolate yourself, the more likely you’ll feel lonely and miserable. Get involved in social activities and join social groups. You will feel better about yourself when you know you belong and feel accepted. Get in touch with your old friends and make new ones. Hang out with positive people, and as much as possible avoid negative thinkers. Not only will it improve your social life, but it helps you grow as a person, as well.

7. Face Your Fears

Facing your daily fears head on makes it easier for you to face your fears when it comes to woman encounters. Make a mental list of your fears, starting with the minor ones. Deal with it one by one until you’ve mastered pushing past your fears. So when the time comes you meet a woman you’re interested in, you’ll know how to handle those sweaty palms, pounding heartbeat and running out of the right words.

8. Accept Rejection

Accept RejectionRejection hurts. Yes, it will, no matter how someone claims being rejected does not affect them one bit. But, it is also a fact that rejection is part of life, and it happens to everyone. You don’t have to be ashamed of being rejected. If you’re hurt, accept it and move on. Men hesitate to approach women they like for fear of rejection. But, how will you land on a date if you won’t even give it a try? If you can’t think of making the first moves then try this one. Be sociable with women. Greet the women you meet in your neighborhood, smile at your female co-workers and give polite greetings to waitresses in restaurants. Be sure not to use offensive words or gestures, or you’ll land a smack on your face. If you are starting to feel a bit better with the female presence, set a goal of engaging in friendly conversations. For the first two weeks, approach two to three women a week. Even if you got rejected, you would feel accomplished in the mere fact that you gave it a try. The next couple of weeks, you double the number of women you have to approach. Do these until you become used to it, and you’re not intimidated by the female presence anymore.

9. Zap That Negativity

While you’re on your way to improving your confidence, it’s inevitable that your old beliefs and fears will try to come back and haunt you. Don’t let these beliefs and fears push you back, or you will have to start back at square one. Every time you get these negative thoughts, kill them instantly. Think of these thoughts as annoying insects that you can kill with just one swat. Kill those ugly thoughts with one swat just like those insects. Do it every time until you get used to dismissing them automatically and instantly. If you don’t have the confidence to make a move, then you’re killing your chances with her. Gather up your confidence by following these tips. Most importantly, don’t let rejections ruin your confidence. Rejection is never personal, so gather up your confidence and keep going.