9 Sex To-Dos That Will Turn Up the Heat

9 Sex To-Dos That Will Turn Up the HeatSo-so sex? You’re not alone. A lot of couples are yearning for more fun and excitement in the bedroom. Sex can become dull and boring, especially when you’re in a long-term relationship. With all the internal and external factors surrounding you, you may end up doing the same lovemaking routine over and again. It’s about time you turn the tables and learn the tricks for a more active and satisfying sex life. Don’t panic, but don’t be too complacent. If your sex life is constantly down on the dumps, here are ways to turn up the heat once more:

1. Don’t Focus On The Orgasm

achieve orgasmYour mind is set that sex without orgasm isn’t great and not being able to reach it is disappointing. When your goal is to achieve orgasm or bring your partner to orgasm, you become pressured to perform. This could hurt your sexual experience in two ways: performance anxiety and faking an orgasm just to please the other person. There are women who have difficulty reaching orgasm, so don’t push yourself too hard. And if she’s faking it just to please you, you’re lead to believe that you’re doing great, which is not true. If you think that your performance was great, then you’ll keep doing what you’re doing, and she’ll be faking more orgasms. Concentrate on what’s happening at the moment rather than aiming for what seems to be out of reach. If it comes, great; but if it doesn’t, then don’t let it affect you. Reaching orgasm is mind-blowing, but it does not necessarily equate to great sex.

2. Play With A Toy

Her vibrator is no longer for solo acts anymore. If you want her well-lubricated and fully aroused, then make use of a sex toy. It will take both your sexual experience to greater levels. A lot of varying sex toys are available online, if you’re embarrassed in going to one of the brick and mortar shops locally.

3. Save The Date

too much work at the officeScheduling sex? Yeah, you may find it unexciting, but it could be the exact opposite. Knowing you’re going to get it at the end of the day will get you warmed up all throughout. Your girl may be planning to wear her new sexy lingerie, or she may have scheduled for a wax beforehand. So, better avoid doing too much work at the office, or you might doze off in the bedroom.

4. Reenact Your Fantasies

If you’re dying to try bondage after watching 50 Shades of Grey, then why not? Bondage doesn’t have to be all chains and whips. Tie her hands to the bedpost with her panties or a blanket. Make sure it’s not too tight. Pleasure her until she begs for more, bite her gently with just enough pressure and leave her bursting with desire, until she begs you to release her. Be ready to get devoured. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]If she’s not into the idea of bondage, then maybe she’s into a little role playing. Ask her about her fantasies. If she wants a sweet schoolgirl image, then let her be that. We all know it’s one of your fantasies, too.

5. Take Turns

Don’t rush during foreplay. Simulation during foreplay can take you to greater heights of sensation and pleasure. Take turns in pleasuring each other. Do what you want to do to her and let her do wants she wants to you.

6. Create A Sex List

Create A Sex ListImagine yourself eating the same meal over and again. Would you have the same appetite for it if you eat the same each meal every time? Probably not, and most probably, you don’t want to ever taste it again. Just like how it goes with sex; the same old routines does not give the same height of excitement. Your sexual experience becomes boring and dull, but still you do it just to get it over with. If you’re doing the same thing over and again, then you’re murdering your sex life. Bring back those steamy scenes by trying something new and different. Try making an honest list of the things you both fantasize about sex. Compare lists, but don’t be judgmental. The next time you want to hit the sheets, bring out your menu, then have fun choosing your dessert.

7. Film Your Hot Scenes

Watching a porn video can rev up your desire. So, instead of browsing through porn sites, why not make one yourself? It doesn’t need a professional to take a quality video; all you need is to make use of your high-tech devices. Before filming your hot love scenes, be sure that your partner has agreed to it. Don’t ruin her trust and her life by showing it to your friends or downloading it on the net, either. Your video doesn’t have to look exactly like the ones you watch on porn sites. Just film as you pleasure each other and do things you both like. It will come handy the next time you each need a boost to your dwindling sexual desire.

8. Have Sex Outdoors

Spice up your sex life by adding thrill to your adventures. After doing it in every corner of your home,a quick fix in a public place will leave your heart racing and wanting more. Have Sex OutdoorsBut, doing it in public does not mean doing it where everyone can see. Do it in a place where you are less likely to get caught, but still have the slightest risk of getting caught, like in a car park, a public toilet, on a secluded beach at night or in a tent. For an easy outdoor sex, wear clothes that provide easy access, such as a decent-looking dress or a skirt. And, of course, keep your moans and groans to yourselves. You want to go unnoticed, so don’t make sex sounds loud enough for anyone to hear.

9. Keep Yourself Looking And Feeling Great

Men and women, especially those in the long term relationships, tend to neglect their physical appearance. However, you should keep in mind that one of the most important elements of sexual attraction is the physical attraction. Turn her on with your looks. Keep your body in good shape through exercise. Stay well-groomed and well-dressed. If want you her to remain attracted to you, attack her on her weakest points. Her sense of smell is keen to pheromones, and as it gets into her system her mind and body reacts through attraction. Just a dab and she will be under your spell. Check out a website to learn more about them at www.nexuspheromones.com. Sex has its up downs. If it constantly hits rock bottom, then you have got to do something. Get creative and be adventurous. Follow these tips and your sex life will reach sky high.