9 Strategies for Great Sex under Stress

9 Strategies for Great Sex under StressWith your tight schedule, unfinished workload, heaps of bills and family issues; it’s no wonder you don’t have the time, energy and desire for sex anymore. Stress is on top of the list of the main reasons for a boring and non-existent sex life. Ironically, sex is on top of the list to relieve stress, too. How do you deal with stress and improve your sex life? Follow these eight strategies:

1. Avoid Stressful Situations

Avoid Stressful SituationsFirst things first, don’t let stress get in the way. Prevent stress from getting to you. How? Be organized and prioritize the most important things in your life. Get rid of those excess and unnecessary commitments, so you will have more time and energy. Prioritize your tasks, checking each off as you complete them.

2. Don’t Go For A Quick Fix

When you’re too preoccupied with other thoughts, a quickie might be the best option because you just want to get it over with; however, it will not be the most gratifying experience for either of you. When you or your partner is not in the mood, it’s best to take time in stimulating your thoughts and sensations. Take turns in giving a slow, soothing massage with fragrant essential oils. Don’t focus on the ultimate event, just let each other’s touch relax your mind and body. Go slow on the foreplay. Let the stress and tensions ease off early on, so you can both enjoy good sex later.

3. Mark It On Your Calendar

Mark It On Your CalendarPlanned sex may not seem that exciting, but with a hectic schedule this proves to be a huge help. When you have so much to do in a little time, you rush to do things and end up drained at the end of the day with no time for sex. But, when you mark it on the calendar, then you’re more likely to prioritize it. You know you’re doing it tonight, so go slow with your workload. If you’ve both agreed on a date, then make sure nothing comes in the way even for just half an hour. Get your mind off your work and turn off your phones.

4. Doze Off More

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Contrary to what many believe, the lack of sleep does not cause stress, but can aggravate stress. Stress together with sleep deprivation will drive you nuts, and you will find it harder to focus on things. It’s one of the main reasons why couples shrug off the need for sex. Take naps whenever you get the chance, so you will have more energy during night activities, and this includes sex. However, this doesn’t mean you can make a habit of sleeping for wee hours then taking in-between daytime naps. Get enough shuteye at night.If you’re taking your work home with you, impose a time limit. Make sure you get at least six to eight hours of sleep each night.

5. Don’t Slack Off, Either

go for short walksWhen you are undergoing too much stress, much of the time you may end up sulking in front of the TV while binging on junk foods and sweets. This makes your body more inactive and unresponsive. Instead, why not go for short walks. Enjoy the fresh air and the outdoor view for a few minutes. You’re keeping your thoughts away from stressful things, and at the same time, you’re temporarily giving your energy and your heart rate a boost. This will make you feel a lot better and brightens your mood for a little action later. Physical activities are known to reduce the effects of stress. Get active not just for a day, but incorporate simple exercises with your daily routine. If you can’t squeeze a trip to the gym into your busy schedule,there are lots of exercises you can perform at home and even at the office. Sweat it off, and you’ll reap the rewards of an active sex life.

6. Keep The Sexlube Within Reach

Stress and too much anxiety can cause vaginal dryness. If she’s drier than the desert, don’t think twice of reaching for the lube. Vaginal dryness is painful for her and unexciting for you. Apply a few drops before you get busy to avoid the distraction and discomfort of dryness.

7. Shrug Off The Distractions

This is easier said than done, but not impossible. You have complete control over your mind, so don’t let it take over you. Train yourself on how you can enhance and focus on the sensations, rather than the thoughts of work you have to do. All it takes is to practice mindfulness in the bedroom. Concentrate on the stimulation as you let the distractions slip away. mindfulness in the bedroomOne way of getting your mind focused is through proper breathing. It improves sexual responsiveness and sensations for better stimulation. Not so difficult, right? Before you start for the main event, use diaphragmatic breathing to help your mind and body relax. Lay down on your back then bend your knees with your feet flat on the ground. Unleash all your worries as you inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Focus on your breathing by putting one hand on your abdomen and notice its rise and fall. If all else fails, write it down on paper and put it away to tackle later.

8. Get Creative And Have Fun

Stress kills the mood for romance, but you can set the mood by putting a little effort and creativity. Create a romantic ambiance. Play your playlist of romantic songs and light up a few scented candles. Gently massage her to ease her exhausted body, or you can prepare a nice, warm bath for two or take a hot shower together. A bath or a shower is relaxing and the perfect time to enjoy intimacy. If you want her attention fast, make use of her senses. Studies show that women are attracted to a unique male scent called pheromones. The body naturally produces it, but you can make use of pheromone products for a stronger effect. One of these products is Nexus Pheromones.

9. Communicate Honestly

personal relationshipsSometimes when you’re too caught up with major changes in your life, you become void and detached with your personal relationships, never mind trying to be intimate. Always find time to communicate and share anything and everything, including your personal issues and problems at work. When you have so much bottled up inside, you become more unresponsive and distracted. Unburden yourself by talking it out. This will lessen the cause of stress and bring you closer together. There are a lot of ways to have great sex when you’re stressed out, so don’t let it get to you and your partner. But, if you’re suffering from chronic stress and nothing seems to help,it’s best to undergo stress management, so you can handle it better.