8 Ways to Flirt like a Butterfly and Sting like a Bee

8 Ways to Flirt likea Butterfly and Sting like a BeeWhen you were young, do you still remember the things you would do just to get the attention of your current crush? Yes, you constantly picked on her, or you grabbed her hair to the point of embarrassing her. Well, did she like you back, or was she totally annoyed? Those were the days when you still had no idea how to deal with your feelings. But now that you are a grown up, it’s time you learn how to get her attention properly. So, where do you start if you want to ask a beautiful stranger out? Do you spill out a century old pick-up line? No, you flirt with her. Flirting is an art that can effectively land you a date with her. If you haven’t got a clue about flirting, then read on, so the next time you see a beautiful stranger you’ll know exactly what to do:

1. Stop Being Mr. Nice Guy

Being too nice is far from flirting. You follow her wherever she goes like a puppy, you keep doing things for her,and you’re always there when she needs you. sexual intimacyIt’s your way of making her feel special, but the question is, does she feel anything special towards you? Yes, however, she may not want you the way you want her to. Nice guys are better off as friends. So, if being nice won’t take you to the level of sexual intimacy, what will? Do you have to be a bad guy? Some women like bad guys. Maybe, but not quite, especially when they are looking for stable relationships. What attracts a woman is a confident guy with a sense of self and gentlemanly ways.

2. All It Takes Is A Little Dose Of Confidence

Confidence will take you a long way when it comes to dealing with women. Most men with low self-confidence are easily intimidated by the female presence. They shy away; they hesitate to take the first move and most of all, they fear rejection. Be confident in and out. Dress well, look clean, act smart and talk smart, but not to the point of being arrogant. Remember that flirting happens when you send a message and she responds. In short, it’s a two-way process. If she is just not interested, better move on and find someone else. Or, you can use a little bit of magic, so she can’t resist your charm rationally. Women are subconsciously and instinctively attracted to a male’s natural sex scent, the invisible pheromones. Simply spray Nexus Pheromones, and you’ll become a chick magnet. Check out their website https://www.nexuspheromones.com/ to learn more about how they work.

Love Connection3. Make An Instant Love Connection

So, you’ve spotted a girl you like. Assuming she is across the room, how do make your presence known? Pray that she looks your way and if she does, make quick eye contact. Hold the gaze for a second or two, not so long that you start to look like a stalking psycho. She will feel uncomfortable or even scared if you stare for too long. And if you do get a chance to chat, try to find common ground; an interest, musical genre or hobby you both share. Making a connection early on will solidify your chances with her.

4. Take The Subtle Approach

How do you start the conversation? Do you say it outright that you want to have sex with her? Go ahead, if you want to get hit in the face. Women are entirely different from men when it comes to sex. Even for casual encounters, they require an emotional connection to become responsive to your invitation. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]First, make her feel that you mean no harm. Let your body do the talking. Your posture should be open, carefree and unguarded, yet confident, so you don’t come on too strong or too lame. Engage her in light conversation, nothing depressing, serious or dramatic. Don’t be too obvious that you’re interested in her, or you’ll eliminate the suspense. Look into her eyes and give her a smile. If she doesn’t smile back, then tell her a joke, but nothing sexually explicit. Your line should go something like this, “I bet you’re even more beautiful when you smile.” She’ll be self-conscious, but she’ll probably give you a big smile.This only means that you have a mind of your own.

5. Tease Her Playfully

Tease Her PlayfullyFlirting is mainly about teasing each other. So, how do you tease? You give a compliment in a humorous way. If she still laughs after you teasing, then you got her attention. It’s important that you don’t agree with everything she says, as well. Show that you can form your own opinions, but don’t be argumentative, either. Flirting should not be scripted or feel awkward or unnatural. Flirting is more effective when you just go with the flow. It should be fun, light and should sound a bit sarcastic. Don’t focus your attention on her. If she’s with her other girlfriends, talk to them as well. In fact, talk to them more than you do to her, so she will feel challenged to get your attention back. If she tries to win your attention back, it won’t hurt to give what she is trying to earn. As you engage in conversations, avoid talking about politics and religion, or you are tossing yourself right into hot water.

6. Use Mystery Is Your Good Luck Charm

For most women, mysterious men are highly attractive. If you are going to reveal all about yourself too soon, then you’re leaving nothing to her imagination. Let her read your mind with your gestures and body language.

7. Use Little Hints To Go A Long Way

Focus your attention on herMake it seem that you are a man of value and that you don’t throw yourself at every single woman. Focus your attention on her, but don’t be too obvious that you are so into her. Play it cool, but use subtle hints. Leave her on edge, so you will have her holding on, hoping for more. There is a fine line between being too attentive or not being attention enough, so follow her cues.

8. Physical Touch

At this point, find out if the feeling is mutual. You might think she is, with all the glances and silly conversations, but it is best you find out for yourself than to make assumptions. Find the right timing in a situation where you can touch her lightly. Your touch should appear unintentional, so you don’t offend her. If she doesn’t cringe as your hand comes in contact with her skin, then you’ll know you’re both on the same level. Flirting is not all about sexual attraction. You can build a connection with her through flirting, so you can create a connection and she’ll want you to sexually seduce her in the end. Follow these tips, and you are on your way to becoming an expert flirter.