10 Things Men Think Are Sexy That Women Find Creepy    

10 Things Men Think Are Sexy That Women Find Creepy    Poor hygiene, bad habits, farting in public and stalking. These are only some of the many things that creep women out, but you probably already know that. It doesn’t take a dozen women for you to discover that these things turn them off. They say men are from Marsand women are from Venus. This is because the differences between men and women go beyond the physical appearance. No matter how many rulebooks the so-called relationship and dating experts write, understanding women and how their brains work will always be a challenge. This includes dealing with things women find creepy. You may not notice but there are certain things you do that can freak women out. This makes them uncomfortable, which could immediately send up the red flags. Once you’re in the red flag zone, it will be easy, and even necessary, for them to shut you out – and you don’t want that. Save yourself from a ton of misery by learning more about the 10 things you need to stop doing.

1. Complimenting Her Butt Or Breasts

Complimenting Her ButtSome men think it’s sexy to stare at a woman’s breasts or butt as they bite their lip, and then tell her how hot she is. If you’ve done this once – or twice – make sure you never do it again. Apparently, this is flirting gone wrong multiplied a hundred times. Women want you to see them as sexy human beings; however, walking up to a girl you don’t know and complimenting her body is creepy. Instead of focusing on her physical attributes, pay more attention to non-sexual parts of her body, such as her eyes or smile. Add a fun twist to it to make her laugh. After all, women like men with a good sense of humor.

2. Being Cheap

Not all women are into flowers, perfume or chocolates. On the other hand, many women enjoy diamonds, designer bags and other fancy things. There are also women who are not into material things. Regardless of the type of woman you are dating, make sure you don’t look cheap. There is a difference between being frugal and being cheap. If you keep on comparing the amount of your entire wardrobe to her bags and constantly complain about how expensive the salad in this restaurant is, then don’t expect that you will take her home with you. Women don’t mind if you are being wise with money, but if you constantly worry about every dollar, then you’re in a big trouble.

3. Sending Her Pictures Of Your Man Down There

Sexting is one way to keep your ladylove ready and in the mood for some action later. It’s about sending naughty messages that will keep both of you excited and ready to roll. Sending Her PicturesHowever, there is one thing you need to keep in mind when engaging in sexy texting – no dick pics – ever. Otherwise, this would put you in the creepy category, especially if you two are not even dating on a steady basis yet. Apparently, your sex organs are not sexy when you are not doing the deed. While you are in it, she is surely topless or wearing a sexy outfit while sending you naughty messages. Therefore, stop taking pictures of your package to send to her. No matter how big you are down south, it doesn’t need to make an appearance when there is no actual action involved.

4. Expecting Her To Be A Porn Star

Fact: watching porn can be a major turn on. It gets you in the mood and at the same time, gives you ideas on what to do in bed. However, some men don’t know when to draw the line between fantasy and reality when it comes to porn. Admit it. One of your fantasies in bed is to have sex with a porn star. That’s okay; however, this doesn’t mean you should turn that fantasy into a reality by expecting your woman to act and be just like a porn star. This includes making her do crazy positions that could increase the risk of injury. Just relax. Women like sex, but it doesn’t have to be how the porn stars do it. The important thing is you both enjoy yourselves and have fun in bed.

5. Talking About The Future

Talking About The FutureYou finally met the girl that swept you off your feet. She is funny, smart, cool, sexy and pretty. In other words, she’s the girl of your dreams and the person you have always dreamt of being with for life. Although she is a great catch and you can’t wait to introduce her to your family, this doesn’t mean you should profess your love to her after only a few dates. Aside from violating the “getting to know you rule,” you will look like a desperate and creepy guy who is willing to marry any girl without establishing a solid foundation for the relationship. Take it easy. Even if you like her a lot, this doesn’t mean you should tell her you want to marry her. Give it some thought and take your time to get to know each other better. Who knows, she might have qualities that don’t match with yours, after all.

6. Being A Momma’s Boy – Beyond Your 20’s

Being a mommy’s boy means two things – you have a high respect for women and you know how to treat them well. When it comes to your mom, you probably tend to constantly ask for her opinion in almost everything about your life. There is nothing wrong with being a mommy’s boy. In fact, it has its perks too, because she knows your mom raised you well. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]But this could be problematic, especially if you are in your 20’s and your mom has access to your bank account, walks with you to and from the office and calls every hour to check on you. This would make it appear that you can’t stand up on your own two feet, because you constantly need mommy to help you in every decision you ever make. Here’s a worst-case scenario: You really like this girl, but your mom doesn’t like her as a match for you. Who will you choose? It’s okay to love your mom and want her to be a major part of your life; however, it’s important to draw the line and be adult enough to make your own decisions.

7. Trying To Be Sexy

Trying To Be SexyThere will always be this guy who wears a vest with no jacket, an exaggerated swagger walk and kisses a woman’s hand every time he sees one. He will also appear to be cool and sexy just to get a woman’s attention. Unfortunately for him, he is neither Steve Tyler nor Mick Jagger, and women find it creepy. All relationship experts agree that men who try too hard to be sexy usually appear unattractive and creepy in the eyes of women. This also makes it look like you are not true to yourself, which could make people feel uncomfortable whenever you’re around. This leads to being creepy. Therefore, be yourself, and don’t try to be someone you aren’t. It’s okay to have a sexy style icon, but make sure you incorporate your own personality into it. The truer you are, the less creepy you will be to women.

8. Making It All About Money

It is never a good idea to talk about money, how much money you have in your bank account and the amount of money you are making every month.Regardless of how much money you have, this is something you don’t want to discuss with other people, especially with women you just met. This sends a message that you let your money speak for itself. If you happen to meet someone who doesn’t care so much about money, then she’ll be turned off instantly.Therefore, the best thing you could do is not to talk about money. There are still women who are not impressed with how much money you have.

9. Giving Too Many Compliments

giving too many complimentsWomen like it when you notice how good a new dress looks on them, or how you noticed their new haircut. In fact, they appreciate it if you give them compliments; however, saying too many compliments such as “Your eyes sparkle in the night” and “You look really good in that black dress,” and they will think you are just trying to get in their pants. Take it easy on giving compliments. Women are smart creatures. They can easily tell if you are sincere, or you are simply saying things to make them feel good. Unfortunately, if you sound too creepy to them, it is a huge turn off. Don’t be surprised if she doesn’t go with you the next time you ask her out.

10. Dissing Your Ex

You’re out on a date with this gorgeous girl. Suddenly, you start talking about your past relationships. The next thing you know, you start saying nasty things about your ex, like calling her names. Sadly, you didn’t get her sympathy. Worse than that, she’ll think that you are either still not over your ex, or you are over her, but you’re just a resentful, angry person. Either way, your chances are not good now. The best thing to go about this is do not say anything. Regardless of your choices or how badly your ex hurt you, if you can’t saying anything nice, it is best not to say anything at all. Yes, women are complicated creatures. Still, this doesn’t give you the excuse to do or say anything you want. It is easy to trigger a woman’s turn off meter, normally by actions you think are sexy, when in fact, are not. So, take it easy on the charm and be yourself. Women appreciate men who are genuine and sincere, just as much as men appreciate the same qualities in women.