9 Sexy Text Messages for Some Digital Loving

9 Sexy Text Messages for Some Digital LovingLooks like you are learning how to attract women, so congratulations. Now that you finally got her number, it’s time to step it up and move on to the next level – digital loving. start a sexy conversationMany people are against texts, chats, or even the use of social media when it comes to reaching out to the apple of your eye. They have a point. It is easy to pretend and make yourself look like you’re cool and borderline cocky when in reality, you are just a shy guy who’s only waiting for the chance to finally ask a girl out. Still, texting can be a good way to keep things in order. Believe it or not, it helps you get to know the girl better. At the same time, it can be a good venue to start some of the naughtiest, but sexiest conversations. Not sure how to start with it? Get your mobile phones ready. Here are sexy text messages to start a sexy conversation.

1. It’s Okay If You Want To Go Slow

When you text this, mean it. Before you start, you have to lay on some grounds here. For sure, she knows that your ultimate goal is to get in her pants and she will make sure you have to work on that. That’s fine. This message sends a signal that you care about her, that it is not just about sex. You want to build trust in this situation, especially when you are still starting out, and reassure her that you respect her and look at her more than just the physical side. The good thing about this message is that it often leads to what people call “reverse psychology” phenomenon. She may appreciate the message but eventually, she will be the one making moves to give you a hint that yes, it’s okay to speed things up a bit.

2. I Wish You’re Here With Me Now

sends a tingling feelingIt’s almost winter and the cold is starting to get unbearable. You want someone by your side and since the odds are in your favor, she’s alone too – at least based on your previous text exchanges. So, you text this message. In the eyes of women, it is sweet and definitely sends a tingling feeling in her entire body. At the same time, it tells the girl that you are thinking of her and that you want to be with her right now. Don’t think it’s being too mushy. This message builds up excitement, especially when followed by ”I’m imagining you are with me right now.” You might be surprised someone is already busting in the front door.

3. What Are You Wearing?

This message is more appropriate at night, before going to bed, although it can still be used during the day. This is a curious question, which you can ask without being too rude or too blunt about your intentions. At the same time, it is simply a personal question, yet not too sexual. Whatever she’s wearing, reply by saying, “I can imagine how good you look right now in that outfit.” [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]If things are going well between the two of you, you can add some “suggestions” like “a red baby doll will look good on you” or “what do you think of lingerie?” type of text messages. Again, if you noticed that she is not participating, then don’t push it. It’s either she’s not into sexy text messages or she’s too sleepy to function.

4. Let’s Play A Game

Okay, this is where the real fun begins. Now that you’ve established you are Mr. Nice Guy, it is time to show off that playful, naughty side of yours. The best way to do that is to text this type of message, “Want to have fun?” “Let’s play,” or “Let’s play a game.” Let’s Play A GameThe good thing about this message is that it opens many possibilities that can lead to something sexy. For starters, try the “Would you rather….” game to build the sexual tension. Start by asking silly questions such as “Would you rather have coffee or beer with me,” and eventually make it naughty, and progressively more intimate – in a sexy way. Don’t be creepy or lewd. You can also play the “Finish the story” game, where you text something and let the girl complete it. If her reply was something naughty, then she probably got the message. Otherwise, try to build up your story until it turns into something naughty. If you two are already comfortable with each other and are already going steady, you can level up your games with text sex, role playing over the phone, truth or dare with pictures to prove that you are actually doing it, or text strip poker. Let your imagination run wild. If you are still new, then the first two games mentioned will already do the trick.

5. What Do You Want To Do With Me After Tomorrow’s Date?

This can lead to something sexy. However, remember that sexy texting is a two-way process, so you have to prepare for her answer. You might not get the kind of response you are expecting, but do your best to lead her there. Nonetheless, this message can be a good foundation as to your activities for tomorrow’s date. It can either be as innocent sounding as “I want to buy a new book” to naughty messages. Who knows, you might be doing something more after your dinner, thanks to this message, of course.

6. I want To Make You Feel Good

orgasmIn a glance, the girl will think that this is just an innocent, concerned message that you care for her. Well, partly yes and fine, it can work that way too. However, somewhere between the lines, there is something naughty going on in there. That is she really tries to decipher the words, the words “feel” and “good” actually means “pleasure,” and even “orgasm“. When you say this, you have to make sure that you really intend to make her feel good – on and off the bed. Focus on her wants, interests, needs and anything that makes her feel good.

7. I Have A Question For You. If You Can See Beneath A Man’s Clothes, What Part Of The Body Do You Want To See?

Okay, this may be teasingly naughty. Most men think that women are only after biceps and six-pack abs, which explains why you focus on these areas, too. However, there are other areas in a man’s body, which women are interest to see. If you’re wondering what these areas are, then this text message is the right question for the situation. At the same time, it spells naughty – something that you are aiming for. However, just ask questions and let her give her answers. It looks like she is the one talking dirty and naughty at you, which can be a turn on. Really.

8. What Is Your Secret Move?

Secret MoveEvery girl has her own way of making a guy turn on. If you’re wondering how she does it, especially when things are going steady and you haven’t done the deed yet, then this can be a perfect opportunity for you. By sending this message, you are letting your girl visualize how she makes out with a guy. As she describes it, you are actually making her fantasize about those three letters: s-e-x. Once she goes into detail, she is already giving you an idea how she does it in bed. At least you know how to reciprocate when the time comes.

9. Next Time, This Is What I Plan To Do

Sexual anticipation is exciting. At the same time, you are not expected to lay everything on the table in just one night. Therefore, create an after play by sending this text. It gives her an idea of what you plan to do on your next session. At the same time, it tells her that you care about her and her needs, and are ready to satisfy her. Aside from this, it is an indirect way of telling her that you still find her desirable and attractive even after doing the deed. That is what she wants to get from you – to prove that it’s not always about sex. sexy text messagesHave you noticed anything common among these sexy text messages? All of them are naughty and mysterious, which makes the exchange even more exciting. Jumping straight to “Come on, I really want you. Have sex with me,” is not exactly the type of message a girl wants to get, even if you two are going steady. This is because it contains no feelings, no concern – and above all – no romance. It is too straightforward and explicit, thereby losing the message’s sexual appeal. It cuts the suspense, because the girl already knows what will happen the next time you see each other. Therefore, start slow and steady. Involve the girl in the process. If she’s not up for it, then stop and don’t force the issue. Sexy texting is a two-way process. If she does not respond, then leave it as it is and move on. Maybe, she’ll want to try it later, when she’s feeling more comfortable with you. Don’t rush her – you may end up chasing her away.