9 Momentous Myths of Female Sexual Desire

9 Momentous Myths of Female Sexual DesireMen have lost count of the number of things we have heard regarding the sexual desires of women. There are so many different myths, it’s virtually impossible to debunk them all. However, certain myths are more common than most. For all the guys out there who believe some of these myths, it is important to realize that not all of them are true. It’s in your mind, after hearing these myths so many times, you’ve turned them in to a reality. However, one thing is clear for all to see, and that is, female sexual desire is different than that of men. Neither of the two are constantly thinking about sex, which is also abundantly clear. Both the male and the female has different priorities. In the following article, we shall talk about some of the most common myths regarding female sexual desire. Keep in mind however, that we won’t be tackling all of the myths that are bandied about the female body, but instead focusing only on the more momentous ones. Which are the momentous ones, you ask? Well, in simple terms, we shall be talking about those myths that have become so popular among men, a great number of women have begun to believe them, as well. As a result, even though they don’t accept it, their mind forces them to try and change their ways. So, what are these myths? Without further ado, let’s dive in:

1. Women Think Less About Sex Than Men

Women Think Less About SexWell, let’s get the elephant out of the room straight away. How many times have you heard this one? Quite a few, we are willing to bet. It’s out there on numerous “facts” pages on Twitter and Facebook, and a number of websites claim this to be true, as well. But the question is, does this hold true? When Bergner visited a number of primatologists, he found that female monkeys are usually more aggressive when it comes to sex than males. When he conducted the same study on rodents, he found the same results. He did interviews with a number of women and found out that this does not hold true at all. Instead, he said that women were just as much into sex as men. He said that women were more fluid in attracting males sexually. And, amazingly enough, Bergner even claimed that if biological programming was to be believed, women were more likely to initiate sex with different partners. However, if romantic conventions are to be believed, it’s the woman who waits for the man to make romantic advances. Since this has become so widely believed in society, the social pressure on the woman is usually too high to pursue sex as freely as men.

2. Visual Stimuli Does Not Attract Females as Much as Men

That is just not true and should be debunked as soon as possible. The porn industry is as rampant as ever. It is a business that generates revenues much greater than Hollywood. What does that tell you? Men are slaves to their desires, and visual stimuli plays a major part in satisfying those desires. There is a very common theory amongst people that women aren’t turned on as much as men when they see a hot man. However, that is not true. researcherIn fact, there are studies that show that females are equally attracted to visual stimuli as men, if not more. However, the only difference is that women are just much less likely to talk about their sexual desires compared to men. A study was recently conducted by a professor, as well as a researcher at Queens University. The study was focused upon the response of men and women towards erotic material. The study found that the physical response of women was much higher. Moreover, they responded to a much wider array of erotic material. Even though women usually state that the amount of enjoyment they get from viewing pornography is lower than men, the brainwave activity depicts otherwise. They are just as responsive.

3. It Takes Longer For Women to Get Sexually Aroused

How easy it is for a man to get turned on? Show him a picture of a hot chick, or put in some hot words in his ears, and it is likely that he will get turned on. For women, that does not hold true. A common theory states that the man requires a minimum of 90 seconds to get sexually aroused. While for a woman to get sexually aroused, the amount of time required is much longer. But is this true? [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]As per the research conducted by professionals at the McGill University, which surprised even themselves, men and women usually get aroused sexually at approximately the same rate. It takes around 10 minutes to get fully aroused sexually for both the sexes while watching porn. These findings clearly indicate that this myth is just what it is, a myth. It does not hold true at all. Because of the common belief that men usually get aroused sexually much quicker than women, it has also led to the assumption that physical contact also arouses men much quicker than a female. You must have heard from many people saying that it takes a woman a greater amount of time to reach an orgasm as compared to men. That’s also not true. On average, it takes a woman approximately the same amount of time to masturbate as compared to men. The only difference lies in perception. This is because we believe it takes time, we automatically think that the woman will take a longer amount of time to masturbate.

4. Woman’s Sexual Drive Decreases With Age

Sexual Drive Decreases With AgeHave you seen desperate housewives? There is really nothing more cliché than the 40 year old housewife. Also, let us clarify: It is just a myth. As per the research of a psychologist from the University of Texas, women who are in their 30’s and 40’s actually have a much higher sex drive compared to women in their 20’s and their teens. Imagine that. Another thing: The power of the orgasms increase as a woman ages. Thus, technically a woman who is in her 40’s gets to experience much more powerful orgasms than a woman who’s in her 20’s. The chances of being multi-orgasmic are also much higher amongst women who are in their 40’s. Not bad.

5. Orgasms Make a Woman Fall in Love Based on Hormones

Dude, seriously? That just doesn’t happen. If every woman who had an orgasm fell in love instantly, the world would surely be a different place. Just as with men, it takes much more than great sex to make a compatible lifetime partner. Sex is just one facet of it.

6. Women are Naturally More Bisexual Than Men

This kind of stuff is what settles in a person’s mind when they begin watching a great deal of porn. No, women are not naturally more bisexual when compared to men. You are either gay, straight or bisexual. BisexualThe reason why this myth still persists after all these years is just because of the copious amounts of lesbian pornography readily available on the internet. There obviously isn’t as much gay porn available online as compared to lesbian porn. This naturally leads men to the conclusion that women are likely to be bisexual. This also leads to the desires of a threesome with two women. That stuff is only good for the porn flicks.

7. Men Want Casual Sex and Women Want to Commit

No, that’s another myth going down the debunked drain. This is a common myth that has been further popularized by movies and TV shows out there. How many times have you seen the man just looking for casual sex, but the woman looking for all out commitment? We have lost count. The problem, again, lies in the cultural acceptance of our beliefs. We believe that women are naturally more insecure compared to men. And hence, they want to make sure that the person they are sharing a bed with is there to share a lifetime with them, too. Again, this is not true at all.

8. Women Prefer One Partner

Women Prefer One PartnerWell, let’s tell you: that again is not true. Women are not best suited to sexual monogamy. In actuality, according to another recent survey, women are likely to become sexually bored when in a monogamous relationship much more quickly than men. The differences between sexual desires and that of men might be vastly different, but there are a number of things that are absolutely similar. This is one of them.

9. Women Don’t Watch Porn

Virtually everybody watches porn. There’s a reason why it is such a rampant industry. Women watch porn just as much as men, if not more. There really is no specification: some like watching it daily while others watch it less. pheromoneThe simple thing here is to know that no certain pattern exists. Just like it is with men, some like watching it on a daily basis, or three or four times in a day. However, others can go without it for long periods of time. You now are aware of some of the myths of female sexual desire. But, did you know that the sexual hormone, pheromone is no secret? It’s an amazing scent to attract the opposite sex. Pheromone perfume from www.nexuspheromones.com have been proven to act as an attractant for partners. So, why to wait? Add more heat to your bedroom with this miraculous pheromone perfume.