11 Stealthy Ways Your Sense of Smell is Sexy

11 Stealthy Ways Your Sense of Smell is SexyWhen it comes to dating, maybe you have read a thousand tips and tricks that involve sexual attraction with the use of the different senses: sight, touch, taste, hearing and sound. Not to exclude your social skills and self-confidence; however, recent studies show that the sense of smell may have much heavier impact when it comes to sex and long-term relationships. When you’re with a person, all you care about is if she smells nice or if she knows the word, “hygiene.” Unlike animals that rely on their sense of smell for mating and survival, smell may not seem too vital for humans. But, according to a number of studies, a human’s sense of smell can work wonders when it comes to finding a mate, just like animals do. Here are 11 ways your sense of smell works subconsciously in love and dating. To further heighten your interest, watch the movie, Perfume: the Story of a Murderer. perfume1. First off, you become more attractive when you’re wearing pleasant-smelling cologne or perfume. For instance, an average-looking man who smells nice has a higher chance of being noticed than a good-looking man who stinks. But, it is a plus if you’re good-looking and also smell nice, too. 2. A pleasant smell can lift up anyone’s mood. Scents have therapeutic effects that can make you feel relaxed, ease anxiety, depression and soothe premenstrual syndrome in women. When you have a positive mood, most likely, you have a higher chance of getting aroused and become sexually responsive. When she’s experiencing too much stress because of work, lighten up her mood with a few scented candles or a massage with scented essential oils, or prepare a warm scented bath with lavender for two. 3. Studies show that you can recall a person by the way she smells with 65 percent accuracy, rather than recall how she looks like with about 50 percent accuracy. This is why her memories, along with your feelings linger, even if you cannot fully remember a woman’s image from long ago. Have you noticed in movies where a girlfriend smells a worn shirt when her guy is away? Maybe his scent is much more powerful than staring at his photo. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Always make sure she has pleasant memories of your lovemaking by smelling good. She will be easily aroused just by thinking of your manly scent. Whenever a sex crosses your mind, try recalling your last encounter not much on the way she looks but more on how she smells and how her genitals smell and you’ll be surprised with how your body reacts. 4. An unpleasant smell is equivalent to a distracting loud noise; it affects her concentration during intercourse. Making love requires you to be in close proximity, so be sure to wash off your stink from a hard day’s work. Or suffer a big, fat “no” before you can even get close to her. Essential oils5. Essential oils from fragrant herbs and plants were used during the ancient times to attract sexual response. Cleopatra even bathed in lavender or saffron-infused water before engaging in a sexual activity. Sometimes, she would prefer a spicy blend of rose, cinnamon and cardamom to lure Marc Anthony into her chamber. 6. Sex can heighten your sense of smell, and a heightened sense of smell makes you more sexually responsive. Either way you will surely benefit from it. 7. Some research shows that the lack of ability to smell, or asmonia, can affect sexual relationships in various ways. According to the results, men with asmonia have fewer sexual partners compared to healthy men, while women with asmonia have the same numbers of sexual partners, but tend to be more insecure in their relationships. 8. Your sense of smell reacts to a specific gender. A woman’s active hypothalamic glands reactstrongly when she smells a chemical similar to testosterone, but it reacts differently when she smells estrogen-like chemicals. The same reaction goes with men. This might explain why some of a human’s behavior is gender-specific, particularly when it comes to sex. 9. A spicy blend of scents, or the scent of peppermint is known to help you focus and stay alert. The next time you’re feeling tired and distracted, why not give your energy a boost with a dose of peppermint scent before hitting the sheets. 10. According to surveys, women are more attracted and turned on by a man’s natural and earthy scent, rather than the smell of strong and sometimes overpowering masculine perfumes and colognes. Next time you buy fragrances, don’t choose strong scents, but rather, go for a scent with light or fresh tones. Better yet, go out scent naked, but be sure you take a shower beforehand. unique smell11. Most importantly, each person has a unique smell. No two persons smell identical, for a reason. This means that a person’s scent can attract his smell mate. The sweat particularly from your armpits and genital area contains a sex scent called pheromones. It is a distinct invisible substance that could alter a person’s psychological and sexual behavior through the air. As the results of studies show, a woman, especially during her fertile phase, can easily catch the scent of a man’s pheromones, because her sense of smell is a thousand times sharper during this period. She can decode his genes and immune system through pheromones. This could be one of the nature’s wonders, so a woman can find her biological match unconsciously to bear healthy offspring. If you have experienced an instant attraction to a person without knowing why and how it happened, then it could be caused by sex pheromones. 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