Pheromones to Attract Women: 3 Ways They Go to Work

Pheromones to Attract Women: 3 Ways They Go to Work

There is no secret formula when it comes to luring women. Even the guys with the most brilliant minds or perfect looks or chiselled body have not yet figure it out. But what does it take to attract women? Although the formula is yet to be discovered, there is one thing that can surely work: pheromones.

Learn about how pheromones can attract women and what is the best pheromone cologne for you.

Pheromones, In A Nutshell

Pheromone was first described by Peter Karlson and Martin Luscher in 1959 in female moths. They found out that bombykol, a chemical released by the female moths, has the ability to attract males.

chiselled bodyThis signal can travel in longer distances even if the amount of chemical released is low. Today, pheromones are described as a type of ectohormone that is released by a person and received by another of the same or similar kind.

This chemical can later on produce a sexual or social behaviour from the person receiving the scent. In simple terms, it is a behaviour-altering agent that can trigger sexual arousal.

It is still unclear whether humans have pheromones inside the body. Still, experts believe that humans have certain scent, distinct from others and are masked by artificial scents. As a result, pheromones to attract women are synthetically produced to help men lure their potential mate.

How Pheromones Attract Women in Three ways?

Pheromones and animals are easier to take a look at. When it comes to humans, pheromones to attract women can be more complicated.

Pheromones Attract WomenA recent study was conducted that shows the ability of fertile women to smell the level of testosterone in men. In the said study, a group of men were asked not to use any deodorant, soap or cologne for two days.

They were also asked not to drink alcohol, smoke tobacco and eat foods with strong odor. Then a group of women smelled the shirts and rated them according to appeal and desirability.

There are a lot of questions as to the relationship of testosterone and attractiveness. Or even the scent and sexual response. Still, experts believe that the sex pheromone, androstenol, is responsible for this.

But how do pheromones attract women? And is it really possible to attract women with pheromones?

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]The answer is yes. Pheromones can induce a sexual response as long as it is used properly. Keep in mind that humans release scents from the armpits, genital region and other parts of the body through sweat or urine. This scent contains pheromones that can travel and reach the nose of a woman. This can later on trigger a response that is either good or bad. Here’s how.

The Three Ways Pheromones Work:

  • Once the scent reaches the nose of a woman, the olfactory system will come into play.
  • Signal will be sent to the hypothalmus, the behaviour center of a woman’s brain. This part of the brain is responsible for altering emotions, behaviour and even sexual response of women.
  • If the pheromone scent is positive, which means the guy is fit, healthy and fertile, a         positive sexual response will also occur. On the other hand, if the signal sent on the brain is negative, then no sexual behaviour will be communicated by the opposite sex.
sexual responseAlso, most humans have a Vomeronasal organ or VNO. VNO is located between the nose and mouth with a sole purpose of sensing pheromones. However, experts believe that this organ has become useless and were gradually lost when our ancestors developed the concept of vision. After all, the human nose still works.

Aside from the sexual response, pheromones can also produce an ‘aura’ of a person. This comes from the chemicals released by various parts of the body and comes out depending on the situation.

Pheromones can also provide a silent communication in the hopes of eliciting an innate response. This means that even if the communication is non verbal, pheromones can still send a message to a potential mate.

The Best Pheromone Product

There are a lot of pheromone products that claim to help you attract women. However, there is one product that truly works: Nexus Pheromones. With more than 12 years of scientific research, Nexus Pheromones can prove that a healthy pheromone scent can seal the deal when it comes to women.

It has a combination of seven human pheromone compounds that are blended together to provide you a maximum effect. These sex pheromones include:

  • Best Pheromone ProductAndrostenone – This helps attract your potential mate.
  • Alpha-androstenol -It induces the feeling of attraction.
  • Androsterone – It has mood-elevating effects on women.
  • Epiandrosterone – It shows youthfulness.
  • >Beta-androstenol – Also known as the ‘ice breaker pheromone.
  • Androstedienone – It boosts sexual responsiveness.
  • Androstanone – It has a powerful, masculine effect.

And the best part? It can be worn with your favourite cologne and can last up to 10 hours. Try it now and experience the effect. If you’re not happy with the results, you can get your money back, 100% guaranteed.