What Are Pheromones: 6 Ways You Unknowingly Lower Them

What Are Pheromones

Have you heard about pheromones from your friends, but couldn’t bring yourself to ask them, “What are pheromones?” This is a common scenario for many people, since pheromones are not usually the topic of a standard education.

Instead of looking like a deer in front of headlights every time the word “pheromones” comes up, why not learn more about them? It will definitely be much easier for you to understand what they are, and why they are important to human beings. You may even be able contribute significantly to what your friends are saying about it.

What Are Pheromones?

positive benefitsMost people commonly associate pheromones with males because they bring many benefits to a man’s body. Many studies have shown that pheromones have a vast ability to bring men positive benefits. A pheromone is a chemical element secreted by the human body, which triggers an entirely different social response from the opposite species. These chemical components could also act outside the man’s body, which could potentially change the behaviour of other individuals who are in contact with them.

How Do These Chemical Factors Work?

Many of us know that pheromones are the scent that attracts another person to us. That is why it was given the title “the scent of attraction,” since it gives off many benefits. There have been many studies done in the animal kingdom, which is also relevant in the world of humans. Studies have revealed that these chemical components are detected naturally in the vomeronasal, which is an organ located in the nose. The nose’s entrance has nasal receptors that have the strongest reaction to pheromones suspended in the air. As the pheromones travel through the air and are inhaled by the nose, they then triggers the hypothalamus, which is located in a person’s brain. The hypothalamus is the portion of the human brain where emotions and emotional responses are created. Once these chemical factors reach the hypothalamus, there is an unconscious sexual attraction, arousal or desire that the person experiences. For men, they produce androstenone, which is a pheromone that claims to attract the opposite sex.

What Is The Importance Of Pheromones?

deodorants for hygienic purposesAccording to many studies carried out throughout the years, pheromones are essential to attract the opposite sex. Naturally, they are secreted by the human body through hormones, which seems to be effortless, since the body does it all by itself. The problem is in today’s world; many men shower more than once a day, wash their clothing regularly, and use deodorants for hygienic purposes. These chemicals mask the scent of a man’s natural pheromones. Since they are covered, women may not get the opportunity to smell the chemical components unconsciously, so it decreases their attraction.

Six reasons of Why There is A Decrease Of Pheromones In A Man’s Body?

Pheromones work in astonishing ways that might be surprising to you. These chemical factors have many positive advantages when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. They are naturally produced by the human body, but since the world today demands personal hygiene with chemicals to fight off everyday toxins, there is a decrease in these chemicals. The following are the factors that decrease pheromones in a man’s body:
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Insufficient sleep
  • Too much stress
  • Excessively showering throughout the day
  • Using lotions, deodorants and other products that contain harsh chemicals

Can Men Increase Their Pheromone Levels?

Nexus PheromonesIf you feel like your pheromone levels lacking in your body because of some of the factors listed above, then you might want to find a way to receive synthetic pheromones from another source. You could do your research online for products that could help in rising up the pheromones in your body. You will find several choices. A widely used pheromone product is Nexus Pheromones™. This is only one example of products that could help you gain pheromones to boost up your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Like many other products available in the market, Nexus Pheromones™ contains many potent ingredients that could amplify the effect of what natural pheromones could bring for a man. It works as a spray that you can use daily and could lasts for 8 to 10 hours alongside your favourite perfume or cologne. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Although there is no sure fire assurance that you will be more attractive to all women that are close enough to get a whiff of you, science proves that the pheromones could unconsciously make a man more attractive in comparison to having low amounts of pheromones.

What Other Information Should You Know About Pheromones?

Since you know more about the basic information about these unique chemicals, there are also other facts that you should keep in mind. You could even contribute this information to your friends. They might be surprised with all the information that you know. Here are some more interesting facts about pheromones:
  • Pheromones cannot control other people. Although they have shown to have an effect in attracting the opposite sex, there is no evidence that you will be irresistible to all women. Pheromones affect the mood of some individuals, but not every single person.
  • boost a man’s attractivenessAndrostenone is the main pheromone that you can find in the marketplace. In some studies, results have shown that women respond to androstenone in an unusual way. Women who are on their monthly cycles usually react negatively to pheromones.
  • Pheromones can boost a man’s attractiveness. If you use them properly, the opposite sex could see you as youthful, high-status and appealing. They could unconsciously trigger conversations, positive feelings and interest.
Now that you know more about pheromones, you do not have to be naïve about the entire topic. You could contribute the knowledge that you have gained to your conversations and to your life. Since you are more familiar with the definition of pheromones and their effects, you can share what you know with others. So, the next time someone asks you, “What are pheromones?” you’ll be able to answer them intelligently.