10 Top Skills for Men That Women Find Super-Sexy

10 Top Skills for Men That Women Find Super-SexyGood looks, a gorgeous body and lots of money are things often associated with physical attraction. Yes, it’s true, but only when it comes to initial attraction. What makes a man truly sexy inside and out is his character. It’s the things you do, the things you are passionate about, and the things you enjoy doing that defines who and what you are. If you want plus sexy points, here are some of the things you already do, or you can learn to do to impress the ladies big time:

1. Selflessness

A man who willingly offers his time, energy and resources to help others has a big heart. How you treat others is a way of determining your true character. A man who volunteers to help out troubled youth, who lends his hands to a nursing home during weekends, or who helps to build houses for the homeless can make any woman’s heart melt. Being selfless is not just sexy, but it deeply touches a woman’s heart.

Speaking Other Languages2. Speaking Other Languages

One sure thing that will impress a woman big time is being able to speak a foreign language because they see it as a sign of being intellectual and worldly. However, flaunting your ability almost every time makes you look like a braggart, so make sure you use your talent at the perfect time. Learning to speak a foreign language is also a good exercise for your brain, so you’re not only doing it to impress her, but you’re also doing yourself a favor.

3. Sports

Getting involved in sports is a masculine thing that a lot of women find sexy, especially if it’s a sport that requires brains and brawn. Being an athlete requires a great physique, self-discipline, dedication, competitiveness and the ability to work well with others. Join your friends who are into sports or join a neighborhood league. You don’t have to be professionally skilled, it’s the motivation and effort that matter.

4. Fixing A Car

Fixing A CarFixing a car is not as easy as doing home repairs, but not that difficult to learn. What if your car’s engine suddenly dies in the middle of nowhere while you’re with a girl? It will be annoying if you’re totally clueless on how to fix it and you have to just hope that a Good Samaritan will pass by. Well, maybe this is an exaggerated story, but it’s always a good thing to be ready for anything that can go wrong, especially car troubles. Plus, if you know the basics, you won’t be easily fooled by dishonest mechanics who prey on innocent customers.

5. Playing A Musical Instrument

A man who can play an instrument or two has an irresistible appeal. That’s a fact for almost every woman. For one, being able to play a musical instrument well is not easy, and it takes atrue passion for pursuing such interest. Second, music can get into any woman’s heart and mind. Third, it reveals your soft emotional side. It’s never too late to learn, but if you just can’t play the notes right, then maybe you should focus on other skills that will charm her.

6. Basic Handyman Skills

Handyman SkillsDo you expect her to fix the leaking faucet while you watch? It would be a shame, right? Or should she call for someone else to do it? It is a plus sexy point if she can rely on you to fix a minor leak in her bathroom sink. It’s another plus point if you don’t have to hire and spend the cash for a handyman to do simple things in your home like installing shelves, decks and broken pipes. The internet is full of DIY basic repair steps and tips that you can follow. Just keep your repair tools handy.

7. Cooking

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This saying not only works for men, but for women, as well. A guy who loves to cook and seems to know what he’s doing is just plain impressive. You don’t have to a Gordon Ramsey. Just master a few classic recipes that work for almost every occasion, so you can pull something off. Don’t just rely on take out, or on her to do the cooking.

8. Good Grooming

pheromonesYour looks hardly matter, but your hygiene sure does. You don’t have to spend much time in front of the mirror making sure that nothing is out of place. Nevertheless, you should not look like you have not showered for days with your breath smelling like the meal you ate for breakfast. Looking like a slob will turn any woman off – and fast. Practice proper hygiene. Shower, change into clean clothes, put on deodorant, brush your teeth and shave. There is nothing fussy about good grooming. Only a lazy man will complain. Tip: Your body naturally releases sex scent called pheromones that effortlessly draws women to you. Ditch the cologne and aftershave. Instead, use Nexus Pheromone spray to make your sex scent stronger.

9.Smart Conversations

Being able to carry an interesting conversation is a skill every man should have. You don’t have to be extremely good-looking or super rich, just as long as you know how to express your feelings and thoughts clearly, and with great humor. You are sure to catch her attention. Don’t be the annoying guy who does all the talking, or the silent guy who barely says anything and agrees on everything. Another thing, many women hate it when a guy talks to her as if she is one of his guy friends. Be sensitive, empathize and know how to listen. Don’t be overconfident, and make her laugh with your ad-libs.

10. Bedroom Skills

Bedroom SkillsYou should be more obsessed with your bedroom skills than your size. Sex is important in every relationship and for women it is not just a sensual experience, but an emotional one as well. Don’t just get it in then get it off. Sex is not just for your pleasure, but for her also. How well you do in the bedroom, and how good you make her feel is an indicator of how you feel about her. If you lack skills in this area, there are a lot of ways you can improve. Impress a woman with these skills. If you haven’t got one skill mentioned above, it’s never too late to start learning.