9 Obvious Ways to Tell She’s Got a Secret Crush on You

9 Obvious Ways to Tell She's Got a Secret Crush on You9 Obvious Ways to Tell She's Got a Secret Crush on YouNo one likes to be let down. Whether you have been on a few dates and you are now wondering where it will lead, or you are questioning if she would say yes to a date, there are some obvious ways to tell that she is into you. The average woman subconsciously makes the decision whether or not she is attracted to you in approximately 30 seconds. Did you make an impressionable 30 seconds? Has she decided that she wants to pursue something more? Save yourself any potential embarrassment or heartbreak by reading the signs as soon as possible. Here are nine ways to tell that she is crushing on you.

1. She Enjoys Talking To You

Any woman who is crushing on you will always make the time to talk to you. There is a fine line between a woman who is friends with you and talks to you about things, and the woman who makes the time to always talk to you. Constant texts, phone calls that last more than a few minutes, and casual conversations are all telling signs that she is invested in you. She Enjoys Talking To YouWhat To Do About It The first thing you have to do is decide what you want out of the relationship. Do you even want one? Once you can tell that someone has a crush on you, you become responsible for her emotions. Never string someone along, and certainly never use her for the emotions you know she possesses. Karma just might come back around and sting you when you do find that woman you want to further a relationship with.

2. Her Body Says It All

People are becoming interested in the art of body language. Some have written novels on the subject. You can study the many different signs our bodies release daily.Some bodily signs that let you know she is interested include her leaning in towards you, lightly hitting you on the arm, shoulder or chest, and the incessant smiling. The smiling, in particular, lets you know that she is immediately happy to see you and be around you. What To Do About It If you harbor the same feelings for your girlfriend, you should pay more close attention to your own body language. You can further initiate the relationship by bodily contact alone, and no, we are not talking about sex. Ensure that you are also leaning in towards her when she talks in a nonchalant way. But, it should not be creepy. Also, smile back at her. Turn your smile from a cheesy flash, to a sensual grin and see what happens. We will get into flirting later, so let’s finish talking about body language as a sign of crushing.

3. In Particular, You Can See It In Her Eyes

See It In Her EyesOne specific body part that deserves its own explanation is the eyes. You can tell if she is interested in you by catching her staring. Any woman who cannot get enough of you will like to stare at you every now and then. What To Do About It Stare back at her and allow her to catch you staring. But, never gaze at other women in her presence. She will certainly notice, and chances are that she might eliminate you quickly from her potential suitor’s list.

4. You See Her More Often

The curious thing about crushes is that they are always popping up. You will notice that you see them everywhere.If you two work together, then she will go out of her way to pass you in the cubicle. She will conveniently begin eating lunch where she knows you will be.It will become routine to run into each other in the same scenario. In fact, she will go out of her way to plan the rendezvous, even if it lasts only a minute. What To Do About It If you enjoy the seamlessly sporadic encounters you two have, then go out of your way to surprise her on one of them. Perhaps you can buy her lunch if you know what she orders, or bring her flowers one day.These cute little efforts might land you a first date, if that’s what you’re after.

5. She Talks Highly Of You

she will praise you highlyOnce a woman has locked her sights on you, she will praise you highly. You can do no wrong in her eyes, and she might inadvertently let you know that. Possibly, she may not do this blatantly in front of you, but rather indirectly behind your back. One right source of this information would be her closest friends. In fact, her friends just might come to you with this information if they want the match to happen. What To Do About It Take this as a definite sign that she is interested, especially if the friends are relaying information to you. This should be your cue to initiate something more. Ask her on a more serious date, or step up the levels of romance. You can even take this as the necessary nudge you need to make the relationship official.

6. She Is Flirting Or Teasing

Fortunately, even women like to try flirting and teasing, not just men. Granted, she may not be blatantly chasing you, as many women are shy and not that forward. Most women are subtle and their teasing will appear in the form of sarcasm or little jabs. You can tell the difference between flirting-styled teasing and regular old nasty teasing by her body language.If she is smiling, winking, or having the overall tone of silliness, then she is trying to send you some nonchalant hints. Remember that just like men, most women do not want to make them selves vulnerable. This is why they revert to these subtle tactics. Sometimes it might even be a subconscious act. She might not even realize she is doing it. What To Do About It What To Do About ItDo your best to move past this stage of flirting. If you both linger here too long, then you will land yourselves in relationship limbo. It may become a relationship where both of you do not get what you want, and eventually someone tires of it quickly. Be the mature one and make a move. You can go about this any way you think will be comfortable for her. Maybe you can tell her in a joking manner, “You think I’m awesome, don’t you?” or “Tell me how you feel.” Or, perhaps you can surpass these indirect hints altogether and ask her out for a date once you can read them. If it is her personality to joke with everyone, then watch how she treats other guys. One telling sign will be if she isn’t even interacting with many other guys. Another will be if she keeps it strictly work-related or brief with them, but not with you. Combine multiple skills and read her body language while she talks to you and other guys, as well.

7. Her Appearance Gives It Away

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Take note of how she dresses around you. This will be difficult if you see each other in a work setting, so we will get to that in a minute. Any other scenario is a little easier. For example, if you see each other at the gym, then chances are that she will put a little bit of natural make up on and wear cute gym outfits. She may also shy away from throwing her hair up in that crazy messy bun, unless of course she can look absolutely cute with it. In that case, you can be sure that she spent a good 10 minutes trying to perfect the messy bun. In a work setting, she might go out of her way to dress even nicer by putting on stilettos or wearing new makeup. What To Do About It gym outfitsSimply pay close attention to her appearance, and compliment her on it. Your compliments will sound much more genuine if you are specific. Instead of saying something like, “You look nice today” you could say, “The color of that shirt really matches your eyes.” Make sure not to sound too creepy, though. Also, never say something like, “You don’t look so tired today” or “You wore a dress today.” These phrases imply that she doesn’t look nice every other day. If putting your foot in your mouth, figuratively of course, makes you nervous, then you can of course always revert to the, “You look nice today.” Just know that this can sound rather vague.

8. She Is Inquisitive

A woman who is interested in you as someone more than a friend will constantly inquire into your life. Not nosy, though. If she is asking about your social security number, 401 plan, or life insurance then run, and run quickly. A sincere woman will ask you how many siblings you have. She will question what you were like when you were younger, or what your favorite hobbies are. When you say you had a fun weekend, she will ask what you did with enthusiasm. Besides, she will always have a follow up question to keep you talking. What To Do About It If this is a woman you are interested in, then show the same interest. Ask her about her family, friends, and hobbies. She will certainly pick up on this, and your relationship will blossom in return.

9. When Things Become Physical

physical signalThis does not necessarily mean that you two have had sex, or anything relatively close to it. A respectable woman will not get too physical right away. Instead, she will subtly send you physical cues. The body language of leaning in close is a major physical signal. In addition, patting you on the shoulder or leg, or going out of her way to touch you is a telling sign that she wants to be near you. Even making her body physically closer to you is a sign. You should watch where she places herself when you are in a group. She will likely move herself somewhere next to you or directly across from you. What To Do About It Capitalize on the closeness. Make yourself desirable by wearing cologne. In fact, you can personalize your color to your pheromones. Unsure of how that works? Consult www.Nexuspheromones.com to learn how you can use pheromones to attract the opposite sex. Not only will smelling good reel her in, but proper hygiene will make you virtually irresistible. It sounds completely ridiculous, but make sure that your breath is fresh, your hair is clean, and for goodness sake’s, trim those nose hairs. Women are not entirely unreadable. You can use these nine different cues to evaluate how she feels about you. After you are confident, move in on her before someone else does.