10 Sizzling Sex Toys for Adventurous Men

10 Sizzling Sex Toys for Adventurous MenWhen you hear the words, “sex toys,” what comes to your mind? Vibrators? Dildos? Butt plugs? Whatever it is, the sex toys that come into your mind are mostly for women’s use. After all, they are the ones who use toys down there and make their alone time more pleasurable. Plus, sex toys and women go well together, so there is no surprise in that. However, men need sex toys, too, don’t you think? Did you know that there are sex toys available for men? Yes, you read that right. Apparently, sex innovators realized that your hand needs a break, too. At the same time, many couples are open to the idea of introducing toys inside the bedroom. Therefore, if women have them, men should have them, too. In case you are looking for more adventure during your alone time inside the bedroom or you want to make sex extra special with your ladylove, here are 10 toys you could use to spice things up. This will surely get you going – literally.

1. Triple Erection System

erectile dysfunctionOne of the biggest issues among men these days is erectile dysfunction. There are instances wherein no matter how horny you are, you can’t seem to get it up. Even if you do, you can’t always maintain an erect state for at least 15 to 20 minutes. If you are having issues in the erection department, then this sex toy is for you. The triple erection system is a trio collection of penis rings that enables you to stay hard longer. A cock ring is something you place at the base of your penis to trap blood the blood flow down there and maintain an erect state. However, this toy comes in three’s. It has three levels of support – tight, intense and extreme – to stop the blood flow and keep things under control. You Know How Important Blood Flow Is, Right?

2. Silicone Prostate Massager

If you are a beginner in the world of men and sex toys, then this one is perfect for you. The Aneros Helix Syn Silicone Prostate Massager is one of the popular toys among men. It is a sleek but intense prostate massager, which is useful for beginners and experts alike. Prostate MassagerThis sex toy is made of velvet touch and high quality silicone enclosed in a rigid inner frame. It provides firm prostate stimulation that will take your prostate play to the next level. That’s not all. It pays attention to your perineum area too, which could offer a different kind of orgasmic experience. This could be a good place to start in case you are looking for some solo adventure inside your bedroom. If you want to be more experimental, then read on.

3. Fleshlight Male Masturbator

When you hear the word flashlight, you picture a tool used during the dark since you can’t see where you are going. Flashlights are one of the best tools ever invented since you could use it anywhere. Now, think about the size and shape of a flashlight but for your penis. Flight by Fleshlight is, according to the manufacturers, “the number one selling sex toy for men.” It has an opening where you put your package inside, plus stimulating bumps and textured real-feel sleeve that stimulates your penis, as if it is inside a woman’s area down there.  It also comes with a twistable base so you could experiment on the suction level. You also get a free sample of water-based lube to get you started. Go ahead and give it a try, especially when your girl is not around. Just Think About A Flashlight, But For Your Penile Use Only

4. Cobra Libre II

best sex toysInteresting name, don’t you think? Go ahead and Google it first to have an idea as to how it looks. It may look like a smaller version of a vacuum cleaner you have at home. However, it is one of the best sex toys for the dudes and focus not just on the penis alone but also in the glands. Cobra Libre II is a perfect fit over the head of your package. At the same time, it stimulates the glands of your penis, an often ignored but an important part down there. It also vibrates and comes with adjustable patterns and speed so you can customize it according to your preference. The good thing about this sex toy is that you can use it both as a masturbating tool and with your ladylove. If you are looking for a different kind of handjob, then this toy could help.

5. Stronic Zwei

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]One of the most popular sex toys created is the vibrator. However, vibrators are usually associated with women, but thanks to this sex toy, not anymore. Say hello to Stronic Zwei. It works like a vibrator, but functions as a pulsator. This means unlike vibrators, this sex toy moves back and forth and not side to side. Therefore, it makes you feel like the thrusting sensation of sex and gives your sex life an extra oomph. The best part about this sex toy is that you and your girl could use it. Once you tried it, you will surely give the vibrator a sabbatical leave for serving you both well, and just use and abuse this pulsator.

6. Glass Dildo

Yes, guys. Just like women, you could use a dildo too, and you know where this is going. Before you get all grossed out, hear us out first. A glass dildo is made of highest-quality glass that is intended for rectal use. Since it is made of glass, you could use it with almost any kind of lube – water-based, olive oil, chocolate, silicone-based, you name it. However, what sets this sex toy apart from the others is the temperature play option. Soak it with warm water and you get a warming sensation. If you want it cool, place it in a fridge for that cold sensation. It’s Worth Trying. Don’t Worry. No One Will Judge You

7. Nexus Glide

Let’s say you’re not up for the glass dildo and some action behind. Don’t worry. There are other toys you could use, which are perfect for beginners. In this case, give Nexus Glide a try. Nexus Glide is perfect for beginners to experiment on prostate massage and discover the pleasures down there. Thanks to its perfectly shaped shaft, it can be inserted easily and give you an optimum prostate simulation. At the same time, the roller ball glides against your perineum simultaneously, which makes it perfect for solo experimentation. If you’re wondering if you could use it with your ladylove, yes you can. You’ll surely enjoy this toy, together with lots of lube and an open mind.

8. Vibrating Cock Rings

different kind of sexual experienceYou already know how cock rings work. Did you know that they come with a vibrating feature, too? Vibrating cock rings functions like an ordinary cock ring. You place it on the base of your penis to trap the blood to help your man down south rise up and shine. While this works, it won’t make that much of a difference. This is where the vibrating version comes in. It is durable, stays in place and comes with different levels of intensity and patterns to provide you with a unique rumbling sensation down south. This could offer a different kind of sexual experience, too. In case you’re not in the mood for some vibration, you could also use it to stimulate your girl’s clitoris. There is a thing called clitoral orgasm, so go ahead and give it a try.

9. Renegade Reversible Power Cage

There is a reason why condoms with different textures are invented. Aside from protecting you against sexually transmitted infections, textured condoms provide a certain kind of sensation that gives pleasure to you and your girl. This sex toy follows the same concept. The difference is that this one is bigger and not intended for the trash after use. The renegade reversible power cage is the same as caging your member – with pleasure. It is made of stretchy and safe material with stimulated bumps for added sensation. In case your girl is not around, simply reverse the toy and use it for your alone time. It automatically boosts your girth, as well.

10. Guybrator

choose the right sexIf women have vibrators, men also have their own version. Say hello to the guy-brator. To give you an idea on how this works, think about a shell where you can just place your member on top of it. However, it won’t turn you on, right? On the other hand, a guybrator is a type of egg-looking device with hole on the middle where you let your penis rest. Then, you get to choose the intensity and stimulation mode you want to make your solo experience pleasurable. A guybrator is an excellent male solo toy, which you can use regardless if your penis is erect or in its flaccid state. Who says sex toys are exclusively for women’s use? Of course not. If women demand equality in all things, then it won’t hurt if you and the rest of dudes in this planet call for sex toys for men. Prayer answered. Go ahead and choose the right sex for your man down there. You’re welcome.