10 Things About Sex Men Can Learn from Dr. Ruth

10 Things About Sex Men Can Learn from Dr. RuthMany people claim that they are experts in the field of sex and intimacy. However, nothing beats Dr. Ruth for great sex advice. Dr. Ruth West heimer is a German psycho sexual therapist who spoke frankly and boldly about sex in her radio program, Sexually Speaking. The radio program started in September 1980 as a 15-minute taped show during Sundays that talked about sex and anything in between. Later on, it became a live, one-hour show where Dr. Ruth answered all sex questions from listeners. Since then, she became the ultimate guru on sex. It may be awkward to talk to your grandmother about sex. Heck, you wouldn’t even ask her about sex toys and masturbation. Not with Dr. Ruth. For this 86-year old lady, Dr. Ruth is still as kinky as ever and willing to share anything you need to know about matters between the sheets. This includes the following 10 sex tips for men:

1. Help Your Girl With The Household Chores

Help Your Girl With The Household ChoresDid you know that Dr. Ruth recently collaborated with Clorox, as in the laundry detergent? Before you laugh, you should know that there is a reason behind it. According to recent surveys, women love and appreciate it if men help in the household chores. Gone are the days when women are the only ones responsible for taking care of the kids, household and your needs, as well. Helping around the house, which also means doing the laundry, implies that you are your girl are in a relationship together. She would appreciate if you learn to change diapers, too. If you are a single dude, consider laundry tips as an opportunity to meet women. You will look like a mature and responsible guy who is willing to share the household responsibilities.

2. Make Sex More Exciting

There are women who swear on having sex on top of a washer or dryer. There are also women who are willing to do it in a public place or participate in a threesome. What does this imply? Make an effort to do something out of the ordinary when it comes to sex. If you want to improve your sex life, then do something about it. Think about this. Do you want to stick to the same position every time you have sex? Are you always doing the same thing and pattern in bed? This could make your sex life boring and predictable. Therefore, go the extra mile. According to Dr. Ruth, vary positions, use sex toys inside the bedroom, role-play or let your girl sit on top of the dryer and do the deed. Make sex exciting.

3. Go For Sex First Then Dinner After

Sex First Then Dinner AfterIn line with making sex more exciting, have you tried having sex first before going to your actual date? Admit it. You’re one of those dudes who follow the dinner-movie-coffee-sex routine. That’s okay. However, that is common and you are losing the thrill along the way. At the same, your mind is wondering if you’ll get some action or not instead of focusing on the food and her alone. Reverse the process and start the date by having sex. This will help you be more relaxed and satisfied. Your girl will also have the glow on her face, which makes her look extra special. Plus, you’ll enjoy more over dinner and have a great conversation, since there is nothing else you need to worry about. Be careful, though. This works only for those who are in a relationship. If you are merely looking for one-time fun, then stick to the process. If you two are going steady, that’s the time you could reverse it.

4. Don’t Forget To Cuddle

Women are emotional creatures. This means they need love, trust, emotional connections and a bit of lust before they take their clothes off in front of you. When they finally do, make sure to acknowledge how much you like the view. Aside from giving her the best sex of her life, there is one thing you really need to do: cuddle. Yes, after everything is said and done, don’t forget to give her a big hug or a kiss while in bed. Women want to feel loved and spooning her is one way to show that. Otherwise, you will make her feel that you only care about getting inside her pants and nothing else. Be nice and play the good, loving guy part. This could pave way for another round, too.

5. Don’t Masturbate Too Much

Don’t Masturbate Too MuchRemember that scene in American Pie Presents: Beta House where Erik Stifler masturbated so much, he couldn’t get it up when he and Ashley are about to have sex? Keep that in mind the next time you decide to take an extra hour locked inside your bedroom. Masturbation could help you control your ejaculations, which is a good thing. However, if you spend too much time on this, it will be harder for you to achieve orgasm when the situation calls for penetration. At the same time, you get used to the sensation from your hands, and your penis will constantly look for it despite being inside your girl. Therefore, take it easy on your alone time. It’s okay to masturbate, but not too much. If you can’t stop yourself, then seeking professional help might help to address the bigger problem.

6. Communicate About Your Sexual Needs

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]One of the most important things in the relationship is keeping communication lines open. This is important, especially in bed. Hence, take time to sit down and discuss what to do and not to do in bed. Talk about what turns you on, how you want her to touch you down there, and the situations that could get you off the mood. If you have issues down there, tell her that, too. At the same time, listen to what she has to say about her preferences in bed, and take note of it. It may not be a lot, but being open your likes and dislikes in bed could improve your sex life. This strengthens and deepens your relationship, too.

7. Your Girl Should Help You, Too

hit the right spotsDespite the heart-to-heart talk about sexual preferences, your girl should still lead you and help you give her the best orgasm of her life. Take the case of the clitoris. One of your obligations as a sex partner is to make sure that you hit the right spots, including that tiny button down there. However, it is her sole responsibility to find her clitoris and tell you what to do with it. Most women think that men should know what to do in bed. That’s not how it works. If she relies on your skills and abilities without even telling you how to do it, then you might end up not enjoying the session. This is why keeping the communication lines open is very important.

8. Don’t Worry Too Much About Simultaneous Orgasm

Think about this: you and your girl getting that big O at the same time. Isn’t that amazing? It means you and your lady love are so in sync in bed, you get to climax at the same time. The problem with this is that there are couples who focus too much on achieving simultaneous orgasm that they end up not getting any. For Dr. Ruth, just forget it and don’t waste your time trying to work that simultaneous orgasm. It’s putting stress and pressure inside the bedroom, which won’t give you the results you are hoping for. Channel your sexual energy on giving each other pleasure. If it happens together, then that’s great. If not, then that’s fine. It’s all about the experience.

9. Take It Easy On The Alcohol

AlcoholThere are conflicting views about the role of alcohol inside the bedroom. For the laymen, alcohol helps them get in the mood and prepares them for a steamy session. On the other hand, experts believe that too much alcohol kills your sex drive and erections. For Dr. Ruth, it should be one glass of red wine, or at least not too much. Fine, drinking alcohol gets you in the mood. It also relieves you from any inhibitions and makes you look and feel more relaxed in bed. However, too much alcohol could ruin not just your libido, but also your ability to get it up or maintain your penis in an erect state. Hence, stick to a glass or two. That’s good enough to boost you and your girl’s sex drive.

10. Have a sense of humor inside the bedroom

When you think of sex, you expect a lot of hand and tongue action, spanking and swearing inside the bedroom. Does it always have to be like that? While you end goal is to achieve an orgasm, don’t lose that sense of humor inside the bedroom, too. How Does This Work? Try something silly but sexy at the same time. Role-playing is also a good place to start. It allows you to play different characters, make up crazy lines and situations and not be yourself for a few hours. Sex toys could also bring humor inside the bedroom. The point is, don’t take it too seriously. Sex is supposed to be fun and pleasurable. By adding a dash of humor inside the bedroom, this will make you and your girl more relaxed and at ease with each other. It gets rid of pressure, too.